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  1. https://dragonquest.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_monsters_in_Dragon_Quest_XI_Bestiary This is a list of all the monsters in XI, and when you click on a name the detail page tells you which game they originated in. Off the top of my head the needlers, lamplings, and bulbs are all brand new in XI.
  2. Dragon Quest did sneaky things like this. One of my favorite memories as a child was figuring out how to get to Garin's tomb from Garinham. The NES graphics were very well done and you couldn't immediately tell there was a hole in the wall. I started at the far end and kept trying to walk up until all of a sudden I was outside. It was pretty exhilarating to my 12 year-old self. I have a feeling I had a small booklet walkthrough for Dragon Warrior 2 so I don't think I figured out that Rhone (Rendarak) Shrine sneakiness on my own.
  3. Each game added a lot of new monsters, until 8 when about 50% of them were from 1 through 5 as well as a few memorable or not too crazy-looking ones from 6 and 7, like the moths and notso machos. 9 has a good deal of repeats as well, and some of their uniques are actually palette swaps of old sprites, wonder wyrtle comes to mind or the new green healslime called sootheslime. Point being you'll find a great deal of monsters are only present in their debut game, it's not just 7. As for the monster wiki, I feel pretty bad about not keeping up with it. I should probably let Woodus know h
  4. I do really want to. I want to focus this playthrough on the story (and gamescripting) and so grinding for experience and gold will just take too much time. I found some experience tables last night, and what I think I will do is increase my experience points in the editor a few points below a level up, so that when I happen to run into a battle I'll be able to level up and gain stats normally, as if I had actually grinded up to that battle. I just don't know how to max out stats and such with the editor, so I think this gives me a way to still gain levels and see at least one of each mon
  5. Sounds good. Do you want them on a sprite sheet? Right now I have them in individual .png files. It would be easier for you to download I guess on a sprite sheet, but then you'd probably have to separate them into individual files... though, I don't know why I'm even asking, as I'm not 100% sure how to get them on a sprite sheet yet. But... I bet I can figure it out. Which sprites are you interested in? I have a post-game save from King Zenith where I went to all the Zoom locations and ripped a ton of forward-facing sprites, but the Observatory wasn't a Zoom location and for the life
  6. Maybe not animated, but I've got all 8 directions and most "walking" poses for nearly all the Celestrians. Hopefully you can animate if I get you the poses? I'll have a long day of work tomorrow, but I'll get started tomorrow evening and try to have them done Tuesday or Wednesday. Most of the sprites have 8 pixels of their hair cut off and in their own image, so I use GIMP to put them back together.
  7. Hello again Den, I rolled the dice and the next game to play came up DQ IX. I'm typing up text while I play -- 'cause I'm the gamescript girl -- and also 'cause I'm stupid and I didn't download Tom-Servo's text dumps before his site went down. (He has a bunch of links in this thread that are all dead now.) If anyone happens to have them, could you hook a girl up? Anyway, I also tried to figure out how to rip sprites, 'cause screenshots on my emulator are rather ... unsharp. And after much google-searching I found this brilliant tutorial. So after a little work last night and this mo
  8. Thanks, guys! The 25th Anniversary Monster Encyclopedia lists the Vampirus / Dactyl monsters as dragon types and I actually found that kinda weird. But otherwise just one dragon... unless Malroth is some kind of evil demon-dragon god. *shrugs* Who knows. I've gathered and compiled the stats from those official guidebooks, but it would be best to verify them from gameplay. Maybe they were still tweaking the FC version after the guidebook had been printed and the stats in the game are closer to the NES. I should compare the copyright date of the guidebook to the game's original release
  9. Hi Den, I submitted my first guide to GameFAQs yesterday and it got accepted!!! *squee* https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/switch/272749-dragon-quest-ii-luminaries-of-the-legendary-line/faqs/78327 It's a comparison guide about the stat and name changes for DQ2, mostly our English versions on the NES, GBC, and iOS/Android/Nintendo Switch. I wade a little bit into the original FC version, but not so much for the SFC or its fan translations. A lot of stuff didn't change or you can find it in lists for specific versions, but I wanted to see a side-by-side comparison. I think the only really n
  10. Awww, that's a shame. I saw that guide too and thought that was really cool that he figured out the configurations. I also misunderstood that it was so random. Oh well.
  11. That's what I would guess. Purple mask/cape is definitely Robbin' 'Ood 2, so blue mask/cape must be Ortega. I really need to play this and see if we get this Ortega or a regular-looking NPC sprite.
  12. NES version had a separate palette swap for the second Kandar fight. And I think the Japanese version had a Kandar-looking sprite for the Ortega vs. King Hydra in Zoma's Castle (I think?). We got a human-looking sprite in our English version. And our mobile version had a normal NPC-looking sprite for the Ortega vs. King Hydra battle. Based on the mobile version, that second image probably goes to the second Robbin' 'Ood. I still need to play the Switch version, but these are my best guesses.
  13. They look great! Thanks for adding them. I started on Act 2 this weekend and got a bunch more. I'll email them tonight or tomorrow. There were a few Dual-Wielding tips and more Forge tips that could have been helpful at the end of Act 1. Maybe they're programmed to show up after Act 1 is over. (sheesh)
  14. No SD card yet. Bought the Switch just for DQ XI. But I'll be getting an SD card today or tomorrow, so I'll email you what I have soon. I'll try to organize them by chapter too. And what's a useful tip and what is character or location info.
  15. Sounds good. Hopefully it won't be too hard to figure out. And the files won't be too large.
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