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  1. My first DW game was DWM1. The funny thing was, my parents didn't mean to give it to me. It was for my brother, but I ended up with it. I loved it from the start and it evolved to getting DWM2 Cobi's Journey. In the middle of everything I did rent DW 1&2 for the GBC, but I only had it for a week. Later, I found out that there was more to DQ other than the monsters games. I love the monster series so much, last summer I saw a used DWM2 Cobi's Journey and I bought it because of how hard it was to find. Now I have 2 XD. Now I can breed with my self (As wrong as that sounds ). Anyway, becaus
  2. Right now, I'm playing DQMJ. Since I screwed up completely as I was synthesizing the first time around, I never made it to the end so i started over a while ago. Then I lost the game and re-found it a week or two ago and it's time to beat it!
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