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  1. Just an FYI even if he does rip the tiles. You have to choose certain tiles you want to use and most likely make your own tileset. RMVXA is very limited in tile usage unlike its predecessor RMXP which had literally unlimited tile availabilty. Personally I suggest parallax mapping, it takes time but it allows you more freedom to customize and what not, colors/placement/etc. Here's something I've been working on using the GBC tiles: http://imgur.com/TUhXfoM I've recolored a lot to make it balance out and its still not done. But hey, to each, their own. Just figured I'd let you know before you get into this completely and realize you have a limited availability of tiles.
  2. It's not slow, it nearly died! But alas I won't let it. I've completely put off doing anything with the skills considering so many of them do the same thing and I'm sorting them out and trying to determine damage outputs for them as well. Right now im focused on making some maps for this game before anything else. What I have finally accomplished so far is the damn taming system. Before I had it set so that monsters had certain tame %'s. Well, now they're all ZERO! So, how does one tame a monster? Meat. It will use the BeefJerkey/PorkChops/Ribs/Sirloins/MeteOrbs, but these items will be sold @ inflated prices as to give some sort of challenge as well as forces the player to choose which monsters to tame and what not. The meats will add to the % of successfully taming and are as follows: BeefJerkey/PorkChops/Ribs/Sirloins/MeteOrbs : 1% / 5% / 10% / 25% / 50% Of course there will be some monsters where you can toss meats at, but sadly they may never be tamed. Of course I won't say which monsters because what's the fun in knowing. It'll be an adventure! As for a WIP for mapping considering I've abandoned all my old maps simply because I didn't like them. http://imgur.com/TUhXfoM This will be the starting town. The monster ranch will be located to the right, everything is PARALLAXED MAPPED! so that takes more time. This alone took me one day to make so far. Honestly as far as when this project will be finished idk. What I can say is: - The idea of WLD stat is abandoned. - Personalities will be a no. - Max of 15 monsters to be caught/tamed at one time. (3 In party + 12 Standby) - this is to reduce the size of the database/adds a challenge. - Monsters will NOT drop gold, but instead monster parts/ingredients. - Perhaps add some kind of alchemy/smith system to make monsters some gear/accessories. - Tiny medals will definitely be put in. - Bred monsters will NOT have +'s as of right now unless I figure out a way to add bonuses to them/count how many times it's been bred/used to breed - Etc, who knows. There are almost limitless ideas, it whether or not it's feasible to implement them. Originally I had plans on giving up on this, and simply thought of releasing what I had as a public source. But for now I'll be working on this again.
  3. there are no such downloads unless people have ripped them beforehand. Which is why i said to google for them first and if it doesn't exist then you'd have to rip the sprite yourself.
  4. Using the internet to find images of the game is one way to do it, and then ripping the tiles yourself using a image tool like photoshop or gimp - gimp is free of course. It's not easy to make a game, i've been at it for two years on/off and one reason why I never really got to finishing it is because its tedious and sometimes from personal experience, I'm never happy with what I map out :/
  5. well seeing as how taming is mostly affected by percentiles, I'd really have to play with the existing coding to see if i can even remotely tie it in with a stat. I managed to do it with food/food states simply because of a few scripts/stacking states which in turn gave percentile boosts. As for a WLD stat, that may or may not be used depending on whether or not I can somehow change an existing stat into it; without causing side effects to other aspects of a battle system.
  6. Most likely not going to include that. I'm still tryin to just get basic stuff working.
  7. That scene still needs some fixing with the timing.. its a few seconds off from when the egg hatches to when its picked up. Also I let them do the deed for a second or two before they mysteriously turn into an egg..
  8. In total there's about 169 skills I think, but in reality there'll be less seeing as how a lot of the skills have the same effect, just different names; thus i'll be merging those skills. There's also a few, about a dozen or so skills that won't be implemented simply because I can't replicate the effects using the engine itself without looking for external scripts (would need to test compatibility issues with the current scripts I already use).
  9. Here's a small snippet of video of my breeding scene.. https://youtu.be/ypGGUjIddVA
  10. Approximately 1 year... & a few days ago, I physically stopped working on this project, yet i made the announcement 7 months later. Today I am here to say I picked it up again. Before I dropped it last time, I had made several breakthroughs in cases such as: 1. Using meats as a way to increase the % in which a monster could be tamed. 2. I finished a somewhat choppy breeding/scene script that worked well at the time, although I'll have to retest it in the coming future. 3. Began working on adding some other monsters to the original list that were in DWM2 from other games. As you've seen in this thread, Shogum, etc. Although I still need to make their overworld sprites. Back then, what made me lost motivation was this tedious task, a task which I have accomplished and is now allowing me to move foward with this project. You see the problem I had then, was the fact that the gamemaker itself has a built in stat curve generator, but I felt that it wouldn't really conform to the standards of an original DWM game. Thus I looked for scripts that allowed me to set "fixed" stat gains based on monster & level. Now I've read & used the FAQ written by Solarys from GameFAQs to write out the stat growths of 300+ monsters. Now let me show you why I dreaded this project back then... As you can see, I had to make 600+ files in excel in order to generate fixed stat curves for each individual monster. At the time I dropped this project I had only made 25. Back then I thought to myself, this is too much work!! Now I have 600+ and more to come if I ever get the chance to implement new monsters. The time I spent opening each excel file, saving it in a specific format that kept prompting me that some features would be lost every time I saved, over and over for 600+ files. Then in order to fill in the content for each file I had to switch between the FAQ, and my excel sheets, and the way I had each monster listed in the RPG Maker database, because nothing was ever in order... Now, there is still a ton of stuff to work on before this project ever bears any fruit, such as skills, storyline & etc. But my next big thing to tackle is skills. Looking through the original skill list, it seems I might have to cut some out seeing how some simply cannot be reproduced without scripting. But overall generic skills, like damage dealing ones will most likely make it in. But like I said, I'm going to have a long ways to go before I see any real progress.
  11. Here is an overworld map that I started working on from scratch today (8 hours ago as of this posts timestamp) A lot of it is still empty but like I said earlier, I map this stuff through GIMP so im actually cutting/pasting tile by tile until I get the right look. As for what this is going to be.. well my game is hopefully going to be a kind of a mix between DQ & SAO concepts. Therefore in this case this is going to be the first floor/area hence why the waterfalls off the edge at the bottom. This is a WIP and honestly, I find making overworld maps difficult because there isn't much room to play with the tiles. Towards the top is going to be the "Tower/Dungeon" used to go to the next floor and at the bottom is the town where all "Players" (AKA You) start out at. Right now I am just stuck on what to fill the rest of the open green space with. I'd also have to take into account other areas within the floor as well as mini-bosses that would appear. Overall planning for a game is a difficult challenge indeed.
  12. Thanks for the feedback! I've always liked mapping and I'm surprised the castle turned out as well as it did considering most of the DQ3 Tiles are so squarish. Had to improvise to make it semi-circular. Also since i am not mapping these out in RMVXA, rather I do this in GIMP because Parallax Mapping is so much more convenient and it's not limited by the game's default tileset limit. It also allows me to place things where I want them, as well as do it in layers that I can always change. Look foward to more maps coming soon! Although each map is very time consuming. Hell that castle one took me about.. hours, spread across about a week to make.
  13. Just looking for some people to critique some of these map hashes I put together. My latest work: Although this is DQ, its kind of influenced by SAO's Town of Beginnings partially (eg: Black Iron Palace & Town Square). But since I cant find a way to stack regular houses nicely in a city-wise fashion I had to fill up the space somehow. In reality if I could do it, the entire picture would be circular and the water would overflow into the sky. (Who knows I might expand on it eventually) Some older map artworks. Some of my other earlier works already displayed in my game thread: Made these 2 sprites about a week earlier: Shogum & Trauminator, Feel free to use em. If your looking for an overworld version of these character sprites, bad news I suck @ making those. Even these 2 monsters were made by eyeballing and using pre-existing parts to make them.
  14. I've kind of abandoned the idea of a monster catching game simply because of a few reasons.. 1. Not enough time, now that I have a full time job. 2. Lack of RGSS3 knowledge to properly code certain functions. 3. ^Because of 2 I am missing out on core functions of a monster catching/taming game. The project is just collecting dust, but instead I decided to go for an alternative route using the dwm2 sprites and that is to make a Solo-play Open RPG where you can only use the main hero. But right now i'm just playing around with sprites/resources. It will be like a regular DQ game but idk, maybe if I find time I'll continue the monster game. Here's a look at what I've been able to come up with based on other DQ games. Let me know what you think. Also feel free to use these sprites as long as I get some credit xD Cant decide on color for trauminator and theres an attempt at shogum
  15. As I mentioned in the story bit I added in earlier, here's an example of some storyline characters I tried editing. For terry though I really couldn't fit his large head with anything so I decided to just recolor a hooded character, Below is: Cobi the King, Tara the Pirate, Terry the Sage, and Milayou the Valkyrie. As for the main character still working on him.
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