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  1. this was one of my fave monsters from the ol' Dragon Warrior Monsters!
  2. Thank you for the compliment, jay! I've been a fan of DQ since the olden days, and it's fun to experiment/practive with DQ dudes. I hope you continue to enjoy! Let me know if there's anything specific you wanna see.
  3. this dj-druin is mad! are the beats too fresh??
  4. this slime is a grump
  5. Heyo! Heh, long time no see! So I made a DQ doodle and thought I'd share. It had a cuss in it, but I made it decent, don't worry. Be lucky (PS-I've never uploaded a file onto here, I hope it works)
  6. Here's mine! Preordered and pre-loaded, ready to roll.... can't wait! I had a blast with the first one! I hope SE does another Slimey-Wimey-Picture-Timey!
  7. http://www.woodus.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=30404 Personally I think that's bullshit. It's like holding DQ11 hostage, and forcing us to be their media wing. Do their work for them. DQ11 is a NEW game, that's a non-mmo, and the system sales for both the PS4 and even the 3DS do not remotely compare to their previous systems in Japan, so much smaller fanbases to work off of this time around (and probably one reason the game is going multi-platform). It's a little insulting to see that kind of statement. More than a little insulting to be perfectly honest. DQ9's sales alone proved the viability of a new single-player DQ release, as its media blitz was just slightly less intense than 8, and sold about as much, and for a far shorter period of time, both from announcement to release and from the start of the media campaign to the end of it (almost twice as long for 8). Nevermind the pack-in of FF12 for 8. This is absolute madness we've been asked to continue begging for what should be a guarantee at this point...for what SE should see as a necessity to increase sales. Even assuming DQ11 costs them 1~2 million to localize and promote, they'll sell, at the very least, 1 million copies between the US and Europe, and make multiples of that value in PURE PROFIT. PURE PROFIT. Nevermind the chance, given the artistic style and revamping of DQ's visuals in DQ11, both on the 3DS and the PS4 (especially PS4), to really entice a number of players who are, sadly, graphics whores. I'm sorry...a little insulted. I take that back. I'm pissed off beyond belief. This is like SE unzipping their pants and saying if we want DQ11, we now need to get on our knees. It's beyond reproach at this point. I get it for spinoffs. I really do, but the proof is already in the "new" releases, the "fresh IP's" of the DQ mainline franchise. I take that back, I'm not insulted, I'm downright DISGUSTED with SE. Awesome! Thanks ignasia.
  8. Yo, what's the fan-mail address of Square Enix? If a fella wanted to write a snail-mail fan letter, what address would they put on the envelope?
  9. It's tough to be slime with experience, it is known.
  10. Yeah, I can understand that. It must be frustrating to be a translator yourself and see a translation you fundamentally disagree with. It must be equally frustrating when people can't quite see your point of view, no matter how you try to put it! @Calem About the Nintendo tweet, I am actually really excited! I'm coming from a place where I'm just thankful the game is coming out. I'm a little bit concerned to see what the translation is like, if it gets the same treatment as FE, but I am also interested in that aspect because I feel as if I'd be able to relate more to where you and Varuna, and others of #torrentialdounpour are coming from. Basically, I see four options. a) The game is released with better-than-expected script. This option is, obviously, what everyone is hoping for! Whoever is in charge of the localization nails it, and the game oozes charm and is celebrated as a big success. b)The game is released with an average script. This option, in my mind, would be a similar script to the PSX version. Stale, boring, spelling mistakes, and very bare bones. Would be a bummer, but I personally wouldn't mind. People'll complain and the downpour will have more raindrops to add. c)The game has poor translation, some cut content: Even still I wouldn't mind this one too much. I've played plenty of games with poor translations, and cut content. I'd be semi-bummed, and maybe even add my voice the the outcry of the #TD. I'd be able to understand, better, where some FE fans are coming from. d) Translation sucks, important content cut, total tonal change, forced memes and propoganda: Clearly this would be the worst case scenerio. Depending on how bad it is I would feel deeply affected and would totally realate to #TD. May even sell my copy of the game! I would be bummed to the max, and thank god the PSX version still exists. I think somewhere between a) and b) will be the outcome. I'm also interested in how people react to the translation, regardless of where I think it will place on the scale. For example, if I think they did a pretty good job translating it, and yet people still complain, I would seriously question the validity of some of the more serious claims I've heard about recent localization. I'm kinda treating the DQVII release as a tester I can relate to for this controversy, y'know? Not to disparage against what a lot of video game fans are going through! I understand that it's rough stuff... I just can't see it clearly from where I'm at.
  11. Yeah, I'm quite interested in how the localization will be handled for Dragon Quest 7 and 8. Having played the original two english versions I'll be able to compare any changes that may occur, and Dragon Quest being a series I'm heavily invested in, I can see myself feeling more affected by any "negative" censorship. I think a good part of the reason I'm not as affected by the localization of Fire Emblem, and Xenoblade Chronicles, is because I have no investment on "how the series should be". On that note, do we know who is handling the translation of the DQ 3DS games? Is it going to be Treehouse?
  12. Just saw the Senran Kagura BURST game. That is funny! I'm totally surprised. I would have thought for sure that game would have been rated higher, lol. Funny that the 3DS version is the only one which is rated T. Would have figured it be the other way around. Was there any changes done to 3DS version between countries?
  13. Just saw your post, Calem! I type slow and this thread is moving faster than any I've seen on the Den in a long time, haha. I'm going to try and keep my mind more open to the #TD side now. I still don't quite understand all the hub-ub, but I respect there's a lot going on. I think I'm going to hold back and read more information you all post before voicing such a mal-formed opinion again
  14. Oh? So the sexuality drug changing thing was some sort of mistranslated? Oh never-mind, then, lol. Funny how your points, Calem, didn't come up on any journalistic-type places! Probably a good thing #Torrentialdownpour is showing the other side. If that's the case then the situation is much more whack than I thought.
  15. Well, like I said, I haven't played the game (Especially the Japanese version!), but judging by some of the cut content, assumedly to knock the rating down well within the "T" rating, treehouse felt the need to tone down the game. The whole "drugging the gay away" lines of dialogue was removed, the petting mini-game was removed, and some skimpy-esque clothing was altered, for instance. The other other dialogue changes were more cultural and not overtly sexual, right? Those changes weren't to drop the game down a rating, I reckon, but more to make it more "american". At any rate, the drug/homosexual dialogue thing is soooo out of the realm of "suggestive themes", and firmly into sexual content. There is no way you can look at it and think, "oh yeah, I can see how this might be suggestive! It can go either way." It is 100% sexual. It's about a homosexual lady "getting past" that the main character isn't part of her sexual preference, and her falling in love with him. I can understand how it's a story-telling technique, and it's a shame that we can't explore those types of scenerios in our fantasy games, but a situation like that right now, in this culture, it just doesn't fly. There would be so much more backlash if it was kept in, for more powerful sources than outraged fans, that it doesn't make sense for Nintendo to keep it in and still plant a "T" rating on the game. Likewise, the "implied touching" petting mini-game has two characters alone in a room, gettin' hot and bothered, while (allegedly) saying things like: Camilla: “The way you’re using your hand feels so good. Very skillful.†Lazwald: “I also want to touch you, will you come closer?†Takumi: “You can touch me wherever I like, but don’t say I didn’t warn you…†Joker: “We can’t … it’ll have to wait for tonight.†Camilla: “When you do it this much, it’s embarrassing…†[1] -is totally sexual! Anyone who's 12+ would play this and totally understand it's two people being all sexy! Which is totally cool, if that's in the game it's in the game, wouldn't stop me from playing it, but it's not T for teen. Not by the ESRB standards, no way. The last point, the costumes that were changed, those ones are pretty obvious, too. Showing a little less skin. I'm not sure if the ESRB would have reacted negatively or not to that, but I'm sure Treehouse was just erring on the side on caution for that one, if nothing else. It's our ESRB that everyone should be getting mad at. If you want games like this to come out in NA, with content intact, the ESRB would have to become more lax. It makes no business sense for a company to release a game that wouldn't be able to be sold to a large user base by keeping it M rated. I still contend that, from what I've seen, the uncensored FE games would have landed in the M category, and if they had, Nintendo would have lost a lot of revenue on sales due to the decreased user-base. [1] Translations according to http://nintendonews.com/news/3ds/fire-emblem-fates-dialogue-stripping-touching/. I'm not much for translating Japanese so I'm taking this website at it's word
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