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  1. Any word on this, five years later? I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
  2. A very very errant thank you for last year's "Happy Birthday", I haven't been on in quite awhile... so thank you!

  3. Man, it's been ages since I've logged on here... glad to be back!

  4. If this game gets translated, I'd definitely be down for playing the game!
  5. How bizzare that they have both the Magic Key and Ultimate Key in the Final Chapter. You'd figure they'd put the Magic Key in Generation 2, but I suppose not.
  6. For the main series, I've played the Dragon Warrior games 1-6, and have completed the Loto Trilogy, progressed fairly far in DQ V, am currently in chapter 2 of DQ IV, and have started DQ VI, but of all the games I've played, DW III will always be my favorite of the main series. I played Dragon Warrior I and II as a kid, but I was never able to play III or IV, which bugged me to no end, because I heard from a friend that you got to play as Erdrick in the third game finally, and that the story was gripping in the fact that you kept hearing about the exploits of you're father, Ortega. *Spoilers* Seeing Ortega die right in front of me nearly choked me up the first time, especially his death speech at the end, it left a bittersweet feeling within me *End Spoilers* Although Dragon Warrior III is my favorite of the Main Series, Dragon Warrior Monsters, for all intents and purposes, is my favorite Dragon Warrior game of all time. I mean hell, when I learned you got to play as the Slime, much less as the Dragon Lord and as Archfiend Zoma, I just about did everything short of getting a real job to buy the damn game, as I had bought the Prima Guide for it months before buying the game. I still have both Prima Guides for DWM and DWMII, and both guides have served me very well.
  7. The first Dragon Warrior game I played was Dragon Warrior, which I got with my Nintendo Power subscription for Christmas one year. I was eight years old at the time, and from the moment I encountered my first slime on my way to Brecconary, as well as beating him with my bare hands, I fell in love with the game. Granted as well, since I was eight years old, I thought I could take on all of Alefgard once I got the spells Heal and Hurt, and tried taking on a Skeleton at level 4, with a club. After realizing that this game would also be a game of patience and strategy, I would learn to use patience with games like this, and the game really changed my outlook on games. I've always had trouble choosing "favorite" games within game series, such as the Mario series, the Zelda series, the Metroid series, Resident Evil, Doom, Donkey Kong, but the Dragon Warrior series has always been a series I can safely say in which I've always been able to say, I love the whole series as a whole!
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