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  1. I just finished up this game, at least the main Story, clocking roughly around 30 hours. I loved it, just like the first game, as it seemed to get more and more rewarding and addicting the more I played it. I was going to attempt the Platinum trophy just like I got with the first game (and Builders), but I think I'm going to wait until there's a Trophy guide, or something. There's SO much post-game content, that I'd have no idea where to even start, and the amount of grinding it takes to max out my characters to take on the higher-level online dungeons is insane. I'm glad there was a lot more balance this time around (not needing to constantly have Bianca and Terry in my team was freeing to me) so I could experiment with different characters, and it was fun to see them all shine. I hope this game's sales don't prevent a sequel, since this series is easily my favorite of the Musou genre. The localization was beyond charming, and the gameplay systems make sure to let you know that this is a Dragon Quest game first, Warriors game second. Loved it. I will say one of the highlights of my playthrough, was getting stuck in the boss rush dungeon near the end of the game, and summoning a group of players from Japan to come in and just smash the remaining bosses that were giving me a hard time.
  2. Hoo boy, this is a "fun" topic for me. Seriously though, I've been drowning in the amount of games I need to actually beat (I usually lose interest, or don't find the time to play them anymore... or both). Games I'm currently playing: Gears of War 2 Tom Clancy's Rainbox Six Vegas Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride Resistance 2 Left 4 Dead Half-Life Half-Life 2 Dragon Warrior II Dragon Warrior VII Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King Final Fantasy VII PSP Final Fantasy VIII Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence Games I put off and NEED to beat: Final Fantasy XII Eternal Sonata Lost Odyssey Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions Final Fantasy I PSP Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts Sonic Unleashed (Xbox360) Chrono Trigger DS The World Ends With You (truth be told, I played it ONCE over a year ago, and just never played it again) Defense Grid: The Awakening Sam & Max: The Complete First Season Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Sonic & and the Secret Ring Sonic & the Black Knight Mario Kart Wii Animal Crossing: City Folk (I just need to actually PLAY it more) Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Tales of Phantasia Mario & Luigi: Partners In Time Yoshi's Island DS Final Fantasy III DS ... And I know there's a lot more. I've mainly been playing Gears 2, Dragon Quest V & VIII lately, though. >_>
  3. Happy birthday, bobbley!

  4. Well, in terms of RPGs... The games I'm currently playing are Dragon Quest IV DS, Dragon Warrior VII, Dragon Quest VIII, Chrono Trigger DS, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, and Blue Dragon. I have more games I've been playing, but put off due to time constraints, stress, or just plain boredom. Crisis Core, Final Fantasy XII, Eternal Sonata (though, I'm wanting to sell this version to get it on the PS3 for all the extra stuff), Bioshock (is that technically an RPG?), The World Ends With You (only played it for about ten minutes, and that was last May), and... I think that's it. RPG-wise, anyways. I think I should stop playing Gears of War 2 online, and replace that time with some of these other games. XD
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