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  1. The love for Yangus...it pleases me...(proceeds to do the Underpants Dance)
  2. Wait, Patton Oswalt and Wil Wheaton are douches in real life (or at least in social media)? Someone explain, I'm curious about that... Anyway, two finals down, two more to go on Thursday.
  3. Blue: So, do you think senpei has noticed me yet? Red: That's the fifth time you've asked me today...AND I STILL DON'T KNOW.
  4. Hero and party must be hard words to spell..... Hero: Solo (Hero of DQIV) Party Member: Yangus....duh...(points at profile picture and user name)
  5. Oh my goddess, we almost missed your birthday! 'appy birfday, you blue brother from another mother! Hope it was a good one for ya, mate.
  6. I've been playing the Wii U version of Smash and have been trying to complete all the challenges. A hand full of the Wii U challenges are, to put it simply, stupid. One is to collect 300,000 gold, which seems a little redonkulous. You can't even use a gold hammer to skip it! Robble robble robble...but at least it's only a select few challenges that are like that.
  7. Finals start tomorrow for me. First two tomorrow, then the other two are on Thursday. I hope they go well! (crosses fingers)
  8. Those are my predictions. If you want to add Kiryl, make your own bloody list.
  9. It's an eShop exclusive on the 3DS, Platty. There are 3 games in series so far, with 2 considered the hardest of the bunch from what I've heard. I think the first is only 8 dollars or so, and it can be a fun game to play.
  10. I played the first Denpa Men game, and thought it was alright. The game certainly gets tough but can be fair, but kind of feels unnecessarily difficult sometimes. Some dungeons were downright evil such as the volcano. I never completed the game though. Concept wise, I like what the game does, having you search for more Denpa Men out in the "wild" by scanning around with your 3DS. It actually works in a lot of places too, which is very nice. The variety in Denpa Men is pretty crazy too, and it's nice to see the team behind the game go all out in terms of designs and facial expressions.
  11. If they continue the trend they started with Curtain Call, we can expect at least 4 characters from each main game. If I had to guess it would go like this (the following will exclude heroes): DQ1: Princess Gwaelin DQ2: Prince of Cannock, Princess of Moonbrooke DQ3: Warrior, Pilgrim, Wizard (these could be either male or female) DQ4: Ragnar McRyan, Alena, Torneko, Meena or Maya DQ5: Bianca, Nera, Deborah, Parry, Madchan, Pankraz, possibly Sancho DQ6: Carver, Milly, Ashlynn, Nevan, Terry DQ7: Kiefer, Maribel, Gabo, Melvin, Aira DQ8: Yangus, Jessica, Angelo DQ9: Patty, Erinn, Stella(?) DQ10: At least one member of each race/tribe We'll go with main games for now, but I might come back and add spin-off game characters too.
  12. To be honest, the dungeon crawling feels tacked on in P4. The battle system is great as it keeps to the Shin Megami Tensei style of fighting with some alternations, but trudging through the dungeons themselves feels like a chore. I don't care for the randomization of each floor whenever you revisit a dungeon, and would have preferred to see each dungeon have dedicated layouts instead of constant hallways that have a different design depending on which dungeon you're in. I'd be fine if Void Quest was like that since older RPGs were like that, having a number of dead ends with twisting paths, but every dungeon being like that gets old (IMO). Perhaps I'm being too nit-picky though. Either way, I'm just not a big fan of P4's dungeon crawling.
  13. Nintendo was only a suggestions, guys. It was a "what if" and nothing more. You're making it sound like it would be...well, this...(click spoiler at your own risk) And Baramos makes a point, bars and puff-puffs have been on Nintendo console DQ games, just altered slightly when it comes to English translations (such is in DQ6 on DS with the puff-puff scene in the thieve's town). I don't want this topic turning into a debate either. Let's just let this be and talk about the game at hand.
  14. So are you saying that the Nintendo audience is casual while the Sony audience isn't? Or are you saying Nintendo wouldn't make quality DQ games? If it's the latter of the two, then that's just silly. Nintendo titles almost always have excellent quality save for a few stinkers like Yoshi's New Island.
  15. I wouldn't want Atlus to own DQ. I love the company to death along with all many RPGs (Etrian Odyssey and Shin Megami Tensei for life, baby), but I fear they would Persona-fy DQ games unless they let Horii have complete control over it. While it would improve chances of DQ games actually getting translated, that's not going to mean it would always happen. Atlus USA has skipped a few of their own titles in past years (PSP versions of Devil Summoner 1 and Persona 2: Eternal Punishment comes to mind) so a huge project like DQVII 3DS would, while having a much better chance than with Sqeenix, could be looked over in favor of smaller games. Atlus does have games with large amounts of text, but DQVII easily dwarves a lot of their work. On the plus side, it would help make Atlus a well known company and would give them a good profit. Bottom line, I wouldn't want to see that happen. I wouldn't mind if Nintendo had the series though, since DQ fits right in with the rest of the Nintendo crowd of characters. Also, Atlus doesn't hate Europe. I don't know what went on with SMTIV, but the problem comes down to that Atlus doesn't have a European branch. Maybe if they opened one for publishing reasons only things would improve (aka let Atlus USA handle translations while Europe branch releases games in the PAL region) but because they're a small company that could be a problem.
  16. Boy, these contests keep coming to a close faster and faster. Wish I could've tried my hand at it, but I ain't even mad (bro). Congrats to everyone so far and to the future #10 winner.
  17. You must not know yet that Platty is our resident pessimist. (Insert Willy Wonka "you must be new here" meme) And I of course say that with love to Platty.
  18. Neat. What do you play? I play tuba. Been playing it for about 7 years now, though I've been in music/playing an instrument for 10 years (originally played baritone). I've loved being a bass player all these years. Concert went great, and we had an awesome crowd.
  19. Well there we go, then. As much as I hate to say it, he could be the one to turn DQ's fate around.
  20. It's not really the difficulty of the enemies that's the problem (though the Heaven enemies are annoying as all Hell). I just don't like the actual dungeon exploration of P4. The designs of each are cool, though.
  21. Boy, it's crazy how popular he got. He does seem like a nice guy though, but it's bloody ridiculous. Maybe we should get him to play a Dragon Quest game. It might help raise awareness for the series.
  22. Picked up Persona 4 AGAIN in hopes of beating it. I should have set the damn difficulty on easy just so I could finish the game sooner than later. The dungeon crawling in this game drives me nuts compared to main series/other spin-off Shin Megami Tensei games.
  23. I'm not either. Good thing I have a Japanese 3DS then, I suppose.
  24. The most annoying ringtone I have is Marvel vs. Capcom 2's character select theme. (cue constant loop of I'M GONNA TAKE YOU FOR A RIDE) Anyway, I'll be playing at a Christmas concert tonight at the community college I used to go too. Although I'm not attending classes there anymore, their concert band is open to both students and community members, so I'm still able to participate.
  25. Or, you know, Matt just doesn't care about trophies. I'm the same way, I couldn't give a rat's arse about earning them. The only time I do is if you can (GASP) actually earn something for it, such as in Smash Bros. where if you complete challenges/in-game requirements you unlock something new.
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