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  1. There is a DQ tactics game that just came out actually. It’s called Dragon Quest Tact and it’s available for the west on mobile devices.
  2. That’s good to know, thanks! That’s hilarious. Guess it’s a good thing I made a bathroom in my house then!
  3. Finished the Bravely Default II Final Demo. Good lord, this game is proving to be difficult. I’ve been playing on normal difficulty and I felt like I was having troubles with regular battles. And that Beast Master asterisk boss fight...god, I’m glad status ailments like Poison were actually helpful. I’m finding that I really don’t care for the battle system changes compared to the 3DS games, and I wish they had the option to use the turn system from those games as an option. I don’t know what to expect difficulty wise from the final game. I haven’t been enjoying difficult for the sake of
  4. I don’t even think that’s possible. You can get all 7’s in a row, but I’ve never seen a DQ slot machine where each individual wheel has any more than one 7 on it.
  5. Truly a game you loved dearly then.
  6. Finally got KK Slider to show up on my island on Sunday and “beat” the game since the credits rolled. I can finally access the landscape app from Nook and can begin to shape my island how I’d like too. It may be harder than I thought though since I’ve planted so many fruit trees over by where I could raise the cliffs for Estard Castle town, but I’ll see what I want to do. I also finally got the Able Sisters to open a shop on my island. Unfortunately I had to put them somewhere I didn’t really want to, so they’ll need to be moved at some point. I want to finish paying off the basement upgr
  7. Yes. Platty and I have been planning to race the game.
  8. Decided to try out the Final Demo for Bravely Default II tonight. I had mixed feelings from the original demo, but playing the Final Demo for about 2 hours tonight, I’m feeling more confident in the game. I’ve noticed a number of UI changes, some voice lines sounding a lot more clear and understandable (points at Elvis and his super thick Scottish accent from the original demo), and the difficulty mostly feels much better balanced. I defeated the first Asterisk holder in the demo, the Minstrel, and am now going to confront the Thief, Bernard. Bernard was the big final boss of the original
  9. Found this fan animation for Smiling Friends. Smiling Friends was a pilot released last year on Adult Swim and was created by Zach Hadel (psychicpebbles) and Michael Cusack. It’s cool to see this little fan animation inspired by the pilot, and hopefully good word of mouth and the very positive reception the pilot received will convince Adult Swim to pick the show up.
  10. The 35th anniversary is this year and they are planning to make announcements closer to the anniversary date. We’ll see if more spin offs are on the way and if they will be mobile only in a few months. It seems a trend for DQ spin-offs that aren’t the Monsters related games (and Itadaki Street games too I suppose) to stop happening after a few entries.
  11. Happy birthday to Tatsunoko vs. Capcom! 11 years ago it hit the West to everyone’s surprise. Still one of my all time favorite games.



  12. @cprmauldinyou need to fix your text color man. It’s hard to read your post.
  13. Figure this is as good a place as any to share this: a Capcom vs Osamu Tezuka artbook will be released in April of this year. Tezuka is responsible for series such as Astro Boy, Black Jack, Unico, Kimba the White Lion, and others. I can’t say I’m very familiar with all of Tezuka’s work, but I’m a fan of his character designs and story telling from what little I’ve seen. This image alone has me excited for the artbook, and gives me flashbacks of Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. Hopefully the book will go up for orders on Amazon JP or elsewhere. I doubt this will get an English release, but
  14. Can’t say that I have a preference amongst the 3. I’ve replayed through the game enough to try out all three and honestly I didn’t notice a huge difference. If I had to pick I guess I would pick Nera, mainly because I find it funny some of her party chat is VERY suggestive on what she and the protagonist could be doing (if you know what I mean) and I enjoyed playing as her in Dragon Quest Heroes 1 since she can be one of the strongest party members.
  15. 1. No, and I don’t think it really needs to be one or the other. The Act 3 ending of DQ11 just seemed more like a fun nod to the series as a whole. 2. Dragon Quest 3. I’ve seen more references to it from Japanese related media than any other DQ game, and within the DQ series it’s the most referenced too. That game is THE nostalgia RPG for Japan in my opinion. 3. It’s hard to say. I think stuff like Builders has struck a chord with people thanks to the building aspects and the writing, but I could see some spin-offs like the Monsters games getting noses turned up to them because peopl
  16. Been stuck at home for the past week since I’ve been sick. I usually get a bad cold/sore throat in December or January so it was only a matter of time, but with all the Covid stuff I had to go into lockdown and stay away from work to be safe until I could get tested. Felt better by the start of this week and my test results I got today came back negative for COVID-19. I should probably be glad I can go back to work tomorrow but honestly I don’t really care, especially since I have to do 7 days of work in row starting tomorrow. And I had to use a lot of my vacation time for the days I missed be
  17. Since we don’t have a dedicated topic for this subject, I’m making one. Share animation works you find on YouTube and the like. Starting of this topic, here’s the recently released pilot for Long Gone Gulch. It’s been 5 years in the making. Really enjoy the character designs and the animation. Definitely some fun shots/scenes in the Saloon and towards the end with the showdown.
  18. I know, I know. I probably could have shared my love for that game for hours.
  19. So...Xenoblade Chronicles continues to make me go, “Wait, WHAT?!” with the story. I was able to beat the boss I was worried about (though it did take a retry because of the movement AI for my party members being stupid and getting stuck, thanks games) and then the story has some big moments that took everything in a crazy direction. To keep it short, I was surprised by the revelations of the Monado and the Bionis and the point of certain NPCs. The NPCs I had a hunch about with how the game shows them off at different times, but the story reveals and cutscenes...holy crap. I’ll admit said
  20. Picked up the Castlevania Anniversary Collection since it was on sale for $5, and I can now day I’ve finally beaten the original Castlevania! I remember trying again and again to beat the game in my Wii via the Virtual Console release, but I had absolutely no luck once I got to area 4. I finally did it! Definitely was difficult, but since I’ve been stuck at home it gave me the chance to learn the later levels and win! Holy Water is your best friend in the original. Felt good to finally beat the game. I’m not a diehard Castlevania fan or anything, but I’ve always known and admired the seri
  21. Been playing Xenoblade Chronicles on and off today. Finished off all the side quests available in the current town I’m at (no naming cause spoilers ) and have gotten the party up to level 70. Finally not getting my butt handed to me by the monsters in said area is nice, and I’ve been working on improving team synergy chain attacks. Seems like I’ll be able to tackle the next major story boss once I get back to the game, so...I’m kind of nervous as to what’s coming next with said boss! I’m not sure what party set up I should go for! Could be a case of needing to reload and try again. Man,
  22. The series didn’t start until DQ8. That’s when the world was graced with the greatest DQ character. I am, of course, referring to Prince Charmles. Where do the other games fall in timeline wise? (Shrugs shoulders)
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