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  1. Might be a very odd question, but is that yours or your kid's leg sticking out?
  2. Just killing bosses gave me enough gold to always buy the best equipment available at the store. I don't keep stuff around, selling all equipment found in chests that sell for a decent coin if it's not an upgrade to one of your party's gear. Probably one of the few DQ games where I never was bottlenecked by my purse. Never had to farm for gold to buy that shiny new weapon, I was always able to afford it.
  3. So I've just finished off the main story and...
  4. I'm saving most of the pep power quests for post-story. It seems somewhat tedious if you have main story line ahead of you. A bunch of them provides good rewards though, some like the ones that give you a ton of mini medals which you can finish up after main story but others give you good equipment.
  5. I'm surprised to wipe out on the aurora serpent more than once... like wtf?
  6. Serena has less HP but can at least use a shield.
  7. Jesus... I single bet on #9 at the roulette once, the 2 spins that followed both landed on #9.
  8. You get to learn some of the party members more as you go along.
  9. So I got 4 jackpots in 15 minutes, followed that up buy buying secret turd for most of it. What a time to be alive! Edit: yeah... this game is making me look like a fool every time I play this, fantastic.
  10. I got 7777 again with the fifth being 1 row off. There is supposed to be a "cheat" slot right? If so, I found it by picking a random slot at the 2nd casino. 2018 my friend.
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