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  1. The internet is awesome but at the same time it has ended a few other cool things to me. Tech TV / G4, Magazines (shounen jump, tips and tricks, and so on) locations like the mentioned above, Walden Books, the local arcade, KB Toys and so on.
  2. Aw Borders is gone? I remember that place as well. I got a region specific one for anyone out west. when i lived in arizona for a year this place called Bookmans was pretty cool. Sounds like Hastings, which sounds familiar.
  3. Remember Walden Books? i do miss that place. that was where i got my first manga, Dragon Ball vol.27 Anyways i'll have to be on the lookout for that magazine.
  4. South California right? that speech style that ends almost every statement with a question and raising pitch in tone. That has spread very fast even here in a country area. very contagious.
  5. Sounds like a good idea, only i don't like general mills or most other commercialized food products.
  6. Would it just be plain or flat type voice? There are many, many accents as you probably know. that is the one i call neutral.
  7. You have a nice calm voice. The drum guy would be worn out.
  8. i bet you think you are cute huh? I was talking about the guys commenting.
  9. Gave this video a watch anyways. still not sold on it. especially with how obnoxious they sound.
  10. You got some good points. but i'm still not buying a new copy. i'll get it later on at a cheaper price. and you calling me personal bias a "nothing" is insulting. it means something to me. i'm sorry for not just conforming to the damned localized version.
  11. Oh i know there are other things to worry about. it doesn't help that i can be a deep thinker or read between the lines too much. this can be a beautiful place we live in but at the same time there are so many stupid problems. which makes me hate this place at times. and i guess when one of my top favorite games has changes that break my immersion like a clown coming in honking the horn, hitting me in the face with a pie, sprays it off, all the while laughing like a maniac screaming thats the joke get it? get it? hahahaha! kind of ruins it just a bit, you know.
  12. what does scooby doo have any connections with a random crab in DQ3? "blessed" its a mad house, A MAD HOUSE! 2+2=5 2+2=5
  13. Yes, Dragon Quest at its core is good. as long as its in a language you understand eh? so if all the dialog when completely off track like a parody dub it would be cool right?
  14. I don't get it. what is to appreciate to changing name that drastically. if they was related, eh ok. but infernus crab to F-ing crabber dabber doo? what?
  15. That is a good point. why do they want that? it really makes me wonder what is going on. If this was back in the 90's i would think things was getting lost big time in translation between the localization team and Yuji.
  16. Thats what i meant earlier by saying that it seems most DQ fans just lay back and accept these changes. Going by that if i want to enjoy the game i just have to learn to accept the changes brought on us by the localization team. I would love to just be able to switch my love and care for the series past 8 off and be done. i wouldn't even be here.
  17. I am being me. not trying anything. stating my opinions.
  18. So sword of dusk, you think DQ series is just fine hmm? its right up there next to skyrim, god of war and monster hunter. once it comes lets see how long it stays on gamefaqs front page. we will see where it settles down after a month of hype.
  19. You, are a part of the problem. people like you saying that cursed line about "personality" that is a damned slap to the face of the creators.
  20. It hurts, but i may be done with the series. at least the localized version. The more i see of this new one the more it just looks like a lesser DQ8 with standard graphics. more and more i can see how FF is doing better, and it's heart breaking. this really hurts. but some big changes must happen i think. for DQ to be taken seriously outside japan. the series may have to go on a break here then after sometime make a refreshed come back.
  21. I am talking about the games from 1998-2001. those are the more formally translated games.
  22. By abridged i mean altered content. And yes i would prefer a formal translation, like the golden age of DQ games.
  23. Ah that's why there is a message about streaming and the soundtrack. what a shame i guess that explains some youtube videos disappearing. There was one i really liked it was a recording of DQ4 Symphonic Suite.
  24. What is the deal with this? was 2005 (DQ8) just a time before Sugiyama started cracking down on his symphonic version being used?
  25. So, i guess i am the only one that thinks we now only have Dragon Quest Abridged?
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