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  1. I don't think I did that much. I think someone (now I forget who) recommended the correct tool to ... I dunno ... unpack the text ? Anyway, I'm glad it's getting somewhere.
  2. I wish I could remember where I read this, but you are correct that they couldn't put any other NPC sprites in the dungeon. And she can only use the palette of the dungeon, so no white or peach. She's basically a wall as far as the game is concerned.
  3. You're very welcome. I really need to buckle down and get some more game scripts done. With the text dumps from all the versions it shouldn't be problematic, just time consuming. Good job sticking with the script inserts. Can't wait to see how it looks!
  4. Happy birthday!

  5. Real. You face him so many times, it's easy to lose track. There's the prologue when he turns you to stone and sends you to the Dream World. Then the fight in the Dream World when the Queen tags along and you use Ra's Mirror. Then the one in the Real World again is like 3 fights. He tries to banish you again and all it does is bring the party to full health. Then there's an actual fight with him and some sidekicks. THEN there's like an actual, knockdown, drag out, let's get serious BATTLE. The one that everyone on every message forum everywhere hates and asks about. The key of course is the fire claw, but it's also good gear from the Port Haven casino I think. I try not to exploit casinos too much in DQ games, but this is semi-necessary, which is kinda good. Makes casinos relevant instead of immoral centers of greed.
  6. I can find it. Might already have it bookmarked. Love it! I decided to try something different for my current playthrough and sell all my seeds instead of using them. When I got to Murdaw (the dreaded second/third (fourth?) battle, I was afraid I'd shot myself in the foot for not using the agility or HP seeds. Turns out all I needed was to go back and get gear from the casino, a few yggdrasil leaves, and a few magic waters. Phew!
  7. I did a short little check. My hero is close to leveling up near Alltrades, so I change to a warrior, level up and write down the increases from the level up window. Then reset, change to a mage, level up then write down the increases from the level up window. They don't match but if level up increases are random for the mobile that would make sense. I also reset and leveled up without a class and the increases were slightly different again. But it's nice to know you can't harm a character too much by, say, making him a mage, then deciding against it; the "apparent" loss of strength or HP "reappears" when you leave the mage vocation, for example. Follow up question: Seeds first made an appearance in DW3, but because of stat caps the seeds could actually harm your growth long-term. Are there similar stat caps in this game (dq6) and can seeds similarly stunt your growth?
  8. These questions are for any version, I guess. Are stat gains on level up constant or random? Can they be affected by the class you are in when you level up? For example, you know Terry is going to get +4 max HP when he levels up next. If you make him a Warrior (a class that increases max HP when you change), could being a Warrior increase the max HP stat even more when he levels up? Edit: found my question on GameFAQs but I don't understand the answer that was given. @ignasia Is this you? https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/942424-dragon-quest-vi-realms-of-revelation/76743970
  9. That's really nice detail for DQ1 monsters. It is so cool to have these sprites. I'm glad Choppasmith found and posted them. And nice clean up work to you too, Woodus.
  10. There's definitely a jump in text length, that's for sure. I don't envy you, this seems like a tough project. But I do hope you can figure it out. *crosses fingers*
  11. This is so awesome, Choppasmith! Thank god you're relentless. (Anybody else see that old E-trade commercial with the baby and a phone and this girl keeps calling... "Relentless") No? *cough* Ok, moving on. Anyhoo, thank you, thank you so much for cracking those games and getting this out there. You da man! (That one's older, but somebody's gotta remember it, right?)
  12. Ig and Jay, thanks for telling me not to feel too bad about all the discussion. I'm a very nonconfrontational person, and it was just bothering me that there was the *possibility* of feelings being hurt. I shouldn't put that on myself. Threads get lives of their own out there in internet land. Can't let myself get emotional over it. Gotta be tougher. I do like the idea of a female MC leader for 2, so while I learn more about rom hacking I'll keep all this in mind. I will try to keep story important so that my female MC isn't simply a resin as you say. And if her stats need to be a little lower than her male counterpart, well, we may just have to level up a little more before tackling Hargon. But here's hoping Horii writes some DQ games with female leads. That way I don't have to do ALL the work. Lol
  13. I'm not gonna tell you all to stop all this, but I feel like this has gotten out of hand. I appreciate everyone's input, opinions, and game research, but I didn't realize I would stir up such debate. I guess I just wanted to know if I was the only one out there who wished she could play more DQ games as a female MC. I'll look into hacking DQ 2 on my own, who knows if I'll succeed. Again, thank you to everyone who responded. (Hopefully no one gets too much more upset about this topic.)
  14. A lot of the stories are written to assume a male character, which informs a lot of the implicit dynamic with the rest of the world. In VI, for example, main character Rek has little enough character that you could feasibly give him a female alt, but you'd still have to rejigger her relationships with Tania and Buddy at the least. Good point. I really do not remember much about DQ6 at all.
  15. You mean linear gameplay? Yeah, after BotW I've really come to enjoy an open world. But I witnessed the story suffer a little for it. Every new town and dungeon had to be written and designed as if the player might head there first. There's a lot of introductory repeat among NPCs. I finally got to my last area, and I was still "being taught" how to cook meals. I agree. And I don't really want to change that one. I think Horii might primarily be a storyteller, and his medium is video games. I appreciate a lot (even all) these stories. It's why I love DQ. But then sometimes I want to put myself in the story.
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