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  1. It's a great game to try out, Mot. It can be difficult like Ryu said, but it's a rewarding experience. If your an Atlus fan than you'll know what to expect difficulty wise. Definitely get the game if you can, and I'm sure you won't be disappointed.
  2. Glad to hear your opinion changed on DQVI! I've had a lot of fun with VI, and would consider it one of my favorites from the series. VI's post game is kind of limited, and I was hoping they would've added something else to the DS version. Having said that, I'd be scared to see how strong the enemies would be in another new bonus dungeon. The enemies in the Fungeon were bad enough, and I don't want to see even stronger foes! I think one of my favorite things of VI is the soundtrack. To me it's a much more emotional driven and "grand" sounding soundtrack. I think VI has the best vehicle tunes in the series, as Flying Bed, Ocean Waves, and Pegasus are some excellent pieces. And I'm with you on the ocean when you gain the ability to go underwater. The encounter rate below the ocean is ridiculous. On my second playthrough of the DS version I ended up being overleveled because I kept getting into fights. It made getting through Gracos's castle really easy, which was actually disappointing.
  3. Welcome friend. Don't worry, we're all crazy here. Just keep an eye out for ol' King Trode. Ol' grandad sneaks up on ya n' King Trode: What's that then, hmm? Speaking about me when you think I least expect it again, I suppose? COR BLIMEY, GRANDAD!
  4. Hello all, ol' Yangus 'ere wiv a bit of a story for ya (don't worry, I won't keep up the cockney accent). I have recently been thinking about this game, and what follows are my thoughts/impression on the game: A few months ago (during the Fall to be percise) I happened to learn about/re-hear about a strange dungeon crawler known as The Dark Spire, which had been published here in the states by Atlus back in 2009. If memory serves me right, I remember vaguely hearing about this title in Nintendo Power, but never really got around to trying it out. Well as luck would have it, I found a copy of the game (with the bonus soundtrack to boot) and decided to pick it up. I have to say, both from what I watched of the gameplay on Youtube and from my own experience, it's a pretty fascinating title for the DS. I love the artstyle of the game, as it has that harsh look to it yet seems reminiscent of an older style. The use of colors is very nice, and I especially like how fierce they made the monsters look. Heck, the bats you encounter on the first floor are pretty darn intimidating just to look at. The gameplay is very dungeon crawler, more so than some others we've seen in recent years. You start out making a team of explorers, assign them one of four job classes, and off you go. It's very vague on what you can and can't do, meaning that you have to really experiment in some situations to progress or complete a quest. It's actually really nice to see a game do something like this since a number of games nowadays (especially RPGs) try to hold your hand as you go along. This is certainly not an easy game either, as even the first floor of the Spire can be pretty tough. What I find interesting is how EXP works in this game. Rather than collecting X amount and leveling up, you instead take the points back to the Guild House and use them towards new skills or to open up a new job class for a character. Get enough points in, and new classes unlock, such as the Ninja or Druid class. I should mention the music. I think of RPG soundtracks I've heard in the past few years, I've never heard one quite like The Dark Spire's. It has a mix of real (or at least really good sounding MIDI/synth) instruments, arcade like sounds, vocals, and PC sounds (like the style/instrumentation you'd hear from Etrian Odyssey) to create a very nice and unique soundtrack. It's just a darn shame that the full soundtrack isn't up on Youtube, but you can find part of it if search "Sounds from The Dark Spire." It's a really great soundtrack. Oh, I should mention that the game has two styles of gameplay: Standard or Classic mode. Standard is the default and uses the art style I mentioned above, whereas Classic completely transforms the game to that of an early PC RPG like Wizardry. The best part is that you can switch between the modes whenever you like, which is an excellent feature in my book. I love switching between the two modes to see what sort of differences there are between the graphics, music, dungeon look, etc. That's all I've got for now. Long story short, I think The Dark Spire is a very good RPG for the DS and was very impressed with what I say and experienced. I really need to complete this game someday soon, and I recommend you give it a go if you're looking for a new RPG to try out. Now, my question to you, my fellow Dragon's Den members: who of you has played The Dark Spire, and what are your thoughts on the game?
  5. I think DQ7 will be announced at E3, probably as part of a "3rd party titles" montage of games on the way or as a short brief announcment showing off some gameplay with English text. If it's not, then...well, that bites I guess. King Zenith, that's interesting that they added all that tutorial dialogue/text to DQ8, but WHERE IS THE BLOOMIN' COCKNEY ACCENT, EH?! Without it, ol' Yangus sounds like any other ol' bloke on the block.
  6. Funny that you aren't a fan of the battle theme, Soul. My guess it's the arrangement of the synth version, cause to be honest the original version of Warcry (battle theme of 8) is pretty "meh" at best. And DARN IT PLATTY! You just had to bring that up, didn' ya?! Don't make me use my critical axe skills, guv....
  7. Whenever you're ready to come back, just use this Wing of the Wyvern. We'll be waitin' guvette! (Starlight recieved the Wing of the Wyvern!)
  8. Nope. By the sounds of it (or lack of sound I suppose) the VA has been taken out along with the orchestrared soundtrack we saw in the original US release. If I'm right it's based on the Japanese iOS release, which is based on the original PS2 version. Most likely all they did was slap the English translation into the game and sent it off to market. (Sees Platty has just posted a response)...CURSE YOU PLATTY! YOU AND YOUR RIDICULOUS METAL SPEED!
  9. Well at least ol' Yangus (that's me, guv) still looks as 'andsome as 'e did a few years back, eh? Course, it ain't the same wivout 'earing me voice. Ol' Grandad says I sound like a bloomin' beastie, but that ol' fogey couldn' 'ear right wut wiv- Trode: You'd best watch what you say, you fat oaf! COR BLIMEY! http://memberfiles.freewebs.com/45/53/52595345/photos/undefined/404.jpg
  10. Don't ya hate it when you're so close to finishing a game and you just up and stop playing it for whatever reason?

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    2. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      Oh and DQ7 for PSX is another. I was absorbed in that game, got to the second disc, and BAM! Stopped playing and moved on to another game.

    3. Mattcraft


      Happens all the time to me. I stopped playing SMRPG because I knew the ending after I got back to Bowser's Castle.

    4. Soulerisn


      That was a pretty good game. I like how it's indirectly connected to the Paper Mario series.

  11. Very nice and clever. One of my cousins has the poster of what this was likely based on. It's an interesting piece, as it shows the death of 26 different orphans, following the alphabet style as well.
  12. Oh I thought the $25 was for most regions, didn't consider differences in price depending on where you're from. Nevertheless, I'm not going to drop $20 on a game I already have.
  13. Interesting. I'll be sticking with the PS2 version & saving $25 bucks. Good to know it's been released though, and hopefully it will raise awareness of the series.
  14. Yeah, I've been wondering about this lately. Could we get an update if entries are still being examined?
  15. Kind of disappointed the Memorial Day weekend is over. I ended up getting 4 days off from summer classes, but it's back to it tomorrow. Only 5 more weeks...

    1. Soulerisn


      You can do it man. One day at a time.

  16. It's kind of funny to see this topic being visited a month after my last posting. I'm with you on your opinion of III Erdrick. I started with the GBC version and while I enjoyed my time with the game I wasn't really drawn in the way I was with IV. Playing the SNES version was a blast and made me realize III is a great game and that I did have a good time playing it on the GBC. I have to admit that I prefer the SNES over the GBC version, but I love the GBC version because it reminds me of all the hours I spent playing the Monsters games back in the day, not to mention I love the sound chip of the GBC. Sugiyama's music is at its finest in symphonic or GBC chip tones in my opinion. I've actually thought about tackling III again, though this time I'd like to try an all out physical team of fighters (Hero, Warrior, Fighter, and Dealer). It could be interesting but a pain when enemies with high defense roll around (I'm looking at you, you damn crabs...) Good luck with your playthrough, Erdrick!
  17. You're killing me with that first set of characters, Democrobot! Ah man, it were hard to only pick 2 of them...
  18. I don't watch much anime, but these are a few I have enjoyed over the years. 1. Zatch Bell 2. Space Dandy 3. The Digimon series Season 1-3 (not sure if this does count as anime but I'm guessing it does). 4. Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo
  19. Had my graduation ceremony today for college. Only just got home about half an hour ago but I've been up and on the move since the crack of dawn. Sadly, I have to take 2 summer classes starting on Monday to meet all my requirements for my degree. After that, it's off to a 4 year college to continue my education in the Fall.

    1. Solutus


      Congrats man! What did you major in?

      I still have two more years to go.

    2. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      Well I'm planning on majoring in English with a minor is Creative Writing. Where I just graduated from I got my Liberal Art, as I wanted to get all my general edu. classes out of the way at a cheaper price than if I started at a 4 year. I'll be transferring in as a Junior in the fall.

    3. ignasia


      Smart move. I didn't think you could major in plain English anymore. I thought every English major had to be based on an element of English. From anthropological study of the history and development of the language, to modern linguistics, to creative editing and/or professional writing...so what exactly does your major entail? Are you going to aim for a master's and possibly a PhD?


      Congrats on getting through your core classes with your sanity intact!

  20. Currently in the 2nd part of the Tower of Kagutsuchi in SMT: Nocturne.

  21. Hoo boy. Just ran into a constant slew of some pretty good players in Skullgirls. I don't get to peeved when I lose, but man is it kind of disheartening when you keep running into good players...IT FUELS MY LUST TO CLAIM VICTORY!

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    2. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      If you are up for some matches over Steam, my profile is called SuperWiiCube64. Send me a friend request & we could go a few rounds sometime.

    3. Soulerisn


      Sure. If you're on the Dragon Den steam group you can find my profile there if you can't find it by search.. My username is the same there as it is here.

    4. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      Alright sounds good. I sent you a friend request.

  22. I was able to surprise my mom last night at my Spring Concert with our Wizard of Oz medley. Yours truly had a solo playing "If I Only Had a Brain." You could say it was a surprise Mother's Day gift as the Wizard of Oz is her favorite movie. It made her night. :)

    1. Soulerisn


      Thats nice of you! I'm sure it her smile alone was worth it.

    2. ignasia


      Wow dude, that's pretty cool. That's kind of inspiring Yangus. I haven't been able to do much for my mum, so I try to help out with things and try to make her life easier. I should really try and do something creative next year.

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