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  1. I’m glad I could contribute what little experience I have with Pokémon and the spin off games.
  2. ‘appy birfday @Twinkie! Hope you have a real diamond of a day. And just for you, enjoy an important Twinkie fact courtesy of the Simpsons.
  3. But sometimes "it's fine if fewer video games are released becuase my backlog is enough for years" happens. Better be careful saying stuff like that. Santa Slime may put on the naughty list and not bring you any new DQ games if you keep it up.
  4. And so it begins. First off, I really like the intro movie. I thought it was cool RS2 had a long opening to set up some history for the world, and I’m glad this game does the same thing. I’m curious how much it will play into story/progression with the “Every 300 years,” time frame. Makes me wonder if the game takes place during the new 300th year or if it’s to come. Intro didn’t make that quite clear, but that very well could be the point. Second, I like that you get to choose your protagonist at the beginning of the game. You have 8 choices, 4 guys and 4 girls, and from starti
  5. Because I have too many other RPGs in limbo. Took long enough to beat Romancing SaGa 2. Replaying FF3 was a spur of the moment thing since I haven’t played anything on my Vita in months. But with RS2 done I can move on to RS3, which I’ve been wanting to play forever. Like, even before I got into the SaGa series I wanted to play RS3.
  6. Finally, FINALLY, finished Romancing SaGa 2! I still can’t believe I finally managed to complete the game. I’m in disbelief it finally happened consider how long ago I started it and how difficult it could get. Doing all the extra grinding and exploration did help a lot, and I felt on more even footing with the final boss compared to a week ago. I was basically throwing myself at a brick wall before, but now I felt like I could properly handle the challenge. I’m glad I was able to find some online help since this series isn’t that big over here. Having the game completed after t
  7. When I think about it, it’s technically 2-2. You beating a Trails game for a race counts as 2 since it has so much dialogue and text! Haha Congrats on beating NNK2!
  8. IT’S FINALLY DONE!!!!!!! Oh my god, I cannot believe I FINALLY beat the game!!! Man, this has been a year in the making! The final battle was so much easier to deal with thanks to the extra grinding and skill unlocking I did! Damn, this game was such a rollarcoaster, but I absolutely loved it even when I hated it. Thanks to this title I may have discovered one of my new favorite franchises, and with Romancing SaGa 2 finally done I can move on to the other games! Guess now @Plattym3it’s 2 to 1 on race victories.
  9. Well, I’ve gotten back up to where I have completed all the content I lost from my saving mistakes, have done A LOT of extra grinding for weapon skills and combination spells, and, most importantly, just taken my time doing all of this instead of trying to bum rush towards the end like I did last week. I got to starry eyed about trying to finish the game that I was not being smart. I don’t know if I’ll have the game beaten tonight...but I feel like the end is in sight. I’ve done A LOT more work to get myself prepared for the final boss and dungeon, and I hope and pray that I will finally
  10. Oh my god. The end is finally in sight for Romancing Saga 2. All the combo spells are available, I have several strong weapon skills unlocked...THIS COULD BE IT!!!

  11. I know. What a weird thing to add for normal players all this time after. Romancing Saga Universe has had two auto battle options since the start!
  12. Ok Twinkie, I did notice something when playing Sunshine: the strange cubes in the sky are gone. I don’t remember those from the original release, and apparently they were called dev cubes or something like that? Anyway, noticed those are gone now and that the game did load a bit faster. Maybe if we’re lucky at some point we’ll see a version select added for Super Mario 64. I doubt it would happen, but that would be neat.
  13. FF3: Beat Castle Hein last night and have left the floating continent. Not gonna lie, it’s still kind of impressive the game has an entire other world for you to explore. I know by today’s standards that might not be super impressive, but for a NES game that’s pretty amazing. Dragon Quest III doing the same thing (just in reverse with large world first than smaller world) is still really cool. Anyway, Hein wasn’t as difficult as I thought he was going to be with my current team. For the game telling you you’ll need a Scholar to help deal with his Barrier Change shenanigans, he only used t
  14. Oh wow, I forgot that wasn’t even available back when I was playing the game.
  15. Save data transfers are finally happening. https://www.siliconera.com/animal-crossing-new-horizons-winter-update-is-upon-us-animal-crossing-save-data-transfer/
  16. Does anyone know of Sony has announced their Black Friday sales plans for their systems online stores yet? I’m curious what will be on sale on the Vita since I’ve been using mine again.
  17. I see. I’ll have to see if I notice anything next time I bought the collection up. Guess I never noticed anything disruptive while playing through all three games if there was delay of some kind.
  18. Didn’t Sunshine already have analog controls? I never felt like controlling FLUDD or any other movements were hindered when using my pro controller or playing in handheld mode. Either way, glad the update is up.
  19. Hey @eal, looks like there’s a new visual novel game for the Vita. Not sure if there’s going to be an English release, but figured you might want to know. https://www.siliconera.com/yumeutsutsu-vita-limited-physical-editions-coming-very-soon/
  20. Damn it, my reading comprehension failed me! I ended up walking right into that one.
  21. Well, if we do that kind of Quintet episode, I’ll be the one to listen and whatever.
  22. It’s a trio of RPGs from the SNES made by the company Quintet. The games are loosely connected but are usually referred to as the Quintet Trilogy. It’s Soul Blazer, Illusion of Gaia, and Terranigma. All three were released in the west by Enix (I believe they were the publisher), but Terranigma was only released in Europe in the west for some reason. I’ve heard all three are great games, particularly Terranigma.
  23. Terranigma is one I need to play. If I play it and the others in the Quintet Trilogy (and provided we can convince @Plattym3to play them), we should definitely an episode on those games. Trials of Mana and the other Mana games could be an episode for sure. I have the Collection of Mana for my Switch, and while I haven’t touched Trials in a long while I’m still up for finishing it.
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