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  1. It's on my to do list to make a game script for 4ds/mobile version, unfortunately it's pretty far down the list. I'm still working on 7ps, and I'd kinda like to work on 8 after that. Though, I might work on 8 and the DS games together. If I need a break from one game I can move to the other. Either way, I'm probably a couple years away from having any kind of transcription for 4ds. But having said that... I think I have the party chat files from the mobile game. I wonder if I could quickly make it into a text dump for you to at least peruse the text. Lemme see what I can do.
  2. Disc 2 has been pretty linear so far. With the ship and Sky Stone gone, and Return and the Carpet blocked, there's not many other places I can look for text right now. Just the plot-related places. I think the world will open up again after I rescue the Spirits or the pirates, can't quite remember. I imagine when that happens there will be a lot of places to visit and find new text. Anyway, I'll keep plugging away at this and try to get an update to Woodus by next weekend. Halloween at the latest.
  3. I don't hear any audio either. In other news, Estard has been sealed off from the rest of the world, Maribel has rejoined the party, and Melvin is traveling around Coastal all by himself trying to get a PilotFire. The game script is definitely moving along.
  4. Apparently, no one else besides the Fishbel and Estard residents noticed that I defeated the Demon Lord. That was good actually because I really didn't want to talk to the entire world again. So I cleared Fishbel, Estard, and Deja, then went to Mardra. Just now finished the tula contest and the post contest stuff. Luckily, it doesn't look like Johann has anything to say about any of the other islands (except for maybe the Sky Fane and the Ancient Ruins) so I don't think I need to drag him around the world talking to people. Yay! On to Deja and God's Resurrection.
  5. I can definitely send a save file. I have lots of save files. What other music videos would you like? I might have nearby saves that I can send you.
  6. Hmm... I think I can record a video with this emulator. I've just never tried it before. Well, I'll give it a shot.
  7. Thanks, Woodus. I appreciate you getting it up there so fast.
  8. Whew. Disc 1 text is complete. I must say, seeing the last bit of the Deja continent reappear was pretty cool. I wish they'd done that after each island was unsealed. Anyway, now to resurrect God. But first I have to find a talented tula player. Aaaannd travel around the world to see if people are happy about me finally defeating the Demon Lord.
  9. Haha. That's a funny name. I gotta get back to playing this game instead of doing DQ projects.
  10. Pretty much done with Coastal past and present. Most of the talk in present Coastal concerns the Marle de Dragonne and why it's still frozen if the Demon Lord was supposed to have been defeated. I don't remember if anyone's pointed me to the new cave at the excavation site yet, so logically I have to do something with the question mark shards that I've picked up. And I did get the Bliss Rock a few islands ago and visited the Sky Fane so that must be next. I could go around visiting EVERYWHERE to check on new text, but instead I'm going to try to figure out any patterns to the text dump first,
  11. Thanks! It's good to hear the project has use. I'd do it anyway for me personally, but I like that other people are benefiting from this project too. I'm almost done polishing up the Monster Wiki. Then it's straight back to work on this. Coastal, here I come.
  12. This picture/monster name seems to be wrong because it exactly matches Stalagosaur which is monster 73. Does anyone have a screenshot with the Orligon name? http://www.woodus.com/den/gallery/graphics/dqmslandios/monster/orligon.png
  13. Ooh! Those look great! I think I need to get an updated monster list from you so I can really polish up the monster wiki. Some bugs have crept in.
  14. Haha. Sorry about that. She's definitely a spoiled princess.
  15. Sorry. Just got back from a mini-vacation last night. Let's see... I don't remember making any changes without noting it. Hmm... Ok, I looked through the text dump and I think I found what you're referring to. The line is a "new day dawns" message. <09><04>Having found new hope, the[NL]light of life returns to old[NL]the man's face right before<0A>[NL]<04>your eyes.<0A>[NL]<04>There is no one left[NL]anymore. The boy at last[NL]begins to recognize the<0A>[NL]<04>truth of the situation.<0A>[NL]<04>The old man says that he[NL]wants
  16. Glad to hear it! Must stay motivated to finish.
  17. Yeah, isn't that insane! Of course they're like half-size pages, but still. Crazy the amount of stuff in this game.
  18. Got another good portion of 7's game script done, including more sprites and an Immigrant appendix. I sent it to Woodus to update the file. Coastal is next but I think I need to fix the Monster Wiki a little bit. There's some issues where monster matching isn't happening how I'd like it to. Anyway, hopefully that'll only take a week or two and then I can get back to this. Kinda exciting being nearly done with disc 1!
  19. I think you can keep both of them, new Great Sabrecat and your own ovolved Great Sabrecat, then use Buddy Boost. That was my thinking too. Thanks for the answer / confirmation.
  20. What's better, playing the tombola to try to get higher ranked monsters or taking lower ranks and ovolving them to higher ranks? Generally speaking of course. Like, I have a Great Sabrecub, but I got a Great Sabrecat from a tombola map. Is it better to keep the Sabrecub in my party and ovolve him into a Sabrecat, or just let the Sabrecub go and keep the Sabrecat in my party? (Similar situation with Healslime and what it ovolves into, the Angel Slime. But I think I know the answer to that one.)
  21. Me too. I only just figured out Ovalution, sorta. Sometimes this game makes me feel stupid.
  22. Whoa. Those are some gorgeous eggs. I don't have quite that many. Anyhow, I haven't gotten rid of any eggs yet. I'll keep expanding my paddock before I need to discard an egg. Is there a max paddock size?
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