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  1. Alright, not a bug, super happy about that. They just decided to change how this puzzle works.
  2. I am at Rydon's tower and I am currently stuck. I'm on the floor right before the ladder with the red bridge. You're supposed to pull the statue where the bridge drops down, run back up onto the bridge and then pull the statue onto the bridge so you can run up it. So, I do this and the game doesn't let me move the statue when I'm standing on the bridge. I have tried everything I can think of to get the statue onto the bridge but nothing has worked. Does anyone know if this is a bug or am I just doing it wrong? I've googled around and saw nothing like this, it should be a really easy puzzle so I don't think I'm doing it wrong. If anyone has any information to help it is appreciated. Maybe I'm just dumb but I had no problems on the ps2 version. Also, hello everyone. It's been many a years since I last ventured forth in these forums.
  3. It was my ruin he has : ruin healer woosh ward defence boost III and slimer. I'm still working on the skills but he seems to work for now.
  4. Just had a fight that neither side could win. A leonyx against my ruin. The leonyx couldnt do enough damage to overcome my ruins steady recovery and he had magic regenerator so he just used meditation every round I crit. The fight lasted 2 days until I finally forfited. Not sure on turn amounts.
  5. I have a ruin, the skillset I use is: healer slimer (for steady recovery) woosh ward defence boost III (probably gunna change but dont know for what yet) ruin I don't know if it's a good build for him but it seems to work well for me
  6. i've beaten them once with my ruin out of pure luck I happened to always go at the right time with last word and eventually the stormsgate citadel ran out of mana and i killed him.
  7. okay that makes sense, I think a better way to do it would be to randomly pair you with a team from the last championship or something like that. Anyways, thanks for the info.
  8. What's up with the Sunday fights? Every Sunday the monsters are the exact same, their stats don't make sense and they have impossible names (as in over the character limit). Are the fights just generated monsters by square enix or are they all just hackers?
  9. Yeah it was, though after a while I stopped paying attention hitting fight every time it popped up and proceeded to play something else.
  10. Anyone still up for battles anymore. I just got back into the game and would love to try out my team.
  11. What has been the longest a fight has dragged out for online for you. I am currently in a battle with my ruin and a canzar on turn 97. Neither of them seems to be giving up anytime soon either so, I decided to see if anyone else has had battles like this. EDIT: So turns out the turns max at 99.... Edit sum moar So after what seemed like another hour or so, the canzar finally ran out of mana and I killed it. I do not think that was worth the seed of life...
  12. I enjoyed my stay :)

  13. my first was Dq8 i only got it 2 years ago (lost it for one of those years) but it inspired me to love Dq/dw
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