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  1. New wave of Nostalgia! Playing DQ again after ~2 years! 


    3DS vs Switch for DQ XI?

    1. Plattym3


      Welcome to the discord????


    2. jvboytheman


      Haven't joined Discord yet. I'll see if i can get to it :D


      Ok switch it is then :D

  2. Back again after 2 years😆

    1. Brother Jaybird

      Brother Jaybird

      Welcome (back) to the Den! Watch your step, don't fall off the thread, and you'll do fine!

    2. Democrobot


      Welcome back my dude

    3. jvboytheman


      thanks guys it has been a while :)

  3. Been quite a while indeed! Have a great day!
  4. Hi guys, coming back after a long time! Hope everyone is doing fine. Been very busy but with the release of DQ XI I decided to drop by. Cheers, all!
  5. I just did that to my Mohawk Fighter a while ago. From 61 --> 31 because i had no Glorious Eggscelsior. Not sure about stats, probably just the same as before.
  6. AFAIK they have MKS and a GoldSlime/PKJ in Japan. If I am not mistaken, MKS is S class and PKJ is SS.. Something like that. I saw it in the Japanese dqmsl search site.
  7. I got quite a lot of Teggy Bears from Tombola. None have abilities though. No way to send to a friend or something?
  8. Do you happen to know which Monsters those are? To name a few: Green Dragon Hackasaurus Alphyn
  9. Bout to ovolve sea diver and seasaur and eoraptor! Can't wait. Found that some monsters still do not have their ovolutions yet, though. Probably a future patch.
  10. I seem to be unlucky, all the ovulutionary eggs I keep getting do not have abilities at all.. I'm only 16, my highest level monster is only 33. That a factor?
  11. Thanks all. Am I right to say that most monsters of A and S class are gotten thru tombola? Means I can get one daily? Aside from ovolution. Currently grinding the Paalis de Leon to at least get him. Lucky to have gotten an LMS key.
  12. saw this on FB! I hope it is! Was posted by the SQUARE-ENIX FB page.
  13. Do I still get to be a Light Speed Champ? Hehe. EDIT: Here's my save file(s):
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