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  1. Probaly how it usually happens sometimes,stores receive early shipments and are not told to sell to so and so date store ignores it and someone buys and dumps it, now the pro translation can continue...
  2. I have the possibility to modify the ship's shop or the chick's shop. I only have access to the items shop for now, I didn't unlock the weapon shop yet. Adding eggs or other items to either one of those shops would be easy to do. As for GJ's rewards, I need to get there first to see if I can, but I doubt I can change anything except maybe monsters fought against him. I think I maxed the ships shop and i'm already finished the new world I could send you my save file if that would speed things up?
  3. Since I assume eggs are wifi related would it be possible to add them to the shop? hell and maybe even have the shop refresh itself too cause in pro I don't think i've seen the shop refresh yet...also had another idea,how bout we expand GJ's monsters reward? perhaps if you can't do the egg shop idea maybe just add the egg monsters via GJ?
  4. Well crap never seen that one before,I can easily get an alablast dragon from GJ,so is Tyrannosaurus Wrecks breedable and/or findable?
  5. Yes, with Alabast Dragon + Tyrannosaurus Wrecks Is that the orange dragon with the hammer?
  6. Perhaps it's just time to have our own joker 2 site that we can control,just a thought...
  7. Ignore all the bad pw attempts that just me going brain dead while being sick...
  8. I've noticed alot more at night time... @WaNNaPLaYiTLouD The patch before the last one had the AP fix already included,so I assume all the newer patches have it as well...
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