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  1. Got the Gambler job class this morning. Interesting how there are optional classes you can obtain, sort of like how so many were optional in past entries. Battle wasn’t too difficult either, and after messing with the class a bit...I’m not sure this is one I’ll stick with. I did level everyone up enough in it to get the 10% money increase, and being able to stack it to make a total of +40% money is cool. I’m fine on cash now, so will likely use this ability later. Also, the Thief’s Godspeed Strike is just stupidly powerful and I love it. I saw it mentioned elsewhere that it was one of the returning skills that got a buff, but I didn’t expect it to be that strong. Boy, definitely a surprise to see it in action. Anyway, I’m now on to Chapter 2 and heading for Wiswald, where Elvis is from. Seems a lot of the people he knew are acting out of character. One thing I’m liking about the game more and more is the music, specifically how the overworld theme changes depending on what region you’re in. That’s a nice touch, especially since it changes the instruments and music style.
  2. Hard to say. I would guess since you can make it, it becomes the signature sword for 11’s hero, sort of like how the original was one for Erdwin. Essentially it becomes “canon” because you made it a reality.
  3. Got the Thief and Berserker asterisk last night. Thief wasn’t so bad once I figured out you could consistently put the boss to sleep, but the Berserker was another story. The game tries to fool you into using element attacks on him, but that’s a bad idea since the boss will counter you pretty hard. Seemed the way to go was to use physical attacks instead. If I had leveled up Thief on someone I might have been better off, but I pulled through and won even though I had some close calls.
  4. Made some progress in Chapter 1 of BD2. Got the Bard and Beastmaster asterisks, and am now heading to Bernard’s Mansion to try and get the water crystal. Ran into Shirley at the casino in Savalon and it seems like she’s an asterisk holder. You can’t challenge her again until you do more of the card battles, but I can’t say I’m having a lot of fun with the card game. Maybe there are easy opponents you can keep fighting again and again just so you can eventually fight Shirley and try and get her asterisk.
  5. Finished Bastion, and it was good. I feel like the gameplay was finally clicking towards the end of the game, and my opinion on the full experience has improved. Personally I didn’t care for the narrow paths the game throws at you a lot, and sometimes it felt like you had to deal with too many enemies at once, even though I was playing on Normal. Still, the game was fun overall, and as I said, my opinions did improve over time, especially in regards to the narrative and world design. This is one of those games where I would recommend playing it for the story more than anything, and if you can get it for $3 like I did, go for it. It’s got some wonderful music too, and I’m thinking of picking up the soundtrack if I can.
  6. Really excited for the SaGa Frontier remaster. Can’t wait for next Thursday! 


    1. Mattcraft



    2. ignasia


      The only thing I hope to see, but likely won't, is a rebalance of growth of enemies versus players (SOOO easy to pigeon hole myself in almost every chapter, by spending too much time battling).  It's especially annoying as stat growth is random, and MIGHT happen, while enemy stat growth is off fixed battle count intervals, and thus literally, RNG can kill a player.  So the best option is to abuse the heck out of every battle to get the most stat boosts possible, playing it like abusing the heck out of FF2. 

  7. At the start of Chapter 1 in Bravely Default II. Ended up putting the game on this afternoon and mainly did job class grinding in the prologue with the help of Sir Sloan. Got everyone up to level 9 Freelancers for the JP Up passive skill, but inadvertently gained a lot of extra exp and main levels because of it. Oh well, from having played the final demo I know that chapter 1 is going to be a #$*!, so I’d rather be a little overpowered and be able to level up job classes all the faster. Anyway, currently have everyone working on Monk because I remember that being a pretty strong class in the final demo. Hopefully my knowledge from this point of the game will let me get through it a lot easier than I did a few months ago from that demo I’ve mentioned.
  8. It's not over, but yeah, it's been a bit slow. Sorry, the sudden release of the fan translation of DQM2 caught me by surprise and I dumped more time into that in 2 days than I did Yakuza in 2 weeks. I've enjoyed my time with Yakuza, but being able to play on a PS4 is just something I barely get good time to do. Going to try to keep playing 1-2 nights/week Trying to play Bravely Default 2 right now feels like I’m forcing myself to play it rather than I want to play it, so it’s going on the back burner for awhile. I don’t think it’s bad, but it’s just not clicking with me.
  9. This explains some of what happened with Dark Souls 2. Dark Souls 2 is a very mixed bag of a game. Good ideas, but some poor execution due to changing leads.
  10. Been jumping between non-RPGs, but have been playing more of Bastion again. I’m trying to finally beat this darn game so I can play the other two Super Giant games, Transistor and Hades. Bastion has been good but boy, you need to learn to reflect enemy attacks perfectly to avoid damage. The dodge roll has no invincible frames on it, so it’s kind of useless in combat in my opinion.
  11. Strange of Sword City Revisited: Been playing this one on and off. I’ve had to get reused to some of the mechanics, but the game has been clicking with me again. Currently at the first of three dungeons, the Mausoleum of the Forest, you get to choose between to explore. I forgot this was when the game introduced enemies that are strong to physical damage, so I rearranged my party and brought along a Wizard to help deal with them. Nice thing is that non-active party members can still earn exp and level up, so that’s helpful for team switching.
  12. I hope @Ice Dragon 19comes back too. Anyway, welcome back @redneckpride4ever! Good to see you back on the forums.
  13. If you’re interested in some new Switch RPGs, consider checking out this duo of RPGs for the system:


    1. DragonQuest2IsGood


      I recommend Sega Ages Phantasy Star.

    2. ignasia


      Oooooh!  Time to make some room in my lists.

  14. Oooo, so you’re finally starting Grandia 2? I might have to duck out of this topic then Twinkie since I haven’t played it yet but really want to. Want to go in as a fresh as possible after reading your early impressions, so good luck with the rest of your adventure.
  15. Since we’ve managed to do 15 Sidequest episodes, Platty and I decided to do something a little different for the latest episode. We decided we’d just have a friendly chat about our favorite things and some RPGs we’ve been playing lately. Enjoy!
  16. https://www.siliconera.com/pokemon-sword-shield-april-fools-day-magikarps-cant-be-caught/ Go fight those Magikarp.
  17. Finished Yakuza Like a Dragon! Very emotional ending, and I have to give Ichiban’s English voice actor credit for his work in the post final battle scenes. Shocking stuff happened before the credits rolled. With Yakuza done and the post game now opened up, looks like I can focus on Bravely Default 2 now. Yakuza was a damn good game, I really enjoyed it. Not sure if I’ll go back and play previous games from the series, but if there are more games starting Ichiban and company going forward I’ll definitely check those games out.
  18. I’m in chapter 15 of Yakuza! Looks the end is in sight since the game called this chapter “Finale,” instead of chapter 15. I had to laugh how chapter 14 ended. It makes it look like Ichiban died, but then the game immediately gives you a brand new summon character as soon as the cutscene ends. Maybe should have saved that for the beginning of chapter 15 so the player gets that feeling of dread something actually did happen to Ichiban. That summon notification immediately killed any mood!
  19. And I was making a joke about how it was word for word the same thing. We can all make jokes, AustNerevar.
  20. Maybe there’s an echo chamber somewhere in this topic?
  21. I’m now on Chapter 14 of Yakuza LaD. Just...holy crap. Lots and lots and LOTS of stuff has happened in the game. I’m really curious to see what’s going to await at the end of the game.
  22. Thankfully managed to beat the Omi Alliance dungeon and beat the bosses at the end. Woo-hoo! After how badly I was destroyed the first time it was much better to be on even footing and not lose half my health to a regular attack. There were some new story details revealed, explaining the actions of Ichiban’s former allies, boss Arakawa FINALLY SHOWED UP AGAIN, and now we’re off to meet up with a former top man in the Omi Alliance family. It was so nice to see Boss Arakawa again and hear good ol’ George Takei voicing him. Got a fair bit of grinding done this morning too. After beating the Omi dungeon I’m now able to freely go back and forth between Ichinjo and Osaka, so I’ve been leveling up job classes in the battle arena. You can get a lot of money from doing the arena too, and the bonus gear and materials you can get have been nice. So, as salty as I was the other night about being level blocked, I’m glad the battle arena exists for some level and job grinding as well as providing lots of money and new equipment.
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