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  1. That’s a good plan honestly. Even if you don’t turn them on yet it would better to have them up before our weather jumps back down to 30 degrees or lower.
  2. More buns would have helped make that clear too.
  3. Come on, you’ve been on the Den longer than most of us who use this topic. You should know by now we don’t actually stay ON topic. Besides, where else are we going to share this kind of information on the Den? I’d rather we use topics like this to spread info on sales or upcoming games regardless of the genre.
  4. YouTube to the rescue since Platty didn’t look up gameplay.
  5. There are two good multiplayer games up for grabs on the eshop at a good sale price. Overcooked 1 is on sale for $5, and Overcooked 2 is $12.49 for the base game or $23 for it and all the DLC. First game is local co-op only, but the sequel has online play with up to 4 people. For $5, that’s a good deal on Overcooked 1. I can’t remember if I said this in this topic, but Jenny LeClue is on sale for $3 right now until November 8th. Seriously, this game is REALLY WORTH IT for that price. I’ve been very surprised and impressed with it. If you have $3 floating on the eshop, get it.
  6. Super Mario Galaxy (vita Super Mario 3D All-Stars) - I’m in the final dome of the Observatory, the Garden. It’s technically optional now since I can go and fight the final boss, but I’ll go for it. I do find it funny that all the galaxies available in the Garden dome are all so menacing. Here you have this pretty, sun drenched area with birds and flowers and the galaxies are named things like Deep Dark Galaxy, Dreadnaught Galaxy, Matter Splatter Galaxy... what’s this feeling in my neck? Ah yes, mood whiplash! That all being said, the further I’ve gotten into this game again, the more I re
  7. Happy Halloween everyone. Went to a small costume party dressed as Yoda and won a prize too. As tradition, I have to enjoy something Edgar Allen Poe related and wanted to share it here. Hope everyone had a good Hallow’s Eve.
  8. Oh no! That bites! I wonder if that’s something Nintendo could fix if you sent in your console or if you’re going to have to get a new one.
  9. So I was going to try and play some Darkest Dungeon before Halloween...but for some reason my brain decided: “You know what would be great? Let’s play Super Mario Galaxy on Super Mario 3D All-Stars! We still need to beat it!” And now here we are. Currently have 54 stars and am in the 4th room of galaxies to go to. I really hate how with Galaxy you have to go back to the lobby room and then choose the galaxy you want to go to and then choose the star mission you want to do. They could have really cut out the middle man somewhere, or they should have done what Mario 64 and Sunshine did wher
  10. Everyone’s favorite RPG producer, Kemco. Definitely worthy to add to your Switch RPG library.
  11. Woo! There’s going to be a big update for Bug Fables on November 5th! It’s going to include new bosses, quests, guest party members, QoL changes, and by the looks of the end of the teaser, a battle with the most fearsome of all the bugs in the game! Can’t wait for it to hit next week!
  12. Had some troubles with an eshop card on Tuesday but after getting that straightened out thanks to Nintendo’s help desk I was able to use the card to get two games on the cheap right now. First was Child of Light for $5. Heard enough good things about it hear and elsewhere that I decided to get it. Second was Penny LeClue, which was $3 down from $25. I had my eye on it back when it came out a few months ago since it sounded like an interesting game, but the super sudden price drop made me go for it. Started it up yesterday and have really enjoyed it so far. The shifting perspectives b
  13. ‘appy birfday, guv! Hope it’s a real diamond of a day for ya!
  14. No way. Next thing you’ll tell us is that metal monsters give a lot of experience points.
  15. After what we’ve found out about him, I’m not surprised he’s essentially been canceled. I love Sugiyama’s music, but that’s the only thing I like about the guy.
  16. The SNES RPG library has never been your thing. Nothing wrong with that, mind. Some just don’t click with folks. In MH Gen Ultimate, I found another Hammer victim, the Gypceros. I HATED this thing in Monster Hunter 4, from the fake out deaths it pulls to the poison it spits to the bright blast it can use to stun you and THAT DAMN TAIL SWIPE. Well, thank you Hammer for letting me finally get some revenge on this monster. Using the Adept hunting style to dodge the blast and poison attacks worked well, and defeating it with a weapon I’m still not super familiar with...oh baby, I’m hap
  17. Not even close. It's definitely hack & scratch. Meow! Or should I say Nyan! Well, I’m already plenty used to cat puns due to Monster Hunter. The localizers work in every kind of cat pun they can when Felynes and the other cat species are involved. Cat Quest isn’t one I’m dying to check out though, so it may be a pass. Seems like it’s on sale a lot anyway.
  18. The cast of the RPGamer weekly podcast are insane cat people and all played through 1 and 2 this year, so I've heard about a ton. Heard what? It's fine. It's got cat puns. That's about all I know. There's nothing deep to it. Not gonna lie, when I first heard of the game I assumed it was going to be a parody game cat version of Dragon Quest.
  19. I’m debating about Cat Quest. There’s a few indie games that are real cheap right now I wouldn’t mind getting, but I’ve not heard much mention of Cat Quest.
  20. You really should try Ys Memories of Celceta or Ys VIII. Those games aren’t going to be as difficult as Origins is.
  21. Will be cool to see what the figure looks like. The tattoo/demon markings on the Demi-Fiend would be difficult to replicate I’d imagine. https://www.siliconera.com/smt-iii-nocturne-demi-fiend-figma-is-in-the-works/
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