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  1. Troubadour Btls to next Learned WAS NOW WAS NOW Rank 1 13 5 none same Rank 2 14 6 EagleEye WarCry (EagleEye was deleted from the game; WarCry was a Fighter skill) Rank 3 13 10 X-Ray SleepSong (X-Ray moved to Thief class) Rank 4 15 10 SleepSong GagSong (an old hybrid skill) Rank 5 20 12 Repel WakeSong (Repel moved to Thief class) Rank 6 35 12 WakeSong MistSong Rank 7 30 30 MistSong HealSong (an old hybrid skill) Rank 8 0 0 AngelSong same
  2. Dancer Btls to next Learned WAS NOW WAS NOW Rank 1 5 5 none LureDance (just moved) Rank 2 13 5 LureDance none Rank 3 20 8 ParryPass OddDance (I think ParryPass may also have been deleted from the game) Rank 4 15 8 OddDance SideStep (abilities are moving up) Rank 5 29 10 SideStep DanceShut Rank 6 15 12 DanceShut PaniDance Rank 7 23 23 PaniDance JockDance (an old hybrid skill) Rank 8 0 0 K.O.Dance same Thief Btls to next Learned WAS NOW
  3. Mage Btls to next Learned WAS NOW WAS NOW Rank 1 13 5 Firebal same Rank 2 15 5 Sleep same Rank 3 15 8 Return Return, TakeMagic (an old hybrid skill) Rank 4 27 10 Outside, Sap same Rank 5 35 12 Blazemore same Rank 6 30 15 Boom, Surround same Rank 7 35 25 Firebane same Rank 8 0 0 Snowstorm same Priest Btls to next Learned WAS NOW WAS NOW Rank 1 19 5 Heal, Expel same Rank 2 18 7 Infernos same Rank 3
  4. Martial Artist Btls to next Learned WAS NOW WAS NOW Rank 1 16 8 none same Rank 2 16 8 LegSweep same Rank 3 18 9 JumpKick same Rank 4 20 10 Roundhous same Rank 5 35 10 Suplex same Rank 6 25 12 WarCry K.O.Punch (an old hybrid skill; WarCry moved to Troubadour class) Rank 7 30 25 Punch same Rank 8 0 0 WindBeast same EDIT: Going through and making all these posts consistent.
  5. Warrior Btls to next Learned WAS NOW WAS NOW Rank 1 10 5 none same Rank 2 10 5 PsycheUp same Rank 3 15 8 none same Rank 4 20 10 SquallHit same Rank 5 20 10 none Mineuchi (an old hybrid skill) Rank 6 30 15 DrakSlash BirdSlash (an old hybrid skill) Rank 7 25 25 none DrakSlash (just moved) Rank 8 0 0 EvilSlash same Hope this looks okay. I think the spaces are gonna throw the columns off. EDIT: Yeah, I don't know how to keep the uniformity. EDIT 2: I think
  6. A great deal of tweaks have been made to the vocation system. I've spent most of the weekend trying to figure it all out. Presenting it will be time-consuming, so I will start with a Japanese website that helped me out a lot. http://dq7.org/ Google Translate can help with some things, but I will update this post as well with everything I've discovered. As to your specific question about Retaliate, it was deleted from the game. Along with about 4 or 5 other abilities. Personally, Bang was an awesome replacement, Maribel was a powerhouse for me on the initial islands. Most of the abilities
  7. Got the Monster Park appendix done! That was kind of a chore, but I think I've also figured out the Monster Park menu in the Debug menu, so that's cool. Also, I've got all the savestates I need to make a sprite sheet of the monsters that are in the Monster Park. These are the ones that walk around as opposed to what you see in battle. I guess I need to put that on my todo list now, to do all the GIMP cutting and pasting into a monster sprite sheet. Woo. That will take a while!
  8. I've just noticed something about the mechanics of the immigrant town, and even though it isn't really related to game script progress, I'm gonna put it here anyway. So, I'm cruising along the text dump to find new text and I come across the immigrant town stuff. Ok, I'm in disc 2. I'll just buzz around the world recruiting immigrants and make all the final towns. Granted, this would go a lot faster if I used the debug menu, but I'm doing it with quicksaves and savestates, so it's not as bad as playing on the console. But I'm noticing something. I want to kick out all the new priests and n
  9. Oh, you know I would! Though, in all fairness to the localizers, I'll wait 3 years or so, so fans have to buy the game first to get this latest localization version. Next on my to do list is DQ8ps2, then probably the 4-6 DS games.
  10. Perfect! I feel like dancing all over too!
  11. I've never been so excited to have a deadline. I want to have the PS game script done before the 3DS version is released. Which means I have until ... sometime in 2016. Did they give a specific release date yet? Aww who cares, I'm just so excited!!!
  12. You're welcome. I hope you can sift through it well enough. It'll be a lot better once I get it into a game script format.
  13. Hahaha. That's what I meant too. I totally didn't let a crazy squirrel run me out of my house and make me call an exterminator and animal control or anything like that. Nope, not me.
  14. Squirreled? Did you get a squirrel in your house? That happened to me back in February. Darn wildlife.
  15. Aww. You guys are so sweet. I'm just happy to give back after using this site so much for DQ gaming. Dragon's Den has the best members.
  16. Thanks, ignasia! I was kinda surprised no one had done this before. I bet it will really help knowing exactly where to look in a room for a potential immigrant, like in the Mardra Fane or Deja Mountain tunnels. The Dune Inn spot is really the worst, and the Krage Inn isn't so good either. Most places though are just fine for the in-and-out spawn trick. Hopefully these pics are useful. EDIT: Eesh! I just noticed a small typo. For the Hamelia Pub spot I called it "Hamelia Pub (north)" because I had my party facing north in one shot and east in another. I liked the north shot better so
  17. I think some of the chapter titles are better than others, and I'm still undecided on a few. The later ones really aren't clever at all, probably because I'm not as familiar with the stories, but I'll get 'em wittier as I go. Oh, just noticed something the other day. I was just visiting random places, checking on text, sailing around, and decided to sail into the whirlpool off Fishbel where the Undersea King lives. He seems to be a close palette swap of the Medal King except he wears a Seashell Hat instead of a crown! Another slightly unique sprite that I completely forgot about. I love ho
  18. We all know about the five permanent immigrants: Nurar the traveling merchant, Elena the dancer, Sara the nun, Bean the farmer, and Jissa the priest. But I've read in one of the Immigrant Town guides that there are rumors of a sixth permanent immigrant found on Mt. Flame. After a bit of work, I think I've nailed down his mystery. There's a warrior who's always at the top of Mt. Flame around the crater. Mostly he just tells you that he's training and there are tough monsters in the volcano; however, after you get the Coastal Letter from the King of Coastal in the past which will tell the Ch
  19. Thanks! It may sound like I'm complaining about all this text, but it's actually really fun. Can't wait to get going on the next part.
  20. I would love to have those script files. I really enjoyed this localization.
  21. Whew! I hit my deadline, and got ALL the Spirits awakened too!! Just sent my update to Woodus, so hopefully he'll have it uploaded to 7's page. Weirdly enough, the Wind Spirit quest had significantly less party chat than the Terra Spirit quest. And you really have no time to check out Dharma Temple or anything else after awakening both the Terra and Wind Spirits because as soon as you board Sharkeye's ship, you're automatically sent to the Aqua Spirit. Anyway, the Spirits are awakened. God is discovered to be the Demon Lord in disguise -- dun dun DUN! And now it's time to visit EVERY SINGLE
  22. "Noodled." That's a funny way of putting it. Folks, King Zenith was relentless! He was going to find me the text if it killed him.
  23. I had help... It was a few months back... Gosh, who was it? @KING ZENITH: If you're monitoring this, were you the one that found all the text files in the mobile's apk or something? Yeah, I think he sent them to me and I found where the party chat files were. Then I just used Notepad++ to copy and paste them into one text file. But I think GHANMI was the one who said the DS (and probably mobile) games had easy to find text. Tinke tool is what you use to find the DS script files.
  24. I know, I know, I promised this over a week ago. I got sidetracked. Anyway, here's the party chat. It's still very, very raw. A tiny bit of code is left in there. Lines kinda run together a little. And I haven't quite figured out the patterns yet. But it's all there. Secondly, you're right, Aust, the main game for 4 isn't all that long especially compared to 5, 6, or 7. But they have added a few NPCs here 'n there. And the backtracking and party chat does increase the ... insanity a little when I'm doing a game script. I do intend to get to this game at some point, but 7 is taking up all
  25. So much text! Sorry for not having any updates yet. I've been trying to make sure to find all text bits. And there's so much! I'm really close to having the Terra Spirit quest done. I wanted to have Terra and Wind done before sending Woodus an update, but that'll take too long. And I want to get you guys an update before the craziness of holidays start. So, like I said before, I expect to get you the next game script version by Saturday. *fingers crossed*
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