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  1. This right here, is my new favorite topic. I absolutely can't stand IX for pretty much everything it is (excluding the soundtrack) and stands for, and I agree that the game was essentially testing grounds for X. I could go on about why I DESPISE this game, but the easiest way to some it up is this: It didn't feel like a Dragon Quest game.
  2. I've done it! Zoma is defeated, and peace and glorious sunshine has returned to Alefgard! The heroes were able to triumph over the dreaded Archfiend without too many problems. He tried to stop me with his consistent use of shining light to disrupt all my buffs and debuffs (seriously, for a solid 10 turns or so he kept on using the same move do get rid of magical effects!), but he was no match! Peace has been restored, and all is right with the world. But where on earth has the Hero gone to? It is a mystery to us all. But someday, his descendants will return to Alefgard in order to stop a new evil, as predicted by Zoma's dying words. For now though, our Hero has gone on...Into the Legend...(I WOULD include a link here to the symphonic version of Into the Legend, but my damn computer won't let me for some reason, so just pretend there is one here for ol' Yangus, will ya?) Long story short, I've beaten DQIII! I was dead set on completing it tonight, and now I'm off to bed. I'd like to due a mini review/give my thoughts and opinions about the SNES/Super Famicom version of DQIII, so expect that sometime in the next few days. I had a lot of fun playing this game, and am looking forward to the post game. For now though, ol' Yangus is gonna hit the hay. It's been a long adventure, after all.
  3. So the deadline has been expanded to May 1st, eh? We don't have to submit something else to still be eligible for one of the prizes, right?
  4. I'm very close to the end now! I've gotten 100 Tiny Medals, collected the 3 sacred pieces of equipment for the hero, and am now on my way to take on the true Archfiend himself, Zoma! Soon Alefgard shall be saved from darkness, or I could die a horrible death.....blimey I hope it's the first one... I'm thinking about doing a review of sorts of the SNES version of DQIII once I'm finished, or at least give my thoughts and opinions on the game.
  5. Make it two votes. DO IT, GUV! Poor Alena doesn't get the love she deserves. Having said that, Alena doesn't need no stinking gifs! She is (as she would probably put it) GREATEST AND STRONGEST WOMAN IN ALL DRAGON QUEST UNIVERSE!
  6. Technically I paid $40 or $50 bucks for my copy of VIII. I first bought a used copy of the game when I was on my Dragon Quest high (as I like to call it) a few years ago, and had to borrow my friend's PS2 to play it until I got my own. I had issues with the used copy, so about a year later I bought a new copy of the game for either $20 or $30 bucks on Amazon.
  7. After a grueling fight (see what I did there?), the Archfiend Baramos is down! It took me a second try to defeat him, as I didn't try using StopSpell to silence him and his spell slinging shenanigans the first time fighting him. Now the world is saved! HURRAH! (mumbled whisper) What's that? The game isn't over? What do you mean the game isn't over? We bea- (whisper continues) Oh alright... It seems as though my journey isn't done yet, as some even bigger big bad has revealed himself. Some guy called Zoma I think... All joking aside, I have beaten Baramos, I've entered the land of Alefgard, and have begun searching for the various items scattered across the land. I have the Sun Stone so far, but the rest will have to wait till after the weekend (or at least until tomorrow night).
  8. Well after some more exploration and some tough battles all over the world, I have at last recovered the six orbs and have awakened the great phoenix, Ramia! It was a tough road to go down to recover all the orbs (I'm looking at you, Necrogond Cave south of Baramos Castle!) but I've done it. Now I just have some last minute preparations I need to do, and it's off to fight that dastardly Archfiend Baramos! I was able to get a lot of the Orbs/exploration done yesterday since I had the day off from classes and was ahead on my school work, and I was very thankful for that. It was a lot of fun doing all this yesterday, cause I really needed a day for some me time. I have to say this before I forget: I've been very impressed with graphics/look of SNES DQIII, but the sprite work on Ramia is just magnificent and easily takes the cake over everything else in the game. They really went above and beyond with this remake of DQIII.
  9. Congratulations on your marriage! That was a clever idea putting all your Slime plushies everywhere as decorations, and they look great in the pictures. Did you by chance have your first dance as husband and wife to the tune of Bridal Waltz from DQV?
  10. By the sounds of it and after reading your posts I'll think I'll go with the emulator route. If it's not to resource intense like Erdrick mentioned, I should be totally fine. I'd rather do this if there's a chance I could damage my PS2, which I would rather not do. I'm afraid I'm not all that familiar with what Kalmana is referring to, specifically the bios and such. Are bios a term used for a program or is it a type of specific ROM?
  11. Well you could go to one of two places for some level grinding. 1. Go to the cave near Coburg, northeast to be precise. That area around the cave has a good spawn rate for Liquid Metal Slimes. If you don't mind switching Sancho into your party, you could have him use whistle in order to summon monsters faster, or just use monster munchies for a faster encounter rate. 2. Another spot that I prefer is the first floor of the bonus dungeon. There are a number of strong enemies on the floor, but they do give some nice experience and gold. Again, you could use monster munchies or Sancho's whistle to encounter monsters faster. What's nice about this location is that you have the chance of running into a big party of metal monsters (Liquids and Metal Slimes), which can net you A LOT of EXP if you can kill a lot of them. You also have the chance of running into an encounter with two Barbatos (the blue goat men) and you might even get one to join you after killing them/having the appropriate level for the MC (can't think of the specific level). Hope this helps, and good luck to you!
  12. Hello all, ol' Yangus here, and I have a question about the PS2 version of DQV. I would like to play fan translation of the game, but I'm curious about how I could go about playing it. I would like to play the game on my PS2 Slim, but I've heard that PS2 Slim's are region locked, so that could be a problem. Having said that, I noticed that ignasia7 mentioned in his Super Solo Hero Quest Playthroughs topic (in General discussions) about a burnt cd. This makes me wonder if I could possibly burn the translation onto a blank disc, or on a physical copy of the game so I could play it on my PS2. Granted, I don't know if that would actually work or not, but it's at least an option as of now. If playing it on a PS2 isn't possible, then I suppose I could emulate the game. I think my computer could handle the game, but when it comes to a PS2 emulator I'm a bit in the dark. I remember seeing King Zenith mention in another DQV topic here in the emulation section that you need a certain program to run a PS2 emulator properly. Any help and info about how I could play the game would certainly be appreciated.
  13. 1) I was right! So that is the tower with the Echo Flute. Oh boy, I have some bad memories of that place. Thanks for the confirmation on that, ignasia7. 2) That's good to know, and thanks for those links. I'll be sure to check in on the village every time I get a new Orb just to make sure I don't miss anything. That's good that the Male Dealer's best armor comes from the town. Don't worry, I already went to Muor and got the helmet. I went there right after I finished up around Dharma and after a bit of grinding for my new Sage (formally the Jester in my party). Once I'm done with classes, I'll be off to Edinbear with the Invisibility Herbs in search of the Final Key (or at least from some new treasure if the key isn't there).
  14. Well I've gotten my boat and have begun sailing the world. For the time being, I'm sailing around to the unexplored parts of the world in order to find all the towns I can and add them to my location list whenever I use Return or a Wing of Wyvern. I'm also doing this now before going after the key plot items to advance the game's plot. Now that I have my ship a lot about this game is starting to come back to me. Having said that, I could really use to answers to two (somewhat) important questions. 1. On the continent resembling North America is a tower. If I remember right, this tower has a special item that helps you find the key plot items I mentioned above. Is this assumption correct, or am I thinking of another location? 2. In the town that requires a Dealer to grow, are there any missable Tiny Medals that spawn as the town progresses/grows? I'm not going to start this town quest until I get an answer (either from here or from somewhere else). For now, I'll continue filling out the world map.
  15. You know, I'm surprised that more DQ titles haven't had T'n'T/Pachisi board games in theme besides the remakes of III and V. Wouldn't it be great if they had been added in the remake of VI or see what they would've been like in VIII?

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      Take the TnT, add the DQVIII Monster Arena, take the other various casino features from the other games, and boom. You'll have a wonderfully addictive game.

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      Wow I didn't even realize that..


      Would be interesting to see how they would implement these features into DQX.





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  16. I've reached Dharma Temple and currently exploring the tower north of it. I forgot that the tower is a bit confusing to navigate, but this sort of works out since I'm trying to get my Jester to level 20 to get a Sage in my party. The extra experience points will help with this, not to mention all that extra gold. That second fight with Kandar was honestly a breeze to get through near the town south of Dharma. I could've sworn that battle was harder when I played the GBC version. Heck I remember that dungeon he's in being much longer. I suppose it's just my memory being a bit on the fuzzy side after only III once a few years ago... I can't wait till I get my hands on the boat in POR-TO-GA! and begin to explore the rest of the world.
  17. I'm so happy the PS2 version of DQV's soundtrack here on the den has an orchestrated version of Rolling Dice. I just discovered that earlier today, and have been listening to it again and again. Easily one of my favorites pieces by Sugiyama. :)

  18. I didn't know you spoke cat, Platty! Unless of course..........you're Amy, aren't you?!?!
  19. I just saw these bat $@&? crazy couple on TV today after watching a recording of Kitchen Nightmares on the DVR, and holy cow are those people a couple of psychos. I love all the memes and meltdowns that are here and there about them, as they are all very entertaining. I don't have much else to say besides that about them, but boy were they something else...
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