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  1. I have thought about getting one of the Pokémon Let’s Go games. From what Platty told me of his playthrough and seeing the game in action from people I watch on YouTube it seems like an interesting take on a Pokémon main line game. It’s not something on the top of my list of games to get, but it still seems interesting.
  2. Poster for the new season of Beastars looks good. Looking forward to it since I actually really enjoyed Season 1. https://mobile.twitter.com/NXOnNetflix/status/1313873101457747973/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1313873101457747973|twgr^share_3&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.siliconera.com%2Fbeastars-season-2-teaser-poster-shared%2F
  3. Reminds me of my goal to get 9.9 in Classic Mode with everyone in Smash Ultimate. There were some really difficult paths for characters, and then with some characters I’m not good with...oof. Best of luck with your challenge, eal.
  4. Seeing that name just makes me think of Studio Ghibli’s movie Castle in the Sky.
  5. Yes. It’s definitely old school, but if you like the NES versions of the early DQ games you’ll like Mother 1.
  6. This is why I’ve been playing platformers and fighting games for awhile now. RPGs just haven’t been that appealing to me lately even though there are several I need to get back to and finish.
  7. Funny story, when I was starting college I had to make a trip to Menards (which is essentially a Walmart for home goods and appliance repair) so I could grab a few things for my apartment. Well, when I got there and parked my car, I saw one row over there was a van painted exactly like the mystery machine! Didn’t see any meddling kids or their dog inside the store, but it was funny nonetheless.
  8. You’re kids taught him too well apparently! Now they need to level grind in order to beat him.
  9. Oh yeah, the Super Mario All-Stars pack for the Super Nintendo is always a good choice. That’s how I first played all the original Super Mario Bros. games.
  10. I think Steve is getting more backlash than Byleth, which I didn’t think was going to happen. I get why Steve (and Minecraft content) wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but hoo boy...it’s been a very interesting past few days!
  11. When I think about it, I bet it’s those stupid leggings of hers that may be an issue with making an amiibo. Not because it was be to sexy or graphic or anything like that, but because of how ridiculous the design is on her leggings. I could see it being hard to replicate and make it cost efficient. Now if they had been a solid color, it might be a different story. Also, totally agree with you on Terry. I’m glad his amiibo was the one that broke down the wall of blocks stacked on the table.
  12. That Banjo & Kazooie one was so cool when Sakurai revealed it. All the new ones look great. Kind of surprised there won’t be a female Byleth since we got female Corrin.
  13. You must feel good pointing that out in a topic from over a year ago. Great first post after joining the Den.
  14. Freaking Square Enix is really dumb sometimes, you know it. They had the stream for the Live a Live anniversary and instead of announcing something cool they just went “LOL we haven’t talked about a potential remake or release elsewhere,” even though we know about the trademarks! You’d think they would have just gone ahead and announced there’s a remake in the works or something, especially with those trademarks that popped up. https://www.siliconera.com/live-a-live-stream-teased-future-game-plans/
  15. Before going to work today I managed to watch the Steve presentation for Smash Ultimate. Dang, he actually has a pretty impressive moveset. Seeing it fully explained was interesting, and I like the idea of him being a resource type character. His standard special move (or B button attack) being vastly different depending on the position is probably the most interesting thing about the moveset, and I’m glad there’s a way to move the crafting table as necessary. Not gonna lie, the full rundown on the character, stage, and music has me excited. It’s definitely looking like a lot of work went into
  16. Phew, Best Buy still has Joker and Hero up for ordering! Bought them this evening and also ordered King K. Rool since they had him in stock too.
  17. If this guy isn’t a troll I would be shocked. This isn’t GameFAQs, and if you want to troll a series you should go there instead. Anyone else find it funny he didn’t recognize Kevin from the Home Alone movies in Dwaine’s gif? Maybe that’s just me.
  18. So...Steve from Minecraft making it into Smash Ultimate has been an interesting ride the past two days. People are certainly upset about it. I’m actually surprised Minecraft is actually going to be in Smash at all, but if I’m being honest, I think the character looks interesting. Watching the reveal I felt that same kind of excitement I got from seeing Hero, Banjo & Kazooie, Terry, and Min-Min getting announced. Now, Minecraft is a game I’ve never played nor have any desire to, but after playing stuff like Dragon Quest Builders I see the appeal of building games. I know I’ve probably
  19. You know, I know a lot of us aren’t really Undertale fans around here, but I feel like Platty is an awful lot like Sans from that game...
  20. Finished Mario Sunshine! Man, Corona Mountain was such a pain to beat, and that Bowser fight...man, I didn’t remember that Bowser fight ever giving me trouble in the past, but I sure struggled with it this morning! But I finished it and grabbed all the blue coins from the mountain. I need to find the rest of the Blue Coins and get the remaining 24 shine sprites for them. I managed to find 202 blue coins from just normally playing, so I’d say I did alright finding them. I found the one on the Airstrip once I got back in after the credits, so I’ll need to look over a guide to see where I mi
  21. Is Divinatus from Dragon Quest IX or something? I remember that monster being in Joker 2 but I have no idea what DQ game he’s supposed to originate from.
  22. The next Smash Ultimate character is getting announced tomorrow morning! Woo!


    1. DragonQuest2IsGood


      @Democrobot I really hope not. That game is an overrated ripoff of Town of Salem.

    2. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      Well, the new character is Steve from Minecraft.

      Man, the internet is going to have a field day with this one. I don’t play Minecraft, but Steve’s moveset looks like it could be interesting. Gives me a Mr. Game & Watch kind of vibe.

    3. DragonQuest2IsGood


      It's funny, last night I was specifically contemplating about why I dislike Minecrap.

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  23. Is there a way you can change the font colors so it’s easier to tell what topics have new posts, Woodus? The bright blue makes it hard to tell which topics have new posts in them.
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