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  1. I never encountered Legend of Zelda in a store during the 80's! Zelda 2 and Mario 3 I remember being really scarce. Distribution was not as sophisticated, so games would come and go very haphazardly, some areas would get games that others wouldn't. I was thinking a few months ago about my own personal access to NES games. I never owned enough carts to fill up my 10 gamepak capacity storage bin (with carrying handle and cheap vinyl coating), but I knew which rental shops had which titles, what my friends had, and their friends had, etc. It was like a pre-internet file sharing service.
  2. They did all five languages for DQVII!?!? Good grief. Thanks!
  3. I understand the franchise pretty well, and the criticism doesn't bother me. The image of a sexualized woman in a bunny costume is an idea that DQ borrows from the West, but in Japan it doesn't have the same context that it has in the US.
  4. Has anyone heard any info about who is localizing DQXI? I had assumed it was Schloc, but just curious.
  5. Bunny Girls I can take or leave, but Puff Puff in 3D is bizarre. In 2D it was abstract and harmless. That thing in VIII where they like... put his head between two slimes... I don't need to see that. If slimes feel like boobs, and a boob feels like a bag of sand, do slimes feel like a bag of sand???
  6. So what do Bunny Girls and Puff Puff bring to the Dragon Quest experience, again?
  7. Funny enough, I couldn't find any info on the Steam release online, and came here hoping someone had answers. I don't play much on PC, and most of my Steam library are ports of old console games, so I don't really know what to expect. As far as I can tell, all of the review copies were for PS4. Just some minor concerns, but enough of them that I'm starting to feel anxious.
  8. Nope, nope, nope. But there is a demo for DQ Builders today! It's something
  9. Tucked into today's Nintendo Direct, the demo for DQB for Switch will be available today!
  10. I interpreted this as another game for Nintendo, like their Zelda and Fire Emblem titles. Mario Warriors, anyone?
  11. Nintendo was also set to unveil their paid online service this fall. Perhaps this was going to be a big Direct, and DQXI was part of that? So, Nintendo says to SE "We're going to unveil more in this Direct in Fall" and then SE passes that on to fans. So when Nintendo delays their reveal, the DQXI reveal gets bumped as well. If this reveal was just bumped from November to January, it's not that big of a deal. I arrived at this theory backwards, realizing that the DQ Builders date was dropped out of the blue, because pre-orders were about to open. It could have been part of this Direct tha
  12. From the Nintendo website's description of the game: Dragon Quest: The game's Japanese name. Game Pak: Name used by NoA for NES cartridges.
  13. Minecraft clones sell pretty well, that's why there's a thousand of them. And none of them are on Switch. I think it will find it's audience in the West on Switch. I wonder if they'll promote this release like PS4? Anyone have a contact in the frozen yogurt industry?
  14. Ha, looks like I wasn't the only person who had this idea!
  15. They had a demonstration livestream last night: The Sabrebub is slightly broken; it stays on edges easily, can do a double jump, and you don't take fall damage while riding. But it looks fun and makes traversal look very easy. I'm curious how/when it unlocks. Game releases March 1st in Japan, with a demo on eShop February 1st. Price is 4,800 Yen. My guess is we will get it very shortly thereafter if not day and date. On any other platform I would say $40, but with the Switch tax, probably $50. There is a Nintendo Direct in January, we should have a date and price
  16. No firm date, but SE has confirmed this game launches early November. Website has gone live also: http://www.dragonquest.jp/rivals/
  17. Erdrick wore red and blue, primary colors. His descendants were treated as heroes. The XI protagonist wears purple and green, secondary colors that contrast red and blue. Due to his birthmark, he is chased from the castle as a baby, and as an adult is pursued by the castle guard. My money is on the hero being
  18. I'm thinking it will be like Pokémon; 3DS is gold, PS4 is Silver, Switch is Crystal. The draw to getting that audience to either double or triple dip is to make Switch the "definitive" version.
  19. I really wanted to get Heroes 2 for the Vita, so I'm pretty happy how this turned out.
  20. You can just import it, baby! No Region locking! Best Buy has it up for preorder last I checked. Amazon too, with a placeholder date: https://www.amazon.com/Dragon-Quest-Heros-1-2-Switch/dp/B01NASEX0C/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1484413374&sr=8-3&keywords=dragon+quest+heroes+1+%26+2
  21. These products might seem random, but this is the most mainstream coverage DQ has even seen in this country. You could walk into a mini-mall or grocery store and see an advertisement for a DQ game. 2016, what the hell are you, anyway?? Langers is a brand I am familiar with. We only get the kids juices that are 100% juice (as opposed to drinks that are like 10% juice and 90% sugar water) and Langer's is the brand that is "always on sale". It's ok, never seen OJ, though they do make a mango/orange blend that is pretty good. Drinks like this and Juicy Juice, in order to be 100% juice and stil
  22. You know what? As long as people are still supporting the franchise, I don't even care anymore.
  23. The printing looks very cheap, I don't think it's worth it.
  24. Might be a contest idea, how to move the story of Builders 2 along. Does it keep the same format, use DW2 with a tangent storyline, or continue with the Builders 1 characters, or something different? I'd be curious what people would come up with. My current speculation, based on nothing more than my imagination, is that DQXI is an offshoot of the "accept the Dragonlord's offer" timeline and that Builders is a prologue to XI.
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