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  1. I've been getting stupid luck with my lucky chests. Got Erdrick's Sword one week and then Sword of Kings the next. I promptly destroyed both to extract the skills for my Battle God Sword. Really enjoying this game so far.
  2. So far the game appears to be throwing gems at us. I expect we've got to be approaching a gem shortage at some point, but for now I can't imagine why you would spend money on this game. Having said that, do you know if anyone has spent money on the game yet, and whether they thought it was worth it? Cyril the Squirrel: Love him or hate him? Multi-player is made more interesting by first enticing us with gems for first encounters, and then by increasing the odds of getting good stuff. And it turns out to be pretty fun too. What are your experiences with multi-player so far?
  3. Thank you for the answers to this. I was wondering this as well. And welcome to the Den Sir Hendrik may you enjoy this place as much as your dad does.
  4. KZenith: AOJFUE6424 Scott (King Zenith's Son): AHCUCV6927
  5. This is really cool. Thanks for sharing these Brother Jaybird!
  6. Wow, the video is great. I didn't realize you were doing that for all of the podcasts! Now I have to go back and watch them all with your bonus features It's kind of amazing how bad my memory is. If I didn't have photos, notes or other records, all this stuff would be gone. One thing I do remember is NOT getting a copy of the game, like you and Dwaine did, since I am Canadian. I think either you or I politely asked them if they would reconsider, and then they did. Thanks! I had a lot more that I considered saying about it, but was afraid of taking too much time and detracting from the actual point of the podcast. Thanks again for the feedback!
  7. Awesome Oh, and sorry about the whole Velcro Gloves thing I mean, I think you mentioned that yourself once upon a time, so I was really just quoting you. Here's Dirty Deeds, Done With Sheep, for anyone who hasn't seen it:
  8. Be careful what you wish for: They're not all long-necked, mind you. Some look normal. Hot even: That's it, getting a little better. Now to make it move: And, at the risk of taking this way too far... here's the boot tread picture, so you can see just how much grip she's getting with those things: EDIT: Granny Panties Confirmed. She's still a nun, deep down.
  9. Ha ha, no worries. Better that it was you than me. EDIT: Then again, he's going to hear his dad talking about Fleurette... and underwear... and ... I think any chance of his preserving his innocent sense of youth is long gone.
  10. We need a photoshop battle to see who can make the best photo of Westy-Snipes. I'd like to see that lovable slime all leathered up and ready for battle
  11. Congratulations. It's great to see people still playing the NES version after all these years. May fortune smile upon thee, as thou embarketh on thine next quest... eth.
  12. Thanks ignasia7! Had to read that a few times to appreciate it in it's full awesomeness. Thanks to you as well JaybirdC. The GIF doesn't have audio, and yet I can hear it perfectly clear in my head watched that a few too many times when my kids were younger. It was a great day indeed. Held true to my personal philosophy of "eat 'till it hurts". And now it hurts.
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