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  1. This isn’t the Wii generation of gaming, so no, motion controls are optional. They said in the Nintendo Direct you can use standard controls or motion controls.
  2. Here’s the descriptor/time stamps for the episode: “Hosts YangustheLegendaryBandit & Plattym3 welcome back “the other B-team” of Bururian, Bluestar, and Bevan/Brandon/Evan to talk about their favorite Indie titles! From a single man to a crew of a few, these games weren’t ever made in a AAA studio!” 4:50 - The Dream Machine 15:00 - Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes 23:00 - Cuphead 40:20 - Dragon Fantasy: Volumes of Westeria 52:00 - VA-11 Hall-A 1:04:00 - Guacamelee 1:14:00 - Wandersong 1:21:30 - Stardew Valley 1:42:00- A Short Hike
  3. Not going to bother reading that article because it’s from Kotaku. Just like you hate YouTube, I hate Kotaku. And the damage numbers and the like went up while I was playing the Final Demo for BD2, so quest failed I guess.
  4. Joke’s on you, Monster Hunter World added number damage.
  5. Ah, King’s Field. The Dark Souls game before Dark Souls existed. Dark Souls has a lot of references to King’s Field actually, as do other From Software games. Most notable is the Moonlight Greatsword making an appearance in many FS games in one form or another.
  6. Finally have a working TV again! Had to wait a while to get a new one (about 2 months) but I was finally able to get one today. It’s been fun to be able to play my PS4 again. Had to mess with the settings a bunch but I think I finally have the picture exactly how I want it. Been trying out a few games like Ys 8, Spyro Reignited and Bloodborne on it, and everything looks and runs great. Have the next few days off from work too, so I might take the opportunity to (foolishly) start up Yakuza Like a Dragon or I might do a quick replay of Bloodborne. I’m looking forward to a little down time s
  7. Therion’s chapter 3 was pretty good in Octopath. Seeing what led to Therion to his current position, I can’t believe he survived that fall he had in his past. I’m sure it’s thanks to RPG logic he’s fine, but man. That flashback cutscene was giving me some Mother 3 vibes, mainly because of the environment. I’m really enjoying the battle system more and more. It’s been fun whenever I have played the game, but I’m realizing some more of the tricks you can do with the job classes and, more importantly, the passive skills you can get from them. Olberic is still my heavy hitter since he’s my ma
  8. Festivale was a fun time yesterday when I played the game after work. Managed to get a lot of the Festivale related items in various colors, and decorated my island accordingly. It’s all very colorful now haha. I enjoy that Festivale is essentially a combination of Mardi Gra and Carnival. And that music that played during the celebration was nice. Seeing all your villagers dance along, throw confetti and help you trade for other feathers was fun. I was able to get 3 of the Festivale Floats, so if anyone needs one just let me know.
  9. 1. No. Never touched X so I have no idea what could be done for a sequel. 2. In Japan, yes. It was a game so many people played over there and with how big handheld gaming is it was easy for folks to interact with one another. In the west...kind of. Plenty of people talk about it and how it was one of the first DQ games they played. And people remember the Seth Green commercials. 3. Hard to say. Builders 2 is still pretty recent. 4. Probably the Dracky, Goody Bag, and from the newer monsters the Teeny Sanguini. 5. Yes. Played Dragon Quest of the Stars but got very bore
  10. Picked up Octopath Traveler again since I can play it handheld mode again without controller issues. Been dealing with drift on my left joy con so I’ve geared away from menu based games because the drift can totally screw up command inputs. Long story short, got a new joy con with a proper d-pad thanks to Platty, and I’m happy I can play in handheld mode comfortably again. Anyway, I’ve completed Alfyn and Olberic’s Chapter 3. I feel bad for poor Alfyn since he’s had to learn the hard way about who he should and shouldn’t trust, while I was glad to see Olberic found some closure to his tro
  11. Perhaps it was the angry man in Dwaine’s picture above?
  12. Finally managed to beat all the bosses on Expert difficulty in Cuphead. Since we’re doing a Side Quest episode on Indie games, I decided to pick up Cuphead again and have it fresh in my mind for the episode. I’ve slowly gone back to the game since I first beat it, trying to defeat every boss on Expert. I didn’t think I would actually pull it off before the episode though, as some bosses get downright nasty on Expert. You have to make good use of combining different shots and which charm you equip, as it really makes all the difference on the higher difficulty setting. The bosses that gave
  13. Don’t worry Slimeknight. You’ll get to see more jiggle physics eventually.
  14. Oh my goodness, I didn’t even notice the jiggle physics!
  15. There are a surprising amount of games that have flying whales in them. One I won’t say because it involves spoilers for a game in the series we’re all here for, but another that came time mind are not one, but two who appear in the Legend of Zelda series!
  16. Hey, Young Kiefer is being added too. Glad they kept him with his big ol’ hat.
  17. I still enjoy both versions equally. They each have unique features and differences between them that both are worth playing.
  18. There is a DQ tactics game that just came out actually. It’s called Dragon Quest Tact and it’s available for the west on mobile devices.
  19. That’s good to know, thanks! That’s hilarious. Guess it’s a good thing I made a bathroom in my house then!
  20. Finished the Bravely Default II Final Demo. Good lord, this game is proving to be difficult. I’ve been playing on normal difficulty and I felt like I was having troubles with regular battles. And that Beast Master asterisk boss fight...god, I’m glad status ailments like Poison were actually helpful. I’m finding that I really don’t care for the battle system changes compared to the 3DS games, and I wish they had the option to use the turn system from those games as an option. I don’t know what to expect difficulty wise from the final game. I haven’t been enjoying difficult for the sake of
  21. I don’t even think that’s possible. You can get all 7’s in a row, but I’ve never seen a DQ slot machine where each individual wheel has any more than one 7 on it.
  22. Truly a game you loved dearly then.
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