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  1. Ig and Jay, thanks for telling me not to feel too bad about all the discussion. I'm a very nonconfrontational person, and it was just bothering me that there was the *possibility* of feelings being hurt. I shouldn't put that on myself. Threads get lives of their own out there in internet land. Can't let myself get emotional over it. Gotta be tougher. I do like the idea of a female MC leader for 2, so while I learn more about rom hacking I'll keep all this in mind. I will try to keep story important so that my female MC isn't simply a resin as you say. And if her stats need to be a little
  2. I'm not gonna tell you all to stop all this, but I feel like this has gotten out of hand. I appreciate everyone's input, opinions, and game research, but I didn't realize I would stir up such debate. I guess I just wanted to know if I was the only one out there who wished she could play more DQ games as a female MC. I'll look into hacking DQ 2 on my own, who knows if I'll succeed. Again, thank you to everyone who responded. (Hopefully no one gets too much more upset about this topic.)
  3. A lot of the stories are written to assume a male character, which informs a lot of the implicit dynamic with the rest of the world. In VI, for example, main character Rek has little enough character that you could feasibly give him a female alt, but you'd still have to rejigger her relationships with Tania and Buddy at the least. Good point. I really do not remember much about DQ6 at all.
  4. You mean linear gameplay? Yeah, after BotW I've really come to enjoy an open world. But I witnessed the story suffer a little for it. Every new town and dungeon had to be written and designed as if the player might head there first. There's a lot of introductory repeat among NPCs. I finally got to my last area, and I was still "being taught" how to cook meals. I agree. And I don't really want to change that one. I think Horii might primarily be a storyteller, and his medium is video games. I appreciate a lot (even all) these stories. It's why I love DQ. But then sometimes I want to put
  5. Well, actually, that's kinda what I'm thinking of. Princess of Md. is a warrior princess just like Prince of Md. is a warrior prince -- no magic to speak of like other MC heroes. And I don't think I want her to be a martial artist/Alena clone. What I would do is compare/contrast the stats for the male and female warriors from 3. In terms of not losing emersion, I seem to recall the MC's son in 5 trying on the Zenithian Helm and it sort of shrinks to fit his head. You could make the claim that the same sort of thing happens with all of Erdrick's gear making it so Princess of Md. can still
  6. Just saw this edit. No need to apologize, ignasia. All good. I may steal some of your ideas for 5 if I ever get back into fanficcing. Gotta finish about a billion game scripts though.
  7. Well that would be fantastic! (Re: XII) And, yeah, I guess I kinda figured a rom hack would be tough to do. It was nice thinking about it though.
  8. I didn't want to make this a political thing either. I simply want to play DQ games as a "coming of age" girl instead of a boy. It worked so well for 4, I just don't see why it couldn't work for at least 2 and 6 also. At least with 5 I can choose the MC's bride to kinda be based on me... eh, or not. That's why I also thought it would be nice to have a MC and story specifically be female like Alena or Meena and Maya. Maybe I'll set a goal for myself to learn some hacking and see what I can do to make a Princess of Midenhall.
  9. I guess I don't have a big problem relating to the male MCs, but sometimes there is a bit of disconnect. I think DQ1 should probably stay as is. As much as I'm arguing for female hacks, DQ1 is about as classic a story as they come. I also subscribe to the notion if ain't broke don't fix it. While I wouldn't mind your idea for changing DQ2, it seems way too hard for any potential hackers. Changing the Prince of Midenhall into a Princess with corresponding pronouns at least seems doable, probably, maybe... I've often wondered if DQ5's story could be reworked enough to make a female MC
  10. I was disappointed they weren't there too. Could have, and should have, been included pretty easily. I like her hair too. I've been playing Zelda:BotW a lot in the past year, and that franchise suffers the same problem I think. A mod came out a little while ago where you could play as Zelda or the female Link, Linkle. Cool ideas.
  11. I wish more of the main series titles had the option for female main characters. 4 was/is one of my favorites for this reason. And 3 and 9 are all about character customization, so it would have been weird not to have the female option. I can understand why it would have been impossible for 5 and difficult for 8, but I think 6 and 7 should have had the option (though I can't really remember 6's story well enough to know if a female hero is impossible). Remakes of 2 could have seen a female warrior princess of Midenhall, right? Is it a boys' club mentality that keeps the main charact
  12. In the early stages the ones that give the most gold are Lickspittles, Bagworms, and Foo Dogs. They probably hang out up by Taborov mostly. In the middles stages Thorny Devils give the most gold. Birdsong Tower has a bunch of monsters that give a lot of gold. At the end of Chapter 2 are Skeleton Swordsmen and Pteranodons. And I think you have access to the Casino also.
  13. What would need to be done to get this game 100% complete and fully polished? Can we start with the translation available as a jumping off point (NoPrgress I believe)? Would we have to start over from scratch? Could we use the DS translation as a base and just boil off some of the puns (even though I like them, I might be in the minority)? I think the bottle neck problems are translators and hackers, correct? EDIT: Sorry for being out of the DQ loop for so long. I've been consumed with Zelda: BotW for 'bout a year 'n a half. Found this link in damarsman's signature (Help
  14. If you plan on getting hearts, the leader has a chance of dropping it as their rare tablet reward. Every monster has two drops, separate from their regular drops. For example, I can confirm Gigadraco has a rare tablet reward of Dragon Robe. From what I can tell, all monsters who drop hearts, including PlatKing and I believe Estark, have their heart as the rare reward, and the odds of getting the rare drop increases with the leader's levelOkay, that's nice. Especially for monsters whose drop rate is really low, or Never. Thank you.
  15. So from your drop data, seems like I'm better off evolving into a Gigalumph and an Automaton, but the Goodybags should have a decent drop rate. Thank you very much, iggy! I really appreciate this.
  16. No problemo. I'm glad I finally got the gist of it. (Means I have to be careful in multi-monster type battles where more than 1 monster type can drop a heart but I'm only aiming for a particular one. I've had a bunch of Stainless Scrappers and Gigalumphs show up together in my custom tablet, for example.)
  17. Okay, so... in short... the only way to increase your chances of getting a heart (provided you kill the monster who drops it last) is to increase the chances of encountering said monster with the heart you want. Ergo, making tablets, perhaps, with the monsters you want to drop hearts. I made/found a tablet with a monster "team" of Gigalumph, Stainless Scrapper, and Goodybag, so I figured the monsters in the tablet would be the same as in my team. Good assumption so far, as they are there, plus a few other, non-heart-droppers. I wonder what the drop rates are for hearts. Probably easier jus
  18. I'm feeling stupid. Can someone remind me? Can you steal monster hearts? OR Are they only dropped. If you can steal, does Klepto Clobber work on the heart drops or just on the item drops? Thanks in advance... oh, almost forgot, I thought I read somewhere that the Automaton heart is dropped by Stainless Scrappers, correct?
  19. Yep, all Woodus' fault. Just kidding. I love all these images. I'm thinking of doing an item database to see how the English names and images have changed over the years, so it's great that you pulled those images out.
  20. Quick question. I was looking through the album and couldn't find an individual pic for the Purple Orb or the Echo Flute. Just wondering if they're in there somewhere and just mislabeled.
  21. This app is really great, Woodus. I played 19 rounds at The Haven's first casino where each game costs 5 tokens. I'm pretty sure it matches Pilgrim's Rest (past) exactly. The only picture I never got was the tortoise shell and I'm not really sure it was in the PR-past casino anyway. I think I've got it listed in PR-present. Now most people keep saying there's a better casino at The Haven once the story progresses a little further, so I wouldn't change the app yet. Just reporting what I've seen so far.
  22. Then I bet the level cap for The Beacon (present) is 31, not 32 like I guessed earlier. That matches what ignasia found in...was it Stahlbaum's PSX guide? 35 minus 4. I was a little confused 'cause I thought maybe Gabo was at level 31 and still earning job points, but he might have been at level 30. And even if he was at 31 that makes sense with what you all have said. Thank you very much!!
  23. Ok, my next question is, can you be the same level as the cap and still earn job points? I reset to an earlier save and went through the Beacon present at level 31 and gained job points as I expected. I guess level cap means if you're GREATER THAN the level you don't get job points but if you're EQUAL TO that's okay. Correct?
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