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  1. It happens after trying to log me in for like half a second.
  2. Sorry to trouble you all. I was playing DQX a lot a few months ago but haven’t been able to until recently. Does anyone know what this error code means and how I can fix it? Error Code DQ-100-034-X
  3. Also how do I accept an invite anyways? Will チーム light up in the one submenu?
  4. May I please get an invite to Team Dragon’s Den? My character name is デューキー Dyu-ki- or delyu-ki- when typed usually. ID is CB254-740
  5. Would it be possible for someone to tell me when to expect the extra content in the Switch version of DQXI? I’ve gotten the Platinum Trophy on the PS4 version and so I am replaying this Switch version in 2D. Howwever immediately following the end of Act 1 there was some bew content and ot wouldn’t let me switch back to 3D so I could enjoy it fully until after I had already completed it all. So would someone be able to give me a heads up as to when more of this content will happen; just so I can quickly switch to 3D before it starts next time. Thanks!
  6. Hello everyone it’s been ages since I’ve posted in the forums so hopefully this is okay (please let me know). I started streaming the Super Famicom remakes of the early DQ games a little over a month ago and just finished DQ2 this morning!! i’ll be starting DQ3 in about half an hour so if anyone would like to join me please do so at www.twitch.tv/dukey03
  7. Any idea where everyone online is getting Slime Knights from? It's my favourite monster and I can't figure out how so many people have it
  8. Anybody figure out why I can't access any of the special quests? Couldn't do the Goo Goo one yeaterday and today I can't access the Beast one. It says "quest no longer available whenever I try.
  9. Ooh man I'm so friggin excited! The only shitty thing is that since I'm from Canada I usually haveta wait 1 extra day for the game to come out.. and I booked Sunday and Monday off of work .. It better come in on time!
  10. My 1st Dragon Warrior was 'Dragon Warrior' on the NES. After that I played some Dragon Warrior 2 and hated it so I stopped. After that I played Dragon Warrior 4 on the NES and it's one of my favorite games ever! After that I probably didn't play any for like 7 years or so then Dragon Quest 8 came out and I played that and remembered all the others. After beating 8 i had to get 7, Dragon Warrior 7 is probably tied for my favorite game of all time (although i haven't beaten it yet.. I'm really close but I'm a completion freak so I haveta get EVERYTHING!). I'm currently playing Through Dragon Warrior 2 on my NES then after that I want to play DW3 on my NES.
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