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  1. Yeah, that's my problem too. Tons of eggs and not enough max leveled monsters.
  2. Is that the ovolve rule? Max level? I thought maybe it was Lv20. I have at least one monster ready for ovolution, but game says its level isn't high enough.
  3. Wow! My Big Book of Beasts only goes to 605. Your list seems to have 815. That's huge! It's neat seeing some of those new names, like Beanie Meanie and Flame Flower. I have Mimic for your list, and the purple mandrake dragon. Also Malrus, and Gold Golem if you don't have it yet. I'm trying to think of any others off the top of my head. Hmm... well, I'll try to get you screenshots soon. EDIT: Whoops. I have the red mandrake: Mandrake Marauder #97. Plus Sublime Slime #25, Malrus #186, Gold Golem #257, Erazor Blade #263, Mimic #264, and Urnexpected #268.
  4. 20-ish maybe? I can't remember right now. And I'm running off to work. I'll be sure to send you a friend request when I log in again.
  5. Yeah, I agree the script feels...slightly goofier than the other main series games, but I think that fits the feeling of the game too. I do enjoying playing and reading the script. The tips from the signs and the slimes are sometimes a bit tough to follow, but that's how the slimes have been talking for a while now, so I guess I'm used to it. And that's what makes me think that they've got the same localizing team. It certainly sounds a lot like previous games.
  6. Oh, right. I saw that too. Makes you wonder who the translators/localizers are. Is it the same team that's been doing all the other mobile releases. Oli chance and Morgan somebody? Are these names gonna be exclusive to Super Light, or will they carry over if the monsters make it into new games?
  7. Yeah, it does look like 8's monster list. And there's only 300 some monsters, where Super Light's Big Book of Beasts has 605 slots. From only a few days playing I've noticed ZapBird's new name is Thunderbird, BoxSlime's name is Box Slime (with a space), and Bad Egg and Rotten Egg seem to have been renamed into Egg Soldier and Mega Egg (I think). What we also need besides an in-game monster list is the Japanese names too, so I can double check the monster across all the previous games. I mean, Thunderbird seems to be ZapBird, but I'll only know for sure when I compare the Japanese name from Sup
  8. I agree, and that's what I've done for 1-3, but I'm coming across a few lines in 4's text where people say something like, "You're Hero the Hero." I guess instead of all caps HERO, I could do [Hero] like you suggest. I suppose if anyone wanted to do a find/replace with their own hero name, then using the brackets would help distinguish the hero's name from the generic Hero title. Good thoughts. Thanks!
  9. I don't really like Squeenix. I think (hope) they're kidding.
  10. I actually had that very idea a little while ago. Even though Enix is a little weird, it somehow sounds better than Arus, Solo, Botsu, Eight, and Nine. The only downside I could think of is that maybe Square fans would be upset that I didn't include "Square" in the name. I'm seriously thinking of using Enix though. Maybe I'll insert it into the DW4 script and see how it looks.
  11. Thanks, Woodus! Hopefully this'll get people psyched for when the 3DS version comes out. Because I just *know* it's coming!
  12. I agree, Platty. I don't particularly like the official names either. But I've also run into problems with "Hero." Like in DW4 when you get stuff like, "Is this really Hero the Hero?" I tried to clarify it by having the hero's name be "HERO" in all caps. I suppose I can do that in 7 too.
  13. Ok, Woodus. I emailed the latest DW7 gamescript version to you. I was in the middle of carting Aira through the past to see if she had any interesting comments. I must've gotten bored because I stopped kind of abruptly. Anyway, I'm looking forward to picking it back up pretty soon. The 4 NES gamescript just needs a little more spit and polish and then I can get back to this. I think I need to clarify again that I named my Hero Erik. I should probably fix that in the completed script. Something like just plain Hero, or maybe Arus. We'll see.
  14. *blushes* Oh geez. I knew I should have finished this. Well, they should be able to find some good things. I think the last update I gave Woodus was up to Probina. I'll see what I have now and send Woodus an update.
  15. Funny you should ask. A few months ago I wanted to get back into my game script projects, and since the one I'd started for 4 NES years ago was almost done, I figured I'd finish that one off and then get back to 7. 4 is now about 95% done. The NPC text is all matched up, aside from a few stragglers. I just gotta match up the remaining menu text and battle text, and then add some screenshots and artwork for pizzazz. Then back to 7.
  16. Oh. Right. Well... yeah, I guess I jumped the gun. I figured they wouldn't put a random monster from DQ7 into a spinoff game unless they were planning on giving us the game it came from. But that logic totally does not follow. Crap. I got caught up in the moment. Sorry.
  17. Sweet! We should let AerynB know so she can update the Monster Wiki. Took me a while to see this, but this (combined with Horii's statement) says to me we ARE getting DQ7. I don't know if it will be in mobile form or 3DS, but Thugular is a new localization as far as I can tell. Hot diggity!!
  18. Sadly, all the music gives you a headache after a long time. I played 7 or 8 hours straight of 4nes for a gamescript project last weekend, and I think the music was actually still playing in my head as I was trying to fall asleep that night. I do think 8's music pretty beautiful so I think that's a pretty near find, Erdrick.
  19. I'd never thought of doing this before. The main character has always been the leader for me. But I have some weird issues where I can't really get into DQ6, and I think some of it has to do with me not really liking the hero's look. Carver looks kinda weird too, and Milly. I think I will definitely try having Amos lead when I get him. That, or I should just get over my weird looks issues. Ashlynn would be ok in front too, but I bet she'd get pummeled in battle.
  20. That is groan-tastic. Now I actually like DQ puns but "Holey" for "Holy" jokes are so old it makes me groan. Then again, all the recent subtitles are pretty dumb so they can call it whatever they like if I can get DQ7 on my 3DS.
  21. Oooo. I did some minor searching around but didn't see that thread. Very cool idea! I don't know the in's and out's of hacking so I don't know what's feasible and what's beyond the realm of possibility. I just thought I'd put the suggestion out there. Though, now that I think about it, if I've got party chat on my mobile game, why do I need it on my DS? Maybe my endgame wish is that I want to play hacks on my DS or WiiU or something. Emulating on my laptop probably wouldn't be more fun than playing on my phone.... unless the DS emulator could do savestates anywhere. I kinda hate that I can
  22. Is it bad that I'd like to see someone extract the party chat from the android/iOS version of DQ4 and hack it into DQ4ds? I guess they'd also have to make the Talk menu button work too. I suppose after that, someone could de-accent the script and it could be inserted in DQ4ps. The games are essentially the same, I think.
  23. No hurry. I do have a guidebook, but it's nice to have maps on my phone too.
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