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  1. That was our 2019 race. We started it in the middle of November, so later than usual. 2017: Trails in the Sky 2018: Suikoden 2019: Romancing SaGa 2 2020: Nothing 2021: Bravely Default II and Yakuza: Like a Dragon.
  2. This two races in one idea works because it will help make up for us not doing a race last year. Anyway, at the start of chapter 3 of Yakuza. Currently exploring the new area I’m in to help out the homeless guy who helped fix up Ichiban after what happened in chapter 2. Also, since this game is inspired by Dragon Quest and because I’m in a run down town right now, I found this music appropriate to play in the background while exploring it.
  3. On to chapter 3 of Yakuza: Like a Dragon. Got to experience a multi man party for awhile in chapter 2, and got to fight the Captain of the Arakawa Clan in a one on one battle. Pretty satisfying to beat that guy up considering how he treated poor Ichiban. The game does a nice job showing how life changed so much between the early 2000s to 2019. Ichiban was understandably confused by smart phones, the new look his town had, the internet being used so much more, and so on. Shame the poor guy had to deal with that on top of the story beats of chapter 2. One thing I’m finding hard to do in combat is the perfect guard system. You’re supposed to hit circle (on PS4) right when the enemy attacks to help decrease the damage, but I swear even when I hit the circle button when the attack connects, the perfect guard doesn’t happen all the time. Maybe this will get easier the more I play, but I wish there was a bit more leniency on the button press. Not a huge amount, mind, just a bit more. Anyway, found out that Boss Arakawa is voiced by George Takei, which was cool to find out. There were times when the voice sounded like one I had heard before, but I wasn’t expecting ol’ Georgie boy. He does a good job changing his voice just enough that it’s not instantly recognizable. Really, all the VA work has been great so far.
  4. Yes, every monster class will change a character’s appearance to that monster class as long as it’s active. The change will be on the overworld and in battle only. When in towns and dungeons characters will use their default/job classless look.
  5. My island has transitioned to the fall season. Got greeted by Isabelle telling me I could start finding acorns and pine cones from trees, and the little island loading screen icon had changed colors too. Was able to find some new insects for my museum and it looks like some new seasonal stuff is up for grabs too. Also, the Mario items are up for grabs via the Nook ordering service! Going to get at least one of everything for sure.
  6. Made it to the start of chapter 2 of Yakuza Like a Dragon. Wasn’t too big of a fan of how cutscene heavy chapter 1 was, but I was liking some of the story bits. Mainly, I was interested in Boss Arakawa’s story when he and Ichiban were walking around. To quote Ichiban: “He’s such a badass!” Because indeed, Boss Arakawa is one cool guy. I’m hoping Chapter 2 will start giving me more opportunities to explore and battle. I want to keep messing with the battle system, dang it! I like the story, but please game, more fights and explorin’!
  7. Bloodborne - Now that I can actually use my PS4 again, I played a lot of Bloodborne this weekend. I’m definitely rusty at the game and was making a lot of dumb mistakes which costed me a lot of blood echoes a few times, but it was fun playing the game again. Gotta get used to that SoulsBorne style again but it’s been great exploring around Bloodborne again. Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Since I have no idea when Bravely Default 2 is going to show up I decided to get this game installed and running on my PS4. Only played for about an hour but I’m liking the game so far. I was surprised they just flat out named dropped Dragon Quest (especially since this is a Sega game) but the main character Ichiban is pretty likeable already and I was interested in the opening flashback cutscene that starts the game. I like the combat system. It’s very Super Mario RPG-esque with how the command prompts are laid out and how you can time button presses to help strengthen attacks and guard against enemies. Nice to see that in the settings you can disable the prompts if you don’t want to worry about them. Still just early impressions, but so far so good. Also, really like how the English voice for Ichiban is the guy who voiced Gaius from Trails of Cold Steel. Thought Gaius had a really cool voice but just didn’t get to say much, so it’s awesome to hear his voice actor is the lead role of this Yakuza game.
  8. No idea when my copy is going to arrive, and starting this Thursday I have to work 6 days in a row. Wednesday I’ll be busy too, so if it shows up that day I don’t know when and how long I’ll get to play. We’ll see what happens.
  9. Tales of the TV continues with the following story: The new TV I had bought a little while ago was not a good purchase. I kept trying to mess with the picture quality but no matter what I couldn’t fix the motion blurring that was happening, and because of the overall picture quality I kept getting really bad headaches after short periods of time. The newness of the TV wore out pretty fast, so today I ended up exchanging the TV for a another one. Got the new one home and was already given a much better impression. I should have gone with my gut and gotten the Sony TV I had been looking at first and foremost but was talked into getting the other one. That was stupid of me to listen to, but this evening using the Sony TV the experience has been so much better already. A lot more picture options, motion blur options, and details are no longer getting lost due to poor coloration. I’m looking forward to trying it out with my PS4 and a few other things tomorrow. I’m just glad I was able to get this all taken care of pretty quickly.
  10. Happy birthday to Ruby and Sapphire, my favorite generation.
  11. Welp, guess it’s time to buy Hello Kitty amiibo cards, boys and girls. https://www.siliconera.com/animal-crossing-sanrio-amiibo-cards-villagers-will-be-unlocked/ Here’s a video of the cards in action from Nintendo.
  12. Octopath Traveler: Finished most of the chapter 3 stories now. Working on Primrose’s chapter 3 now and H’aanit’s will be last. I’m surprised I haven’t found any other job classes since it seems like there will be more available, but it could be that you can’t unlock them until you travel to the chapter 4 areas. Romancing SaGa 3: I’ve actually made some progress with this game again. I was stuck not really knowing where to go to help open more areas, but I decided to brave it through the Naj Desert in the east and was able to get through it and the Desert of Death that followed it. From there, you enter the Great Plains and have to help the people in the east. This part was similar to what Romancing SaGa 2 did: the eastern most towns/territories had an Asian culture to them. After helping the two towns with their respective problems (one of which had a really annoying boss since he kept summoning lackies to prevent you from targeting him), I’m able to freely travel between the eastern and western parts of the world again. But most important, the good people of the east told me about Rashkuta, home of the elephant people! Helped out one of the citizens named Ruhk and he offered to join the party! Mr. Elephant Man has a whopping 36 Life Points, so he’s become the tank of my party. It helps I just got a martial arts skill that lets the user heal themself for free, so slapping some good armor and status preventing accessories on Ruhk and he’s now ready to tank damage and keep himself healthy. Going to explore the old ruins near Rashkuta in the Rotten Sea. Apparently it’s where the elephant people lived before being cursed into...well, elephants, so hopefully going to that dungeon will lead to something.
  13. I buy them because stuff like them wasn’t really around when I was younger. Part of that could be I just didn’t know where to look/where I lived, but getting to have these little figures of Nintendo characters and those from other series now is great.
  14. Nintendo’s Twitter account is secretly (or maybe not so secret anymore) furry confirmed.
  15. Is that a quote from the Cat Mario Show on YouTube?
  16. Got the Cat Mario and Cat Peach amiibos in the mail today. They both look very nice.
  17. All the topic title makes me think of is Jerry Seinfeld coming out on stage and saying, “So what’s the deal with vampires?!”
  18. Twinkie and I were keeping up/posting news via Discord. That was fun.
  19. This isn’t the Wii generation of gaming, so no, motion controls are optional. They said in the Nintendo Direct you can use standard controls or motion controls.
  20. Here’s the descriptor/time stamps for the episode: “Hosts YangustheLegendaryBandit & Plattym3 welcome back “the other B-team” of Bururian, Bluestar, and Bevan/Brandon/Evan to talk about their favorite Indie titles! From a single man to a crew of a few, these games weren’t ever made in a AAA studio!” 4:50 - The Dream Machine 15:00 - Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes 23:00 - Cuphead 40:20 - Dragon Fantasy: Volumes of Westeria 52:00 - VA-11 Hall-A 1:04:00 - Guacamelee 1:14:00 - Wandersong 1:21:30 - Stardew Valley 1:42:00- A Short Hike
  21. Not going to bother reading that article because it’s from Kotaku. Just like you hate YouTube, I hate Kotaku. And the damage numbers and the like went up while I was playing the Final Demo for BD2, so quest failed I guess.
  22. Joke’s on you, Monster Hunter World added number damage.
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