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  1. Happy March 10th, aka Mario Day! I was born the same day Super Mario All-Stars released on the SNES here in the USA (August 2nd, 1993) and as far as I’m concerned I was born to be a Mario fan. It helps the first two games I played were Super Mario World and Super Mario 64 as well, so the Italian plumber and the series he hails from has meant a lot to me for all these years. Hope everyone has a good day and be sure to play something Mario related! Let’s-a go!
  2. The ridiculous names for DQ2 was a good idea. I just recruited Moonbrooke and, once she turned human again, said “Behold, I am Lady OOO!” Now the real adventure begins. One thing I love about DQ2 is that the overworld theme changes once you have all three characters. Makes it feel more grand as you roam the world.
  3. K.K. Slider singing “Mr. Blue Sky” by the Electric Light Orchestra surprisingly works. This guy has made some other K.K. Slider covers that are also really good too.
  4. It’s that way in Trails of Cold Steel too. As you progress you can do more in a given time frame. Cold Steel and Three Houses do the calendar system better. I still hate #$*!ing calendar systems in RPGs, but at least with those games it’s not as bad for the most part. Personally I wouldn’t say FE Three Houses has life sim stuff, but whatever. All I care about is unlocking the support conversations so I can see more of the characterization and get the stat boosts when units are on the battlefield. I got the wild hair to go back to Dragon Quest 1 Switch a few days ago after work. Ended up finishing the game in 3 days after work, with the DragonLord being destroyed this morning since I was at the end of the game already. First off, it was super hard to take the DragonLord seriously at all because I had named my character Mr. Foop, so him calling out “Mr. Foop!” was hysterical. Second, I started up Dragon Quest II Switch and....well, I should never be allowed to name characters anymore.
  5. Alright, I was able to get all the Battle God gear. Now I’ll need to see if I can get that King SpotSlime key next.
  6. I made some progress with DQ11 S...by making Miis of the playable cast this evening. (Also, you can’t see it in the front shot of Jade, but she does have a hair style with a ponytail.)
  7. Well now you gave me a second agenda to aim for- I mean, uh, sure thing.
  8. Sounds like you ran into the crazy a-holes of the fandom. I promise that if we all do mutliplayer I will only cut down one tree. 😘
  9. It’s the game that got me to download steam to my laptop. I had some other games via Steam, but of all the games I owned on their TF2 was my most played by far. I’m not someone who likes FPS games either, so the fact one even appealed to me is still nuts to think about.
  10. That’s some Dark Souls quality lore writing right there.
  11. It’s okay. I had to learn sooner or later. I just don’t know if I’ll be able to trust anything ever again...
  12. You aren’t?!?? What?! Everything I knew was a lie... Seriously though, thank you for pointing out where I can find that. I wasn’t sure if I had just missed a customization option somewhere in the barber shop or if it was something that eventually unlocked in there to further change the look of characters. Thanks Bururian.
  13. I’m hoping they’ll be around until the end of March or at least until the 11th of March. I now have the sword and headgear, so I just need at least two more days for the other pieces of armor. A lot of the other limited items seem to be up until the end of the month, so I’m hoping the ones not time stamped will be up until then too. Anyway, question for @AustNerevar, how did you get a mustache on your character? Whenever I’ve teamed up with your character in my game I’ve noticed he has facial hair. I wouldn’t mind my character having something to match my own.
  14. Ever see one raccoon kid slap another one in the back of the head?
  15. Ehhhh, I could see her being a candidate, but honestly with how her music sounds/how she writes it may be a bit conflicting. Her soundtracks tend to be more bouncy and energetic, which works great for the Mario RPGs and Kingdom Hearts. While DQ games are usually not that heavy, I feel her style would be a little odd when mixed with DQ. It’s not to discredit her or anything, as she has some great works under her belt. Having said all that, if she was chosen and we could see her use the same styles she used in Radiant Historia’s soundtrack when it came to Dragon Quest, then she would be a welcome choice. I was surprised she did that game’s soundtrack since it sounds different from most of her other work. Give it a listen if you haven’t before and you’ll hear what I mean.
  16. Honestly he would be the next best choice. He has plenty of experience and like Sugiyama he has a background in composing for movies. Plus his work in the Ni No Kuni games shows he could handle a video game soundtrack no problem. A western composer wouldn’t make it, especially not John Williams. Not because he or anyone else would lack the qualifications, but with how Japan can be I really doubt a western composer would be brought in period. Williams is up there in age too, and a lot of his recent stuff like in Star Wars doesn’t have the oomph or appeal his previous work did. It’s his age more than anything, but I feel like his inclusion in the Oscars for music scores is more so because of his legacy rather than for the music itself. Personally I’d want someone like Yuzo Koshiro or Kenji Ito to take over for Dragon Quest’s music. Both can write classical styled pieces no problem, with Koshiro’s symphonic works for soundtracks like ActRaiser being a good example. Plus with the spin-off games going for more of a varied style over the main games (such as featuring rock based music), you could REALLY see Koshiro shine.
  17. We need all the Elvish languages! Where’s my Eragon series elvish?
  18. I don’t either anymore. When I was a kid there were a few games I played on my computer, and in college I played a lot of Team Fortress 2 on my laptop, but after having computer troubles in 2014 I decided I was better off just using the computer/laptop for my school work. I’m still the same way now and only use my computer for any iTunes related things and to do anything work related, but I wouldn’t mind it if I got a home computer if I decided to download TF2 again. That was a fun game. Also, random trivia, but I managed to beat Psychonauts on my laptop with only using the keyboard. I didn’t have a control to plug in at the time in college, and #$*! me was that difficult.
  19. Wouldn’t that joke make more sense if it was Raphael instead of Leonie? He’s the one focused on constantly getting stronger/training and loves meat. Fire Emblem games introduce new continents and countries all the time. You learn more about them as the games go on. The names are kind of weird though, so don’t worry if you don’t remember them. Just remember there’s the White Church, the Red Empire, the Blue Kingdom, and the Yellow Alliance (and if you have the DLC the Ashen Wolves) and you’ll be good to go.
  20. Ah yes, that is truly a problem. Everyone really should just go by numbers instead of names. Names are too hard. 😜
  21. Does anyone know how long the Battle God stuff is going to be available in the squirrel town? I only now just learned how you earn the daily tickets from the daily quests (roll your eyes at me if you want, but I had no idea where to go to even find the daily quests) and I’m hoping I can get the three armor pieces since they resemble Erdwin’s getup from DQ11.
  22. I only have 2 cents on my eshop gift card credit. If I had 3 more cents I’d buy it. I save my gold points for Smash Bros Ultimate DLC Mii costumes. If you would like to help Yangus buy this $.05 game, please send 3 pennies in a sealed envelope to Pickham, DQ8 world. House number whatever comes between 4 and 6.
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