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  1. This is blowing my mind. I thought that resilience was defense this entire time. Are other DQ games different?
  2. Get outta town. That's really neat. Like Dwaine said, it's difficult to pull off "Asian accent" in a game tastefully.
  3. Thank you for the soundtrack rip! IV's soundtrack was quite different from the DS version's, but V's iOS soundtrack is a lot more similar. The songs I've listened to so far don't have major differences that jumped out at me, unlike the addition of introductions to the IV pieces.
  4. Do Bomus and Gonus mean anything? I never understood what those meant, so I assumed that those were different characters. I like the new localization of Soul of Baramos and Bones of Baramos a lot. Baramos didn't just go down like a chump; he's waiting for you in the underworld, both as a zombie and a ghost.
  5. I'm glad you all think martial artist to warrior is good, because I'm planning that as well. When it comes to sage, is it wiser for me to upgrade my mage or priest? I was thinking I'd turn my priest into a sage, then my mage into a priest. Is there a better idea I should follow?
  6. I assumed that that was referencing Vlad the Impaler, the historical "Dracula."
  7. As far as I'm concerned, Robbin' 'Ood is his notorious nickname, and Kandar is his real name. As for Drac the Vlad, I definitely thought it was a reference to Arc the Lad as well. Knowing the correct reference makes it a bit better, but it's still bizarre. Every single non-palette-swap vampire in the world just happens to be named Drac. Alright.
  8. I don't understand the number of times it can be used. It seems random. I used one on PoC twice and it broke, but used one for PoM at least four times.
  9. It's definitely higher than that now, because I'm level 41 at the moment. I believe I've heard people say 50 is the new cap.
  10. Whenever the sound effects aren't working, I just reset the app, and it's worked every time for me. I can tell it they aren't working by whether or not there's a "beep" when I click on the venture forth button, or whatever it's called. My game's only crashed twice, but I'm always paranoid of it happening at a moment like at Hargon mentioned earlier.
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