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  1. Follow up to earlier: Wow, the enemy difficulty has really jumped in the area I’m at. I’ve been using the Expert Mode setting so I can customize character levels whenever I want to, but even maxing everyone out right now (currently the highest level is 68 for a few party members) I’m still struggling against some of the enemies. I either need to see if I can get a few more levels around this area or just focus on the available side quests to get some extra exp and money. Maybe do some of both. I must be getting close to the end of regular enemies are starting to get this difficult. It see
  2. SNK has been bought in the past by larger companies and it never affected their business for the most part. If the rumors end up being true I’m guessing SNK games will still be available on various platforms and they will be able to continue future releases. But speaking of SNK, I decided to play some Metal Slug X tonight. Bought the game awhile ago when it was on sale and man, I forgot how nuts these games could get. It’s a run and gun arcade game that just gets so over the top. Great character/sprite animations, the sudden appearance of MARS MARTIANS! who appear alongside the normal ene
  3. Picked up Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition again. Didn’t realize it had been since August since i last played the game. Seems like it wasn’t months ago since I played. Just found out a lot of story info for the two titans in the game. Can’t really say much more than that cause spoilers, but it’s another point in the game that made me go, “Whoa, that’s actually really cool,” and makes me want to see what’s next. Seems like the side quest number is dwindling thankfully, so it should be easier to stick with the game to the end.
  4. I’ve heard about that rumor. We’ll see what ends up happening.
  5. I’ve enjoyed Samurai Shodown 2 much more than Samurai Shodown 1. 1st game definitely feels like a clunky early 90s fighting game and doesn’t feel very rewarding to play, but SS2 feels much smoother and much better gameplay wise. Earthquake and Charlotte have been my favorite characters to play as so far.
  6. Diamond and Pearl was when I lost interest in the series. I remember them being covered in Nintendo Power several times but I never felt excited about them like I had with Ruby and Sapphire a few years prior. Not sure what happened in between that caused me to lose interest, at least in the main games, but there you go.
  7. Estard Island is slowly but surely coming together. Thanks to @WoodusI’ve been able to obtain the other fruits I needed. I’m going to have to re-arrange some houses once I can really change the island landscape, but for now I’m starting to set up where Estard Castle Town is up on the cliff side of my island. Got my town theme changed to “Echoes of Horns Throughout the Castle” from DQ7, and I’m going to try and make some custom designs based on sprites from the game.
  8. The new Pokémon Snap game is coming out at the end of April. Visually the game looks very nice, and it’s cool to see different generations of Pokémon mixed together. I’m probably not going to recognize everything past Gen. 3, but I’m looking forward to finding out more about the game.
  9. Been playing plenty of Animal Crossing New Horizons. I think I’m finally at the point I can start making my island look more and more like Estard Island from Dragon Quest 7. Also been messing around with the Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection. It’s been on sale for 50% off for about a week so I picked it up. I’ve never really dabbled in this SNK fighting series since I’m more of a King of Fighters man, but it’s been fun playing the collection. Love the character designs and gameplay, there’s a huge library of artwork and design documents you can look through, and history and developer comm
  10. He’s developing a Poké-problem. Haha
  11. If you could only do one, I would recommend the stronger monsters. They aren’t obscenely overpowered or anything, it just gives a nice bit of difficulty to the game. Helps make things interesting too once you know what to expect so you can prepare early on too.
  12. Haha, that’s great you put that picture of Yangus in for me on the YouTube version. Good work @Woodus, and thanks for making these YouTube versions for us.
  13. You can run over and instant kill enemies on horseback in DQ11 and most enemies who are weaker than you will run away as soon as they see you or will just ignore you. There are already ways to ignore and avoid battles, and with DQ11’s 3D mode having such large open areas and dungeons you can avoid monsters pretty easily anyway. 2D mode can be left as is since its supposed to replicate the old school DQ style, and in that case you have things like Holy Water and Holy Protection to help prevent encounters with weak monsters. I thought DQ11 handled avoiding/dealing with encounter
  14. Started up SaGa 2/Final Fantasy Legend 2. Man, talk about a big graphical improvement from the first game. The world map is much more detailed, as are towns. The UI and menu design is a lot closer to what would be the layout for other SaGa games like Romancing SaGa 2, you have dedicated icons to clearly distinguish weapon types...lots of improvements to the first game, and I can see how this game was what helped set a standard for the series going forward. Anyway, game is light on story like the first one but you have a Dragon Quest III type of opening from the SNES and GBC versions: you
  15. Got my game started today and named my island Estard. Going to try and make it as DQ7 themed as I can layout wise. Starting fruit is peaches, and I set my island in the summer hemisphere for opposite seasons. Not sure when I can start trading and working with other players (the Dodo airport kept telling me “Haha we’re closed to bad” or something not similar to that at all) but I’d appreciate anyone who could help me get some of the other fruits eventually.
  16. DQ already has a pretty easy to understand and use UI. Can’t get much simpler than how DQ handles that.
  17. You can skip the Fire Emblem Sacred Stones and Mother 3 portions of that episode. They aren’t worth hearing.
  18. Been playing Pikmin 3 Deluxe since Christmas and have really been enjoying the game on Switch. I had played it on Wii U but it kind of felt...off. Like it was missing something that Pikmin 1 and 2 had. And frankly, it was just a one playthrough game, which was not a good thing for a Pikmin game. Biggest reason was only one save file. Absolutely hated that since part of the fun of Pikmin is comparing your runs. Thankfully, I didn’t feel that way with this version of the game. For one, the controls feel a lot better, both when playing handheld and when trying to use a pro controller. Switch
  19. That’s a shame. Guess I can save some eshop money and not worry about them.
  20. Happy New Year! Here’s to a new year and the upcoming 35th anniversary of Dragon Quest!

    1. DragonQuest2IsGood


      Oh snap! It's gonna happen in 2021???

    2. ignasia


      Yep, yep!  I'm really excited as well!

    3. Twinkie


      The last several years have been pretty good with Dragon Quest. Here is hoping that the 35th will be better!

  21. I debated on getting that game. I remember it being advertised on Steam years ago but never got it. Was surprised to see it and the other Boot Hill game on Switch, but I opted to put the money towards Collection of SaGa, Moon, and the NES Fire Emblem game. Let us know how Boothill is. I still have both games on my wishlist for future sales.
  22. SaGa Frontier was the first SaGa game I bought back in college. Went to a used game store and found a copy in good shape for $20 on PS1 but never started it. I’m looking forward to experiencing the game for the first time with the remaster. I’ve kept it mostly spoiler free, so I’m looking forward to experiencing the game and seeing how it compares to the few others I’ve played. Not sure who I’ll start with, but it’s cool to know they’ve added Fuse as a protagonist. Apparently he was cut from the original but could still join you in different stories, so good to see he got back his planned
  23. Yep, for sure. I’m glad Square Enix is showing so much support for the series now. Reminds me of how they’ve done better about supporting Dragon Quest outside of Japan. Plenty of games in the series to check out now and more on the horizon. Looking forward to SaGa Frontier Remastered next year.
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