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  1. Yep, no FMVs in the 3DS version, cutscenes are all rendered in-game and look so much better than in the original.
  2. It's happening! There's not much on the site yet, but you can see it here: http://www.dragonquest.jp/dqm2/# I loved the first remake, I'll be picking this up as soon as it comes out. Kind of a bummer for the non-Japan residents/Japanese readers that it doesn't seem like Terry 3DS is getting an English translation.
  3. I'd like DS remakes that use the IV-V-VI engine. Really, I'd be happy if they just did III. I'm sure a remake is on its way eventually, since it's one of the most popular games in the series.
  4. Okay, I'm going to try to rank them. 1. Dragon Quest VII - This game is huge, in every way. I could write about how I love the characters, the rebuild-the-world mechanic, the absurdly unbalanced class system, or its insane length, but I'll just say that what really keeps me coming back to this game is the story. The overarching story is pretty standard, but I love the standalone stories of the individual towns/islands. I think they have some of the best writing in the whole series. 2. Dragon Quest V - Best overall story, awesome characters and gameplay. Mildrath/Nimzo isn't a te
  5. Final Fantasy VI and IX are better than their corresponding Dragon Quests. DQ stomps every other FF game, though.
  6. Nera's always been my favorite wife choice. I think she's the most intelligent of the three (which would make sense, considering her education), like when you talk to the Psarologist guy in Coburg. Bianca says something like, "Sounds purdy complicated to me!" while Nera says something smart and observational about the dude. She has a lot of good party talk stuff to say, in general. Plus she's pretty, sweet, compassionate, and loving - what more could you ask for in a wife?? She talks like she's weak and useless, but she doesn't give herself enough credit - she makes a great spellcaster la
  7. What really frustrates me is how a lot of the DLC content for Terry's Wonderland was limited to Japanese convenience stores or McDonalds. This wouldn't be a problem since convenient stores are everywhere, but it seems like only ones in TOKYO have the wireless network. This means that people living everywhere else in Japan (me) are basically screwed if we want monsters like Dimensaur. Very annoying.
  8. In before people starting shipping Dwaine and Jess. Single here, but if you want to get me you'll have to travel to the frozen reaches of Japan and pry me away from the many lovely girls we have here... good luck.
  9. The DQ3 video is talking about how hundreds of kids skipped school to go buy the game. I really like the part where people duck their faces around the TV camera. So Japanese!
  10. Real name: Kyle Residence: Iwate, Japan (currently on vacation in the US, going back to Japan next week.) Age: 24 Height: 6' 3" / 191 cm Weight: 160 / 72 kg Ethnicity: White American of English/Scottish descent Hair: Dark blonde Eyes: Green Hand: Left What I do: I'm a writer and guitarist. I work as a teacher in northern Japan. DQ is the only game I ever play anymore. I also like fashion (especially Japanese denim, leather, and repro styles), reading books, and walking.
  11. Great outfit Dragon Chaser, I like how the snow makes your slime companions look all glowy.
  12. YES! Haha, that's exactly why I sold my TV. I've put in about thirty hours of gameplay so far with Terry 3D. Haven't gotten Slime Mori Mori yet, but probably will. I bought this system pretty much just for Terry 3D, but there are some other games I want to play. I had no idea that there was region lockout on this when the DS didn't have it. If I didn't know Japanese I would have been seriously pissed when I fired up my system and discovered I couldn't change the language. I thought about getting the bundle but it cost over $250. I got a like-new used system for just $100, much b
  13. Unfortunately I haven't been following DQX news all that much; I don't own a Wii or even a TV, so I wouldn't be able to play without shelling out a ton of cash.
  14. Hey dudes, I posted on Dragon's Den a few years back, around the time DQV for DS came out. No idea why I quit coming, I've still been playing the games this whole time. Anyway, I live in Japan (and understand Japanese) so I've been enjoying DQM3DS since it came out. Current lineup is Balzac and Thunderbird for my main beatdown squad, and I'm currently training Gold Golem and Genodark (Genosidoh), in addition to support monsters like Unicorn for healing. I really need to go ahead and get the Lamia and Dimension Dragon downloads while they're still available. The original DWM was
  15. I'm replaying VIII right now and I honestly don't think it gets enough credit as one of the series' best games. It's *far* more difficult that it's commonly made out to be - especially around the fight with Dhoulmagus. The only thing that really makes the game easier is that there are only four characters, and between them you get all the spells and abilities like Kabuff/Oomph/Insulate/etc., whereas in other games such as IV you have to switch people around depending on the situation.
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