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    video games, TV, computer games (runescape mechquest, Dragonfable, Adventure quest, Adventure Quest worlds and fallen sword) riding my bike and other outside activities
  1. so what have you been up to while i was gone

  2. dang ive been gone a while

  3. ...wanna be freinds?

  4. something i saw on TV

  5. ok....what with the cookie thing?

  6. WHAT FF rocks man no offense but a vote most people would say FF is better but DQ is still good so dont say well plazma just go to a FF messege board

  7. what gohanzo you want a cookie because of your birthday -slaps gohanzo with cookie- (jk)

  8. arrrrrrrr someone slap me in the face anyway peace ^-^

  9. hi how you doing alright? good for you P.S -gives torneko packed lunch-

  10. DARN IT!! I forgot to put the hope no typos why am I always forgeting stuff in comments

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