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  1. Amen to that, ignasia7! Right now I've just reached Shampane Tower in pursuit of Kandar. This is sort of backwards from when I first played III, as I had gone north from Kazave my first play through & completed everything in the sleeping northern village before even finding the tower! Heck I think I only came across the tower by chance. My team has done well so far. Dealer is a force to be reckoned with, and my Jester (despite his antics) has provided some good support with he whip I gave him, not to mention his Luck is ridiculous. I know Jesters have great Luck growth, but COR BLIMEY! it's crazy! On a side note, he's sporting a snazzy pair of Boxer Shorts. The only problem I've run into is that the hero has miserable HP. He's at level 8 or 9 but only has like 40 something health...
  2. I've started playing the SNES version thanks to this topic, knighTeen87's topic, and thanks to King Zenith. I'm enjoying the SNES version a lot, and it's been fun replaying the game as it's been about 3 years since I first played III on GBC. So far my team is myself, Merchant/Dealer (Leonardo), a Cleric (Millia), and a Jester (Taylor, named after a friend). I'm surprised how great/helpful the Dealer has been! He has a great amount of HP, some very nice attack power, and the extra pieces of gold he finds/appraising items is a nice bonus.
  3. Sounds interesting, and good luck to you! I've been wanting to replay III myself, and I'd love to play the SNES/Super Famicom version of DQIII, but I'm to lazy to go through the process of patching in the English translation (plus I don't have whatever program is required for patching ROMs).
  4. Characters revealed in the Smash Bros. Direct: Returning - Zero Suit Samus, Sheik, Yoshi, and Charizard. Newcomer - Greninja from Pokemon.

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    2. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      I know how you feel. I was disappointed to see Dark Samus is goinf to be an Assist Trophy in the game. She would've been a great new character. Luckily we're getting Zero Suit Samus as her own character, so it balances out in my book.


      I feel your pain about the certain Metroid character you're probably talking about. Either what we saw in the Direct confirms this character is a stage hazard only, or Sakurai is trolling again...

    3. robotnikthedrak


      Marina Lightyears, Fawful, Smithy, Baramos, Dixie Kong, King K. Rool, Simon Belmont... there are so many excellent characters that go ignored in the Smash Bros. Selection process... ;)

    4. Democrobot


      Slime would make a nice addition

  5. Looks awesome! Hargon is one of my favorite villains from the series, even though he doesn't play much of a role. The question is, are you going to make his skin purple or blue?
  6. Ok, it's time for ol' Yangus to leave his entry for the giveaway! My first encounter with the Dragon Quest series goes back to when I was a kid. My mom had bought me a Gameboy Color, and told me I could pick out any game I wanted for it. Well, the game I decided was a little gem known as Dragon Warrior Monsters. I don't know what drew me to that game, but I know that after I started playing it I had a lot of fun with it. It was the first RPG I had ever played, so it was a bit of a learning process when trying to get through the game. For a while I didn't know how to save my progress, so I ended up repeating the first few gates of the game multiple times. Eventually I figured it out, but it didn't change much. I won't lie, I was pretty bad at the game, not realizing how important it was to breed monsters and bring healing items. I would usually just rush through each gate as fast as I could, trying to reach the boss at the end before all my monsters died on me. It was a little frustrating back then, but I never gave up...until I got to the Battlerex. That thing was a road block for many years until I wised up on RPG gameplay. After my exposure to DWM, I found out a sequel (or rather sequels) were going to be on the GBC. So, when Christmas rolled around the year they were released, I asked my mom for both games, and sure enough on Christmas morning I had not one but two new Dragon Warrior Monsters games: Tara's Adventure and Cobi's Journey. These were the games that really got me into the series, and were the seeds that started my love for Dragon Warrior Monsters (and eventually Dragon Quest). Funny enough, it was because of these games that I never got into Pokémon as a kid or even all that much now. My history with the main series, however, is a little odd. While I knew about the GBC versions of 1-3 (and the PSX version of Dragon Warrior VII thanks to an ad in a strategy guide I owned), I never wanted to get them. For some reason, my younger self didn't want to play those games simply because you didn't get to play or collect the monsters. I completely skipped these titles, and for a number of years I never played or got another DQ/DW title. Now, as the years went on, I found out about Dragon Quest IV & V for the DS thanks to Nintendo Power, but again, for whatever reason, I completely ignored them. I recognized a few elements (such as Healie being a Heal Slime) but still it didn't change my stance. It wasn't until E3 2010 that I finally pieced everything together. I found out Nintendo was planning on bringing DQIX to the West, and after reading Nintendo Power's cover of the game, everything clicked. I realized how much I had missed out on over the years. I felt like a real idiot for completely ignoring the series as I grew up, but I decided then and there it was time to make for lost time! In September of that same year, I began to collect each title in the main series (and a few spin-offs), starting with III for the GBC, followed by IV (DS), V (DS), IX (DS), I&II (GBC), VI (DS), VIII (PS2), and eventually VII (PSX), with VII being the most recent game I've played in the main series. I collected them as fast I could, and played through them slowly but surely. I enjoyed ever game I played (excluding IX, but I won't go into that). Heck, I bought a PS2 just so I could play DQVIII, that's how determined I was! Though it took me so long to return to the series, I felt right at home with each game I played. It was like reuniting with an dear old friend, the kind of friend who doesn't hold a grudge if you haven't spoken in years, and you can instantly reconnect with in a short matter of time. It was good to be back in this wonderful world (or worlds, I should say). Now, there are three things that I absolutely love about this series. First off, I love all the monster designs. Whether they're recolors, simple, complex, happy looking, scary looking, and so on, I love all the creatures that exist in this series. They were one of the reasons I loved DWM so much as a kid. I loved adding new faces to my collection of creatures, breeding them together to create powerful new allies. I had the guide for DWM2, and I remember always looking through the list of monsters and admiring the artwork for each of them. Later on, I would go on to enjoy the artwork for characters from the rest of the DQ franchise, from main characters to side characters to villains. It was actually because of this series that I've grown up to appreciate artwork so much, and I'm very thankful for that. Second, I absolutely adore the music of this franchise. Sugiyama's work has been stuck in my head for years thanks to 8-bit chiptones of the GBC and the symphonic renditions of his work. Really, other than a few pieces he's written, I enjoy all of his work immensely, and would say he is definitely my favorite composer of all time. I would personally love to learn how to play a few of his pieces, most notable Torneko Taloon's theme since I play a low brass instrument, the tuba. Lastly, I love the adventures you get to experience with the series. I've always liked that DQ doesn't try to make the plots overly complex, and instead allow you to go at your own pace and see what the worlds have to offer. The games provide wonderful casts of characters you get to travel with on your quests to save the world, whether they are the seven other chosen heroes who will aid you, a host of monster friends who will join you if you best them in battle, or a cockney bandit, a fair and determined mage, and a playboy with a tragic past who travel with you and the cursed king and princess. Each game is so unique in how they tell their tales and how they introduce their characters, but never lose focus on the simple and easy to understand gameplay that binds them all together into one wonderful franchise. So, there you have it. This has been Yangus, and- King Trode: Aren't you finished yet, you great oaf?! We won't find Dhoulmagus with you constantly talking your head off, now will we, hmm?! COR BLIMEY! DON'T SNEAK UP ON ME LIKE THAT!
  7. I promise I'll post a longer entry later, but for now I'm posting this in order to enter the giveaway/as a reminder to myself.
  8. Went and saw The Wind Rises today and I'm so glad I was still able to see it in theaters. It was a wonderful film.

    1. Motdrafin


      I really want to see that! I'm going to wait until it comes out on DVD though..

  9. Wound up getting a free copy of Pokemon X thanks to the promotion Nintendo is running right now. I'm not a huge Pokemon fan, but I can't pass up on a free copy of a new RPG. It'll be interesting to return to the series cause the last generation of Pokemon I actually played was the 3rd generation. Guess it's time for ol' Yangus to return to the world of Pokemon!

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    2. robotnikthedrak


      IV and V are my favorite generations... and VI is the only generation I have ever quit. :/ But, I degress; have fun, old chap! ^_^

    3. PrimeSlime26


      All Gens have been pretty consistent for me! Have fun! :)

    4. Neofrodo


      Gen V was kinda meh to me. But Platinum was great.

  10. Yeah, we may need a new topic if that's what you were going for. I interpreted "black sheep" as "which game is the most different" so that's why I chose IX as it feels so different from the others. For "which game gets the worst reception" I would say VI or II fits that bill, though mainly VI since I rarely hear people talk about it. I enjoyed the game immensely myself, but you just don't hear a lot of people talk about it. It is a shame, as I think VI does have a lot going for it. Not everyone will agree with that of course, but that's just how I feel.
  11. I don't want to seem rude, Erdrick, but you tend to say that a lot, so we know you don't care for the English version of VIII.
  12. I've thought about replaying IX as a solo run to give it another chance, but at this point I have enough other RPGs and other games I should play. Maybe someday I'll get around to it. I think one of the big killers for me was how your playable characters were all custom made ones. I liked this idea with the hero, but didn't really enjoy it when it came to the rest of the party. Now I'm sure you might be thinking "III had an entirely custom party system," which of course is very true. However, what I liked about III's job classes/party making system was that each class had a unique design for the male and female. Even though they don't say much in game, players (or maybe it's just me) can get a sense of what their personalities would be or what they might say if there was party chat going off their artwork. What I'm getting at is that is that it felt like a step backwards in regards to party members in IX. From II through VIII, you had party member who would contribute conversations and were acknowledged by the people you met, be they kings or town folk. With IX, you got none of that. Heck in cutscenes they just up and vanish. I found it a bit disheartening they decided to do that with IX. I just couldn't get drawn into the world IX was presenting us. While it did follow the formula we've seen in previous games (go to a town, fix a problem/help a person, move on and repeat) I just didn't feel captivated to move on once I had gathered all the figs/fyggs/whatever it was you were trying to collect. Honestly, there's a lot about IX's plot I don't remember. The way the job class system is handled is another killer for me, particularly how you have to unlock the other classes, but that's all preference in my book. I'm glad they kept the skill point system, but I REALLY wished they had let you earn points at each level up instead of waiting X amount of levels just to gain a few points. IX has left a bit of a bitter taste in my mouth, which doesn't really have me excited for DQX, but that's a whole other story for another time. Maybe I'll finish IX someday, maybe I won't. Only time will tell I suppose.
  13. Ignasia7, I always love reading your posts (both here and on Gamefaqs when you posted on some of the DQ boards), and I do sincerely mean that. Anyway, that's interesting people had some hard feelings towards VIII prior to its release. I suppose it would make since due to it being so radically different compared to the 7 games that came before it, so I can see why some people had some mixed feelings towards it. On topic, I still stand by my choice of IX being the black sheep, but not because of some of the "oddities" in it, like the Starflight Express (if that's what it was called, I don't recall). It may have played like DQ, looked like DQ, and sounded like DQ...but it just doesn't feel like a DQ game. If anything, it felt like some other RPG with a DQ skin slapped on it that focused on multiplayer aspects. That's just my opinion. :/
  14. I'll definitely try and enter this contest! Let's hope good ol' Yangus will have lady luck on 'is side, eh?!
  15. COR BLIMEY! I guess I REALLY missed my chance to enter this little contest. When I saw this topic, I wasn't paying attention to the dates of the posts. I simply figured this contest was related to the other recently posted one and this was the follow-up topic! Good thing I caught the dates before I tried to enter a contest that's already over. Now, if you'll excuse me... (throws Chimera wing in the air and flies off)
  16. This has certainly been an interesting thread to read through what with some of the stuff that's gone down. To answer the question, SE doesn't really deserve us as fans. They don't want to acknowledge the DQ series outside of Japan, and seem to prefer to leave us in the dark about the series. All they enjoy sending our way is Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy. Why they don't give us any word about the games/series is beyond me, because is it really that hard to just come out and say something like "We have no plans to bring any of the DQ titles outside of Japan" or something to at least give us some info. I'll be honest, I'm not a fan of SE at all. Pretty much all of their RPG series don't appeal to me (aside from DQ of course), and after how they've treated their fans my opinion of them has gone down even more. This is why I am such a fan of Atlus and their work. While the company may not have brought over many of their RPGs/games a few gaming generations ago, they really took a 180 starting at the PS2 era, bringing over all (other then a minor few) of the Shin Megami Tensei, SMT spin-off titles, and other titles released during and post the PS2 era. They've published a few obscure games, and have provided US players with plenty of great RPGs, though for Europe that is another story...(sorry to any European site members.) Why do I bring that up, you ask? Because it shows that Atlus is a company that cares about the fanbase. While they may be more of a niche company, they at least take the effort to bring over entries from their series instead of focusing on a select few like SE does.
  17. IMO, IX is without a doubt the black sheep of the family. There are many reasons as to why, but to sum them up it's all the changes that they made to the formula, especially with how the job system is handled and how grind-tastic it is. (On a side note, IX remains the only main entry title I haven't beaten, but I don't plan to ever play it again.)
  18. Since I'm having a hard time finding an answer to this, I'll ask this question here: Can you download and play PS1 games from the PSN store on a PSP itself? Any help would be appreciated since I'm clueless when it comes to PSPs and the PSN store.

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    2. Neofrodo


      I heard Wild Arms PSN has some really bad freezing issues.

    3. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      That's good to know. I'll see if I can track down a physical copy of the game then.

    4. PrimeSlime26


      I never had any issues with that on my version. Maybe I'm lucky.

  19. I've tried to remain optimistic, but at this point I just don't really care anymore. At least I have the original version of DQ7 to finish.
  20. Well that Nintendo Direct was alright I guess. Seriously, I thought FOR SURE at the end of their list of RPGs they were announcing, they were going to announce at least one of the DQ games was on the way. But once again, we learn/hear nothing about the series. If you'll excuse me, ol' Yangus needs a stiff drink...

    1. Motdrafin


      Yea.. I'm pretty disappointed myself. At least Monolith Soft's "X" looks pretty cool!

  21. And once again we don't get any word on any of the Dragon Quest titles. I thought for sure that they would announce at least DQVII at the end of their little list of RPG titles, but nope. It's time like this that I'd rather learn Japanese and/or import a damn 3DS from Japan with all the DQ titles released for the system so far.
  22. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow. Here's hoping we'll here some news relating to DQ!
  23. I've been meaning to ask this for a while: which main series Dragon Quest game has your favorite soundtrack? The soundtrack to DQ7 is my pick.

    1. Neofrodo


      Mine would either be DQ5 or DQ7.

    2. Erdrick The Hero

      Erdrick The Hero

      DQ7. DQ5 has a good soundtrack too, but I haven't bothered to download it and put it on my iPhone yet.

    3. Motdrafin


      DQV. DQV has the best of everything!

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