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  1. By the sounds of it and after reading your posts I'll think I'll go with the emulator route. If it's not to resource intense like Erdrick mentioned, I should be totally fine. I'd rather do this if there's a chance I could damage my PS2, which I would rather not do. I'm afraid I'm not all that familiar with what Kalmana is referring to, specifically the bios and such. Are bios a term used for a program or is it a type of specific ROM?
  2. Well you could go to one of two places for some level grinding. 1. Go to the cave near Coburg, northeast to be precise. That area around the cave has a good spawn rate for Liquid Metal Slimes. If you don't mind switching Sancho into your party, you could have him use whistle in order to summon monsters faster, or just use monster munchies for a faster encounter rate. 2. Another spot that I prefer is the first floor of the bonus dungeon. There are a number of strong enemies on the floor, but they do give some nice experience and gold. Again, you could use monster munchies or Sancho's wh
  3. Hello all, ol' Yangus here, and I have a question about the PS2 version of DQV. I would like to play fan translation of the game, but I'm curious about how I could go about playing it. I would like to play the game on my PS2 Slim, but I've heard that PS2 Slim's are region locked, so that could be a problem. Having said that, I noticed that ignasia7 mentioned in his Super Solo Hero Quest Playthroughs topic (in General discussions) about a burnt cd. This makes me wonder if I could possibly burn the translation onto a blank disc, or on a physical copy of the game so I could play it on my PS2.
  4. 1) I was right! So that is the tower with the Echo Flute. Oh boy, I have some bad memories of that place. Thanks for the confirmation on that, ignasia7. 2) That's good to know, and thanks for those links. I'll be sure to check in on the village every time I get a new Orb just to make sure I don't miss anything. That's good that the Male Dealer's best armor comes from the town. Don't worry, I already went to Muor and got the helmet. I went there right after I finished up around Dharma and after a bit of grinding for my new Sage (formally the Jester in my party). Once I'm done with
  5. Well I've gotten my boat and have begun sailing the world. For the time being, I'm sailing around to the unexplored parts of the world in order to find all the towns I can and add them to my location list whenever I use Return or a Wing of Wyvern. I'm also doing this now before going after the key plot items to advance the game's plot. Now that I have my ship a lot about this game is starting to come back to me. Having said that, I could really use to answers to two (somewhat) important questions. 1. On the continent resembling North America is a tower. If I remember right, this tower ha
  6. You know, I'm surprised that more DQ titles haven't had T'n'T/Pachisi board games in theme besides the remakes of III and V. Wouldn't it be great if they had been added in the remake of VI or see what they would've been like in VIII?

    1. Democrobot


      Take the TnT, add the DQVIII Monster Arena, take the other various casino features from the other games, and boom. You'll have a wonderfully addictive game.

    2. YangustheLegendaryBandit



    3. Soulerisn


      Wow I didn't even realize that..


      Would be interesting to see how they would implement these features into DQX.





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  7. I've reached Dharma Temple and currently exploring the tower north of it. I forgot that the tower is a bit confusing to navigate, but this sort of works out since I'm trying to get my Jester to level 20 to get a Sage in my party. The extra experience points will help with this, not to mention all that extra gold. That second fight with Kandar was honestly a breeze to get through near the town south of Dharma. I could've sworn that battle was harder when I played the GBC version. Heck I remember that dungeon he's in being much longer. I suppose it's just my memory being a bit on the fuzzy s
  8. I'm so happy the PS2 version of DQV's soundtrack here on the den has an orchestrated version of Rolling Dice. I just discovered that earlier today, and have been listening to it again and again. Easily one of my favorites pieces by Sugiyama. :)

  9. I didn't know you spoke cat, Platty! Unless of course..........you're Amy, aren't you?!?!
  10. I just saw these bat $@&? crazy couple on TV today after watching a recording of Kitchen Nightmares on the DVR, and holy cow are those people a couple of psychos. I love all the memes and meltdowns that are here and there about them, as they are all very entertaining. I don't have much else to say besides that about them, but boy were they something else...
  11. Alright thanks for all that info. I'll use the Smart book on the Hero then and hope that deals with his MP. Are there any other books or accessories I should be on the look out for for my Dealer & Cleric? I've completed the tower and now heading to the sleeping village.
  12. My personalities for my party are: Hero - Vain Dealer - Worldly Jester - Solitary Cleric - Kindly I don't know what personalities do exactly, but I'm guessing they affect stat growth. I didn't pay much attention to them in the GBC version. The hero's MP is just as bad. He only has 21 MP. 21!!!
  13. Amen to that, ignasia7! Right now I've just reached Shampane Tower in pursuit of Kandar. This is sort of backwards from when I first played III, as I had gone north from Kazave my first play through & completed everything in the sleeping northern village before even finding the tower! Heck I think I only came across the tower by chance. My team has done well so far. Dealer is a force to be reckoned with, and my Jester (despite his antics) has provided some good support with he whip I gave him, not to mention his Luck is ridiculous. I know Jesters have great Luck growth, but COR BLI
  14. I've started playing the SNES version thanks to this topic, knighTeen87's topic, and thanks to King Zenith. I'm enjoying the SNES version a lot, and it's been fun replaying the game as it's been about 3 years since I first played III on GBC. So far my team is myself, Merchant/Dealer (Leonardo), a Cleric (Millia), and a Jester (Taylor, named after a friend). I'm surprised how great/helpful the Dealer has been! He has a great amount of HP, some very nice attack power, and the extra pieces of gold he finds/appraising items is a nice bonus.
  15. Sounds interesting, and good luck to you! I've been wanting to replay III myself, and I'd love to play the SNES/Super Famicom version of DQIII, but I'm to lazy to go through the process of patching in the English translation (plus I don't have whatever program is required for patching ROMs).
  16. Characters revealed in the Smash Bros. Direct: Returning - Zero Suit Samus, Sheik, Yoshi, and Charizard. Newcomer - Greninja from Pokemon.

    1. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      I know how you feel. I was disappointed to see Dark Samus is goinf to be an Assist Trophy in the game. She would've been a great new character. Luckily we're getting Zero Suit Samus as her own character, so it balances out in my book.


      I feel your pain about the certain Metroid character you're probably talking about. Either what we saw in the Direct confirms this character is a stage hazard only, or Sakurai is trolling again...

    2. robotnikthedrak


      Marina Lightyears, Fawful, Smithy, Baramos, Dixie Kong, King K. Rool, Simon Belmont... there are so many excellent characters that go ignored in the Smash Bros. Selection process... ;)

    3. Democrobot


      Slime would make a nice addition

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  17. Looks awesome! Hargon is one of my favorite villains from the series, even though he doesn't play much of a role. The question is, are you going to make his skin purple or blue?
  18. Ok, it's time for ol' Yangus to leave his entry for the giveaway! My first encounter with the Dragon Quest series goes back to when I was a kid. My mom had bought me a Gameboy Color, and told me I could pick out any game I wanted for it. Well, the game I decided was a little gem known as Dragon Warrior Monsters. I don't know what drew me to that game, but I know that after I started playing it I had a lot of fun with it. It was the first RPG I had ever played, so it was a bit of a learning process when trying to get through the game. For a while I didn't know how to save my progress, so I
  19. I promise I'll post a longer entry later, but for now I'm posting this in order to enter the giveaway/as a reminder to myself.
  20. Went and saw The Wind Rises today and I'm so glad I was still able to see it in theaters. It was a wonderful film.

    1. Motdrafin


      I really want to see that! I'm going to wait until it comes out on DVD though..

  21. Wound up getting a free copy of Pokemon X thanks to the promotion Nintendo is running right now. I'm not a huge Pokemon fan, but I can't pass up on a free copy of a new RPG. It'll be interesting to return to the series cause the last generation of Pokemon I actually played was the 3rd generation. Guess it's time for ol' Yangus to return to the world of Pokemon!

    1. robotnikthedrak


      IV and V are my favorite generations... and VI is the only generation I have ever quit. :/ But, I degress; have fun, old chap! ^_^

    2. PrimeSlime26


      All Gens have been pretty consistent for me! Have fun! :)

    3. Neofrodo


      Gen V was kinda meh to me. But Platinum was great.

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