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  1. Hopefully someone else can corroborate. I mean, it's always possible I've goofed up, but it just seemed really weird to me that everyone else was job-leveling except for Auster. And the fortune-teller lady at Alltrades said he had the same number of battles to win when I went to see her again. The Gabo and the rest had less battles, so they definitely were job-leveling. It looks like according to that japanese link you just gave, that they are testing the level caps too. They seem certain that the Aeolus Vale area is 33, so it's even more weird that The Beacon in the present is capped at 3
  2. Unless I'm doing something wrong, I think The Beacon (present) has a level cap of 32 instead of 99. Auster is at level 32 and not gaining job points as I would expect. Everyone else is less than 32 and have leveled in their vocations like they are meant to. (I'm keeping an excel scratch work handy while I play). Iggy, I tried looking around those japanese websites you linked, and didn't quite see the level cap pages. Can you point them out more specifically? I'll look on my bookmarked pages as well.
  3. I'm starting to wonder about what happens when a place is sealed off. At first I thought it meant that every other place immediately forgets it ever existed. I also thought that the sealed off place didn't realize it was sealed off, and the people just thought they were plagued with problems and the only ones in the world. I think these ideas of mine were formed by talking to people in Estard and the first few islands, but now I think sealing a place might be different. After visiting a few more islands, the NPCs do know about other places besides their own, and they are aware they've been
  4. Thanks, quasi_stomach and Woodus. It's great to have these.
  5. That final option is the same as the drop down menu title. And the last 3 kana spell "casino". So it could be all casinos? I'm positive the third one is Coastal. And since the first two are the same name with something in (), then those must be the Dharma Inn casinos past and present. By process of elimination, I think the 4th one is the immigrant town casino, but I guess I don't really know for sure.
  6. Are you trying to access the storeroom in the past or present? It's accessible in the past only. I'm 98% certain I've gotten everything from the Palace in the past (I check EVERYTHING), but I'll go back over it tonight. Sent from my MotoPod If you didn't check one of the statues in a suspiciously empty hallway and found one that moved, you didn't check everything. Also, I don't think you can do this until the queen moves back into the palace, and I don't think that happens until you go to the present and then BACK to the past.
  7. Found at least 1 error in the dq7.org lists. They don't have the magic water listed as a prize at the present Pilgrim's Rest Lucky Panel, and I know for sure that I've seen its picture and won it a bunch of times. I've just now added it to the list in the original post.
  8. Here's a list of the Lucky Panel prizes you can win at Buccanham: And here's a list of the Lucky Panel prizes you can win at The Haven once you have 14 immigrants (actually I don't know how this works now, but apparently there will be a casino available, possibly like The Grand Slum in the PS version). Lists taken from dq7.org, and matched with Woodus's item lists. I haven't played these Lucky Panels, so I can't confirm these lists myself yet. I'm still four islands away.
  9. I think there are only 4 casinos. At least that's what it says at dq7.org. With your picture/item matching, I believe I can finally report what the prizes are for the last two casinos. That should help your son know which pictures are needed for the app.
  10. I found him to the right of the entrance, beyond the "paw" on the right, not quite in the back.
  11. I'm looking through it now to match casino prizes, and I don't see a Helms/Headgear list. Oh, and the pictures are helping a TON! Thank you!!
  12. I wanted to clear this up as I just found the priest immigrant at The Likeness. (In spoiler tags in case anyone doesn't want the answer yet.)
  13. Yes. http://www.woodus.com/den/gallery/graphics/dw7psx/gamescript/gamescriptdw7.pdf (I hope the link works. I'm slower at this on my phone.) Anyway, she's there. Chapter 13 is Hamelia's chapter.
  14. I think it might be the same amount of prizes as in PS, just a few deletions and additions. PixySword is no longer present, but Leather Whip is. BladeArmor and DragonArmor are no longer present, but Dancer's Costume and Garish Garb are. VikingHelm is no longer present, but Fur Hood is. GraceHerb is no longer present, but Chimaera Wing is. DemonHammer, 1000G, and DrakSlime Heart are no longer present, and I don't think there are replacements for them. But this is all according to dq7.org, so I'm not sure where they got their info. Hopefully from the SE official Japanese guidebook.
  15. Here's a list of the Lucky Panel prizes you can win at Pilgrim's Rest in the past: These same prizes can be won at the first casino available at The Haven in the basement of the northern house. And here's a list of the Lucky Panel prizes you can win at Pilgrim's Rest in the present: Lists taken from dq7.org, but I played enough of the Pilgrim's Rest present Lucky Panel to confirm it. The only one I can't seem to get now is the Garter. The website has the list for the Coastal and Haven casinos, but since I don't know some of the new names yet (like the new name for
  16. I know this one... I'll keep up with this as I go along. Now that I have a better understanding of the changes to vocations, I can get back to playing.
  17. I understand. I should be able to handle the monster list. Just curious if it had been started yet.
  18. Yeah, I found it. A massive point of thanks to Aeryn for the monster wiki: http://www.woodus.com/den/resources/monster_wiki_result.php?monsternumber=2011&pickedname=HellCloud%20(BOSS) It's Cumulus Vex I seriously HAVE to get back to that Monster Database. I wonder how many games I've missed during my hiatus. Are new monsters, spells, and skills being listed somewhere as well as places, people, and items? EDIT: Nevermind, I think I saw Iggy's post as I was rolling through all these pages.
  19. wow that was far more feedback than I was expecting! thank you so much for taking you time to meticulously record all of this. I agree, bang is FAR more useful than I ever found retaliate to be I have mixed feelings about the loss of hybrid skills. I mean, I knew deep down that it would likely get the axe and it was rather obtuse in practice(looking at you Aira!), but I will really miss getting sword dance on everyone. I guess pirate and hero just got a lot better. So are any of the intermediate classes worth having over the big 3? I havent had any time to look into the monster
  20. Pirate Btls to Next Learned WAS NOW WAS NOW Rank 1 20..16 Antidote Squelch, HealMore, Infermore Rank 2 30..24 FairWind Hurricane Rank 3 30..24 Hurricane CoralRain, FairWind Rank 4 30..24 StepGuard StrongD, Vacuum Rank 5 30..24 MapMagic Infermost, HolyAura Rank 6 30..24 StrongD Sacrifice, TwinHits Rank 7 30..30 CoralRain Whirlpool Rank 8 0.. 0 Whirlpool SwordDanc (this is the one who were looking for, right? *wink*) Paladin Btls to Next Learned WAS NOW WAS NOW Rank 1
  21. Gladiator Btls to Next Learned WAS NOW WAS NOW Rank 1 15 12 none VacuSlash Rank 2 20 16 VacuSlash ZombieCut, BigTrip (an old hybrid) Rank 3 25 20 ZombieCut 2EdgeHit, WarSong (an old hybrid) Rank 4 30 24 2EdgeHit Toxic Dagger, Helm Splitter (brand new abilities) Rank 5 30 24 Massacre ConfuHit, ThiefHit (old hybrids) Rank 6 30 24 FalconCut FalconCut, MetalCut (nice addition) Rank 7 50 50 none RainSlash (used to be a Monster Class exclusive) Rank 8 0 0 Qua
  22. Pretty good. Absolutely thrilled to have a DQ game to play! And at the same time disappointed in myself for not finishing my DW7 gamescript. Shame on me. Aha! So that's why the stat numbers didn't match my calculations. Doh! Wouldn't it be nice if we had a guidebook that informed us of such things. (Not bashing you. Bashing Prima. ) And that name changes template looks sweet! Just what I need. I've started doing my own rough one as I play through the game, so it's mostly 3DS vs. PSX changes, but it's really great having the Japanese too. Helps for matching when using Japanese w
  23. Shepherd Btls to next Learned WAS NOW WAS NOW Rank 1 8 5 none RamDance (an old hybrid skill) Rank 2 9 6 Antidote same Rank 3 16 8 Heal same Rank 4 19 8 Slumber none (Slumber was deleted from the game) Rank 5 18 8 Whistle Whistle, RamSong (an old hybrid skill) Rank 6 20 10 none RamAttack (an old hybrid skill) Rank 7 45 35 WoolGuard same Rank 8 0 0 Stampede same Jester Btls to next Learned WAS NOW WAS NOW Rank 1 7
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