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  1. Have tried it, haven't been able to get it to work with anything other than a keyboard. I have heard of others having problems with it as well. Apparently N-Rage pad plugin 0.95 works for some people. You might give that a try.


  2. I haven't configured it for USB pad control before, but I can take a look. Sorry, I have been busy lately or else I would have been all over this already.

  3. Are you trying to use USB controllers or just the keyboard?

  4. So just to clarify, is it the psxjin that you want configured? And what game are you trying to play with it?

  5. Sure, why don't we move this discussion to the forums (emulation general) so more people could benefit from it.

  6. Well, if you consider awards to be good, then more of them should be good.

  7. @Zenith Dragon: 4542 is a database key that should help populate an image that shows how many badges you have won. I have not won 4542 badges.

    @Dark Dream: I primarily use pSX emulator for playing games (better emulation quality and truer to original PSX), but for movie ripping I use psxjin. It doesn't handle DW7 or DQ4 very well though.

  8. Hey, technically I am a contests moderator but that doesn't come with any admin privileges except for being able to create and close topics in the contest forum.

    That would be great if you want to help out. Any info you can provide would be much appreciated.

  9. Hey Democrobot, nice to see another Albertan! We actually have quite a few Calgarians here and several others that live in the Province.

  10. Ha ha. Yeah, but you are not too far from Ontario. We've got a few Denites from there! Like Cain for example.

  11. I answered that in the profile comment immediately below yours...

  12. Thanks! Yeah, I used a combination of DeSmuME, the GIMP and MWSnap.

  13. 's Packing for an ego trip

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