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  1. It's kind of funny to see this topic being visited a month after my last posting. I'm with you on your opinion of III Erdrick. I started with the GBC version and while I enjoyed my time with the game I wasn't really drawn in the way I was with IV. Playing the SNES version was a blast and made me realize III is a great game and that I did have a good time playing it on the GBC. I have to admit that I prefer the SNES over the GBC version, but I love the GBC version because it reminds me of all the hours I spent playing the Monsters games back in the day, not to mention I love the sound chip of the GBC. Sugiyama's music is at its finest in symphonic or GBC chip tones in my opinion. I've actually thought about tackling III again, though this time I'd like to try an all out physical team of fighters (Hero, Warrior, Fighter, and Dealer). It could be interesting but a pain when enemies with high defense roll around (I'm looking at you, you damn crabs...) Good luck with your playthrough, Erdrick!
  2. You're killing me with that first set of characters, Democrobot! Ah man, it were hard to only pick 2 of them...
  3. I don't watch much anime, but these are a few I have enjoyed over the years. 1. Zatch Bell 2. Space Dandy 3. The Digimon series Season 1-3 (not sure if this does count as anime but I'm guessing it does). 4. Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo
  4. Had my graduation ceremony today for college. Only just got home about half an hour ago but I've been up and on the move since the crack of dawn. Sadly, I have to take 2 summer classes starting on Monday to meet all my requirements for my degree. After that, it's off to a 4 year college to continue my education in the Fall.

    1. Solutus


      Congrats man! What did you major in?

      I still have two more years to go.

    2. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      Well I'm planning on majoring in English with a minor is Creative Writing. Where I just graduated from I got my Liberal Art, as I wanted to get all my general edu. classes out of the way at a cheaper price than if I started at a 4 year. I'll be transferring in as a Junior in the fall.

    3. ignasia


      Smart move. I didn't think you could major in plain English anymore. I thought every English major had to be based on an element of English. From anthropological study of the history and development of the language, to modern linguistics, to creative editing and/or professional writing...so what exactly does your major entail? Are you going to aim for a master's and possibly a PhD?


      Congrats on getting through your core classes with your sanity intact!

  5. Currently in the 2nd part of the Tower of Kagutsuchi in SMT: Nocturne.

  6. Hoo boy. Just ran into a constant slew of some pretty good players in Skullgirls. I don't get to peeved when I lose, but man is it kind of disheartening when you keep running into good players...IT FUELS MY LUST TO CLAIM VICTORY!

    1. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      If you are up for some matches over Steam, my profile is called SuperWiiCube64. Send me a friend request & we could go a few rounds sometime.

    2. Soulerisn


      Sure. If you're on the Dragon Den steam group you can find my profile there if you can't find it by search.. My username is the same there as it is here.

    3. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      Alright sounds good. I sent you a friend request.

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  7. I was able to surprise my mom last night at my Spring Concert with our Wizard of Oz medley. Yours truly had a solo playing "If I Only Had a Brain." You could say it was a surprise Mother's Day gift as the Wizard of Oz is her favorite movie. It made her night. :)

    1. Soulerisn


      Thats nice of you! I'm sure it her smile alone was worth it.

    2. ignasia


      Wow dude, that's pretty cool. That's kind of inspiring Yangus. I haven't been able to do much for my mum, so I try to help out with things and try to make her life easier. I should really try and do something creative next year.

  8. This will be one interesting contest. We'll be seeing magic, pure strength, agiligty, and underpants dancing going on in this battle royale!
  9. I voted Bullet Bill, mainly in regards to the levels in World 8 (I despise the opening level and the last tank level of World 8). The vast amount of projectiles that fly around in those stages can be heart breaking. If I could vote for it, I would pick the Pipe Maze aka World 7. Of any world in any Mario game, Pipe Maze is and always will be the most rage inducing world/group of levels. I might sound like I'm over exagerating, but I really do just despise that place.
  10. Remakes of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire were announced today and are planned for release later this year! I'm not a huge Pokemon fan, but Ruby was one of my favorite games as a kid. Looking forward to re-experiencing Ruby! GROUDON IN 3D!

    1. Neofrodo


      Groudon needed to be Fire/Ground. >_>

    2. Fortheloveofpie


      *Sigh* Plus when you think about it Groudon had no real type advantage over Kyogre.

    3. Fortheloveofpie


      *Sigh* Plus when you think about it Groudon had no real type advantage over Kyogre.

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  11. I'd love to have a physical copy of a soundtrack (coughDragonQuestVIIcough) but I'm not too picky...
  12. Finished the Law route/my third playthrough of SMTIV last night AND FINALLY beat the last DLC bonus boss! Now I just need to decide on whether I finish up Nocturne or Soul Hackers....

    1. Motdrafin


      I haven't beaten either (but have played both), and so far I think I enjoy Soul Hackers more. I like the whole premise itself (90s-future-ish setting, advancement of computers), and I like the characters. With Nocturne, I find myself to either be really into it, but then force myself to play it. Just my thoughts though.

    2. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      Mot I'm the exact same way with on both! I've enjoyed Nocturne, but out of nowhere I just stop playing it or have to force myself to play it. Don't worry, you aren't alone my friend.

    3. Soulerisn


      Speaking of Nocturne.. that finally just got released on PSN.

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  13. I'd be good with a VI or VII style as well, but I'd prefer they step away from the job system for a change of pace, at least for 1 game. I know the odds are obviously against that, but I'd like to see a change of pace. If a skill point system is used, it should be more like VIII's (IMO). And yes, we need the casino, T'n'T, AND a Monster arena!
  14. I'm with Platty on this. No doubt XI has been in the works for awhile now, and it's nice to get some confirmation that a sequel is on the way. Having said that, I REALLY hope XI isn't like IX & X, with the various MMO elements and being job class focused. Let's see something more like IV or VIII again, with characters having their own strengths & weaknesses in combat & abilities.
  15. I think Heroes should have their own contest. That way we could include the female versions of the heroes from III and IV. Maybe it's a bit early to ask this, but if we have a Heroes only contest, will heroes from the spin off games be included, like Tara, Cobi, and Rocket? Back on topic, it looks like we have a great selection of characters to vote for. Man it's gonna be hard to vote for this one!
  16. I don't have much to contribute to the conversation at this point, but I do have this...
  17. Don't worry, I'll play IX in due time. I'm hoping to start it this summer. Final Fantasy doesn't really interest me all that much as a series. Everything past VI (excluding IX) just doesn't look that entertaining/interesting to me.
  18. I've yet to try out the FFXII demo with my copy of DQ VIII. I can't see myself playing it any time soon either. As for an FF title I hardly hear about, that would go to V and IX. I have a copy of IX waiting in my back log, and personally I'm looking forward to playing it (which is saying something since none of the FF games interest me past VI).
  19. My support had been for Jessica and Bianca. I'm not gonna lie, I actually thought Bianca was going to win since she seems to be one of the most popular female characters in the series. After she was eliminated, I had the sinking feeling that Stella would somehow pull off a victory in the end, but I'm so glad Jessica was able to wow the crowd and steal the show and victory. Alena put up a good fight though, as was to be expected of the strong hearted Princess of Zamoksva.
  20. Hooray! Jessica pulled off victory in the end. No doubt it was her VA! VA! VOOM! that helped her out.
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