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  1. Been quite a while indeed! Have a great day!
  2. Hi guys, coming back after a long time! Hope everyone is doing fine. Been very busy but with the release of DQ XI I decided to drop by. Cheers, all!
  3. woops, can't seem to connect to you. still on?
  4. ok.. I'll just beat up Balzack, be with you in 5 min
  5. I just did that to my Mohawk Fighter a while ago. From 61 --> 31 because i had no Glorious Eggscelsior. Not sure about stats, probably just the same as before.
  6. I agree. Haha I was like WTF when you survived that
  7. Gem battle anyone? 02301956 02301956 Gem battle
  8. Hi, I am on now. 02275029 Lowbie 50-60s Gem battle?
  9. AFAIK they have MKS and a GoldSlime/PKJ in Japan. If I am not mistaken, MKS is S class and PKJ is SS.. Something like that. I saw it in the Japanese dqmsl search site.
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