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  1. Bwaha! I beat the main story in ToL! Now... Character Quests!
  2. I ran out of things to say and before I knew it I disappeared from the face of the earth. ._. Forgot to mention I'm also doing a Let's Play of the PS1 version of Final Fantasy, but I don't think I'll pick that one up again until I get a decent PC game controller.
  3. Well, I got Tales of Legendia for my birthday. And while I got a bunch of other games for Christmas, I've decided to go with ToL since I was already pretty far into the game when I rented it. I had gotten further than I had been when I lost my old save. So I've decided I'm going to finish that. Damn, I love Moses. <3
  4. Granted. But I'm not changing your diaper. I wish for a cheeseburger.
  5. Granted. But you're now so busy with your band that you no longer have time for the other things you enjoy in life at all.
  6. Granted. But you have an insatiable desire to drink it. You keep drinking and drinking until you explode. I wishthe old Limp Bizkit CD I dug up had been the uncensored version.
  7. Granted. But you don't know how to use it and it didn't come with instructions. I wish the car in the background of my last drawing didn't SUCK SO BAD!!!
  8. Granted. But the anti-bodies are outnumbered and grow weak. I wish for the Insecticons! ^.^
  9. Granted. You can command it, but only slightly. Its hard to stop it once its started. I wish that they had least tied up all the loose ends before cancelling Transformers Animated. Waspinator still have planz! D<
  10. Granted. But now all other consoles have no good games on them. I wish there was a frog in my room.
  11. Granted. But they're already lit and no matter how you try to get rid of them, you still have some and they explode on you. Ha! I'm going to Toys 'R Us soon to get the figure I want anyway! So instead, I wish Skywarp would get here in the mail already!
  12. Granted. But should you ever try to play it, it will go back to being a pile of scrap. I wish they hadn't swiped my figure. DX
  13. Granted. You can afford a cheap, used drumset in need of serious fixing up. I wish I could trade this lame G.I. Joe figure for a figure of Lockdown from Transformers Animated.
  14. Granted, it doesn't break. At least not for other people. For you, it still wants to be difficult. I wish I had the Lockdown figure.
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