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  1. Thanks for that info, ignasia7. I completely forgot about the Ultima franchise until you and Ryu brought it up, I'll have to give it a try. By the way, have you played The Dark Spire, ignasia7? I'd actually be surprised if you haven't as you seem pretty RPG savvy.
  2. All of a sudden we have a whole nother couple of phrases to worry about? I'm going to try to ignore them irregardless of what others might think. I mean, I wouldn't want to be grammatically offensive. Oh Platty, you crazy guy you. Irregardless of the circumstances, you all of a sudden come out of nowhere with your Liquid Metal brand of humor. It's on a whole nother level...
  3. The post game isn't bad, but I felt they could have done a bit more with it. It would have been nice to learn more about Terry as you mentioned knighTeen87, especially since he becomes playable so late in the game. Honestly I was hoping that in the DS remake they were going to have him reference the first Dragon Warrior Monsters game, but that may have been a bit much to ask for. Nokturnus is an excellent super boss. He can be quite the challenge no matter what skills and/or level you're at. First time I went after him I had gotten everyone in my main party to max out all the job classes (excluding Dragon and Metabble/Liquid Metal Slime) and used Gigaslash each turn with one designated healer if necessary...and boy was it necessary. I may have beaten ol' Nokturnus in the right amount of turns, but that sucker hit me like a truck every turn. The reward you get is oh so satisfying when you beat him, and it's an added bonus if you get a Liquid Metal Mind as well!
  4. Are you serious? That's ridiculous regarding Watch Dogs. Freakin' Ubisoft, man... Going along with you mentioning The Simpsons: Tapped Out, there is a game with a similar problem... (Oh boy, I can't wait to see what reactions I get for mentioning it, but it's relevant to the conversation. Click the spoiler tag if you dare...)
  5. I honestly think there are 3-5 of us regulars on the board that are even playing. I'm actually right where you are. I think we're good. Irregardless of you and me using it, isn't irregardless not a real English word? What's it's definition - regardless? This might answer your question, Platty. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jonathon-owen/yes-irregardless-is-a-wor_b_4434749.html I just used the word without really thinking about it... <.<
  6. I'm not a real fan of DLC, though most of the games I play never really have it anyway. Having said that, the worst case of on disk DLC was when Street Fighter X Tekken was released and it was discovered 12 other characters were locked away on the disk. 12 characters who were ready to go were kept out of arms reach just so Capcom could make another 20 bucks. I tell ya, I was pretty miffed by that, especially because a lot of the DLC characters seemed like no brainers to have in the cast from the get go. One of the few times I've supported DLC is when Atlus released content for SMT IV. All of it was completely optional but provided some nice new perks to the game should you get them, including new demons, skills, and a few behind the scenes story plots. Having said all that, I'm suprised Atlus had DLC for the game in the first place. My guess is that Index wanted them to do it, because the bonus bosses seemed like they were originally meant to be in the game, most likely as New Game Plus material. The DLC for the areas were you could earn extra Macca, EXP, and App points were a good idea, as were the bonus costumes since they were pretty inexpensive, but it still seemed like an odd thing for the company to do with a main line SMT title. I miss the days of when you completed something in game, you unlocked a new character, a new ability, a new area or stage, and so on. It was always so satisfying to get a brand new character or stage in Smash Bros, particularly in Melee when you get Mewtwo and Mr. Game & Watch. Maybe someday we'll see a return to form, but it's a long shot...
  7. ...Now I'm tempted to get the game for the chance of glory....hmmmmmmm.... Well irregardless, good luck to everyone competing for the gold. As Democrobot would say, "May the odds be ever in your favor!"
  8. ...I wrote walls of text? Huh. I thought they were pretty tame compared to some other posts in different topics.... Still, no skin off my nose.
  9. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA lol she has commented on like every YouTube video containing his music. She even subscribed to my YouTube channel, within an hour of me renaming my DQ music playlist to "Sugiyama music" (In Liam Neeson voice): No matter where you go, or what you do...she will find you, and she will comment on your Dragon Quest music related content.
  10. 4 weeks of Summer classes left. Glad I have Fridays off from classes, as it gave me the chance to finish up Paper Mario 64 and make some more progress in New Super Luigi U.

  11. True, they did give us DQI on mobile like they did in Japan because we already had a couple translations here. And we also got DQIV like Japan got because the DS version is here and ready to go. So, it makes sense... Different people enjoy different parts. For me, I couldn't care less about the story. The story could rotate around discovering who pooped in the toilet without flushing, but it has my DQ monsters and turn-based combat, that's fine with me. It's been a long, long time since I made my topic about how the music in games doesn't matter to me. Maybe I should make another one about plot lines & story. Hmmm... I'm with Platty on this matter. Story isn't what draws me to RPGs I enjoy. It's a nice bonus when the story is interesting or creative to watch fold out, but for me gameplay comes first, followed by the artstyle/music, and then story. Take Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey for example. I was drawn to the game because of it's unique look and environments, as well as the artstyle of Kaneko (I think that's his name, it's the man who did the artstyle for characters in Nocturne and Digital Devil Saga) for the characters and some of the demons. It was an incredible game that ended up being the full package, but the gameplay (and atmosphere) was what sucked me in more than anything. The dungeon exploration, finding new formas to make new items, recruiting, fusing, and battling demons...it was so addicting. Also Platty, I really want to see an RPG tackle that story line. It sounds so engaging! We could make it a top down styled RPG like the early DQ titles or a dungeon crawler where you explore the dark depths of the seedy town known as Toi Luette, a filthy hovel filled with the most vile people who smell...OF BAD THINGS!
  12. Didn't ruin the enjoyment I got out of Mother 3 when playing in Japanese just because I couldn't understand what the hell they were saying. Really, it's not a big deal.
  13. You cheeky Metal Slime you. I see what you did there. I'm in it for the pun of it. Well you certainly made the meowst of it. (I'M LEAVIN' YA BUBSY!)
  14. You cheeky Metal Slime you. I see what you did there.
  15. Do those games still hold up/play alright, Ryu? Ever since I started playing dungeon crawlers, I've been trying to play more and more of them but have only really played various Etrian Odyssey games, various SMT titles, and the Dark Spire. I've actually thought about buying the 3 Wizardry games available over Steam (6-8 I believe are the ones on there) as they seem like interesting titles.
  16. I was able to play through Mother 3 in Japanese before learning of the fan translation, so I think I'll be alright. Besides, when you can't read the language (at least what I do with Japanese) is improvise dialogue. Sort of makes the experience all your own that way.
  17. I've seen this in numerous stores here in Iowa, such as at Wal-mart or Target. I've actually been able to find some great new PS2 games to add to my small collection, all of them under or around 20 bucks for a new sealed copy.
  18. If we don't hear about DQVII or any DQ game at E3, I plan on importing a Jap. 3DS myself. Getting through DQVII shouldn't be too hard since the game is pretty straightforward for awhile, plus there's a handy visual walkthrough over on Youtube in case someone gets stuck while playing. The Monster games might be a bit harder to navigate through, but nothing impossible.
  19. Ortega is the father of III's hero. He sets out to defeat the Archfiend Baramos when you (the hero) are a baby, but supposedly met his demise before reaching the Archfiend's castle. It really wasn't much of a fight, Soul. I was just stating some facts about Trode as a character in post #12, but got a bit miffed when I was typing up post #14. Life's been stressful lately, but that doesn't excuse me from taking my anger out on members of the den. So again, ol' Yangus apologizes for his brash behavior.
  20. Look, I really don't want to get into a whole argument about this. I was a bit agressive in my previous post prior to this one, so I apologize for that. I just see Trode as a better character than Ortega. I like both, but King Trode wins in my book.
  21. Yeah, but a Hydra did him in. That's pretty embarrassing since he's such a "great hero." Actually, what's more embarrassing about that Hydra fight was the choices Ortega made while fighting it. He wasted his MP by casting attack spells when his physical attacks did far more damage, not to mention he completly screwed himself over when it came time to heal himself. What's that, Ortega? You want to cast Midheal (or Fullheal, can't remember which it is) to fix yourself up and repair your wounds? SORRY, NOT HAPPENING CAUSE YOU WERE THE ONE WHO FELT IT NECESSARY TO CAST LIGHTING/THORDAIN A FEW TURNS AGO! Ortega screwed himself over in that fight, plain and simple. At least Trode has the smarts to have a band of exploers help him out even if he doesn't do a damn thing in battle unless you learn Golden Oldies.
  22. Let's get something straight here: both Trode and Ortega are good parents. Both obviously care about their children (even if one is constantly bickering about his well being and the other leaves his family for ADVENTURE!) and both have their strong moments. However, we learn a lot more about Trode as a character than we do Ortega. Sure Ortega may be the father of the legendary line of heroes, but all we learn about the character is that he set off to defeat Baramos, disappeared from the face of the earth, and when you finally do get the chance to catch up to him he...well, you know... Trode is a jack of all trades type of character. He always steals the show when he literally pops up from nowhere with his humor and actions, he is a devoted father who cares for the well being of his daughter, and is a surprisingly deep man, such as when he speaks with Angelo not long after he joins your party. He also plays a much more active role in his game than Ortega does in III, as Trode provides the Alchemy Pot and provides advice when needed (though not always in the friendliest manner, but you'd be in a bad mood as well if your entire world had pulled a 180 due to a maniac jester). While the little toad of a king may not always be in the most pleasent of moods, he's a great character once you take a deeper look.
  23. Trode could kick Ortega's behind. Trode is able to fight off a horde of soldiers with a stick. A STICK! Let's see your precious little Ortega do that, huh?!
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