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  1. the original dragon warrior was the first i played! followed by dragon warrior monsters on the gameboy. both of those games had a HUGE impact on me, and are very near and dear to my (monster) heart
  2. dragon quest 1 & 2 please!! i am so excited for 3, and really really want to see the whole trilogy in 2DHD! aaaahhh, this is amazing! i'm simply buzzing!
  3. here's one of my favourite dragon from one of my favourite dragon-adventuring games! (you know the one)
  4. thanks platty! mews are my fave, and the armour from dragon warrior 1 is my favourite set! here's another lil sum' sum'
  5. hullo all! it's been a while! i'm still doodling... and recently did a lil crossover i though would fit well in this thread!
  6. oh, that's super cool! I'm going to get started and start uploading some stuff! What is their policy on intellectual properties? It seems as if there is a lot of fanart of copyrighted characters for sale! Any chance of getting in trouble for that?
  7. Oh! You think so? Hmm... I'll have to look into that! What is it like to set up a redbubble?
  8. Here's another DQotS-event fanart I done did! This one is of our good friend Baramos... the confuse-initiating pterodactyl weirdo.
  9. Hello again ya'll! I've been into the DQ mobile game lately and I drew a little scene I pictured while doing on of the themed quests lasts week. Stay safe and healthy, ya'll
  10. Hey! Hello again! I figured out how to image link! So here's the Gold Golem gif I mentioned months ago. Basically, when I was a kid I always though the Goldman had one closed eye and an open mouth! It was only until much later, in the 3D games, I realised the mouth I saw was actually were his eyes were. This is kinda a visualization of what I thought!
  11. Here's another doodle! Still seemingly unable to upload a gif.. what does the "-200" error mean?
  12. For some reason I'm having trouble uploading a little Gold Golem .gif I made! I keep getting a "-200" error! Weird... anyway, here's wonderwall another slime!
  13. Dude, good call! It's about time for a change up, too Thanks Platty!
  14. hey hey, friends! Guess who looked at a tutorial and now knows how to mess around with an airbush and also and as well as texture shading?? That's right. It's ya boi
  15. recently I found out I can make .gifs with my art thing! So I had to make a thing. Does anyone have any ideas they'd like to see? I'm open to suggestions!
  16. this was one of my fave monsters from the ol' Dragon Warrior Monsters!
  17. Thank you for the compliment, jay! I've been a fan of DQ since the olden days, and it's fun to experiment/practive with DQ dudes. I hope you continue to enjoy! Let me know if there's anything specific you wanna see.
  18. this dj-druin is mad! are the beats too fresh??
  19. this slime is a grump
  20. Heyo! Heh, long time no see! So I made a DQ doodle and thought I'd share. It had a cuss in it, but I made it decent, don't worry. Be lucky (PS-I've never uploaded a file onto here, I hope it works)
  21. Here's mine! Preordered and pre-loaded, ready to roll.... can't wait! I had a blast with the first one! I hope SE does another Slimey-Wimey-Picture-Timey!
  22. http://www.woodus.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=30404 Personally I think that's bullshit. It's like holding DQ11 hostage, and forcing us to be their media wing. Do their work for them. DQ11 is a NEW game, that's a non-mmo, and the system sales for both the PS4 and even the 3DS do not remotely compare to their previous systems in Japan, so much smaller fanbases to work off of this time around (and probably one reason the game is going multi-platform). It's a little insulting to see that kind of statement. More than a little insulting to be perfectly honest. DQ9's sales alone prove
  23. Yo, what's the fan-mail address of Square Enix? If a fella wanted to write a snail-mail fan letter, what address would they put on the envelope?
  24. It's tough to be slime with experience, it is known.
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