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    I love games and Jujitsu. I also like playing soccer, watching anime and working with computers.
  1. Here is the link to the photo gallery on imgur. Some fo the Games are not the Original, just an emulator version taht I keep just so I always have a copy on hand. http://imgur.com/a/87X6R#0 <iframe class="imgur-album" width="100%" height="550" frameborder="0" src="http://imgur.com/a/87X6R/embed"></iframe>
  2. It wasn't hard to make... we had a mold made from a cell phone charm and then some guy casted it. It's 8 grams so it's a bit heavy but the coolness more than makes up for it. I might send it off to get more made...
  3. Check out what my sister made for me! I think it's freaking sweet! [/img] Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  4. I've been playing "Gothic 3" I have put about 14 hours in and I love it. Very awesome game. this is the reason that I have not started on DQV yet. It is just sitting on the shelf in it's package still.
  5. I agree, slap a DQ logo on anything and it instantly becomes amazing. FF sucks!

  6. I started watching this, it's pretty funny!! Reminds me of DQ for sure. It's also funny that it's translated and yet we still haven't seen a translation of DnD or able... thanks for suggesting it to me.
  7. Hmm thanks for the suggestions. I'll definately try to locate those, I love playing DW/Q games I haven't played yet. :)

  8. I think you should really try DQ8 if you have not played it already. It's really amazing and you get a voice acting and monster catching all in one, the same goes with DQ5 so you will probably enjoy those main series game more than part 3.

  9. Dragon Warrior I, when I was 9 years old, I could read just good enough to understand what was going on so it had a huge influence on my brain at that young age. Since that point on I appreciated games with stories and I have pretty much loved RPG's since. I was also obsessed with leveling up and beating all the new monsters. It was all so original back then that it really blew me away. Of course now that I look back at the game and compare it to the new ones and it seems so small and simple but it's so classic... everything about DWI was classic. Because I was so young when I played par
  10. I just started watching Berserk and it's pretty good. lots of blood spray lol
  11. Something a Dragon Quest fan might like...
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