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  1. Earthbound really isn’t about the story. It’s about the silly dialogue and adventure. It’s pretty much a Dragon Quest game set in a more modern setting. Frankly I’m shocked you aren’t liking it more, but if you can’t adapt to it being an older rpg then 🤷‍♂️. You’d better not play Mother 3 then. If the story of that one can get you then go for it. Otherwise you probably won’t like it, especially with the battle system having a combo option if you can press the A button to the beat of the battle themes.
  2. Progress in Super Metroid is going well. I’ve now taken down two of the guardians of Zebes, with Phantoon being the one I just defeated this evening. I love the roars of the bosses. Definitely adds to the creepy vibe of the game. As of now I’m in the underwater section of the planet, Maridia. Thanks to the Gravity Suit, which is easily my favorite power up from the series and my go-to color choice for Samus in Smash, I can easily explore the underwater areas of Zebes now with no worries. Which is a really good thing because there have been some tricky items to get in Maridia! But getting to them is all the more satisfying, especially with that iconic item jingle.
  3. I’ve had two Mario Kart songs in my head. Not sure why, but hey, I’m not complaining. Super Mario Kart and Mario Kart 64 have some very good music.
  4. You should probably see your doctor about that. I hear it can be bad for your health when that happens.
  5. I find it funny. Every time you ever complain about something, it magically is fixed a short time later. I’ve had that many times in games or real life. Life throws you a bone and you then suddenly just go, “Ok never mind.”
  6. That explains why you always look up the OP builds when we played Etrian games and why you argue for Story mode in the Untold games.
  7. The link is letting me see it be JP page fine. Are you sure your internet just isn’t being a dick again like it was when it refused to let you view the den?
  8. I blame having played games like Etrian Odyssey, Dark Souls, and other RPGs of that ilk. They’ve made me look for ways to improve my characters too much. However, having replayed DQ3 many times and knowing what to expect from different situations, I really try and go for certain stat gains as the game goes on. The biggest one is vitality, and it’s one reason I make all my characters at the bar and mainly give them vitality seeds. Getting lots of HP early on helps in the long run. Honestly I only made this topic so I could have an idea of what to shoot for if I needed too. @ignasia’s help and information above helped out my weakest character in the long run. You don’t like class changing? Man, imagine if you played DQ6 or 7 but didn’t class change. I’d be impressed if you pulled that one off, Platty.
  9. Here’s an article about the new Switch design. I actually really like the color scheme for it. I’m not one for light/faded blue and green, but the joycons have a good look to them actually. https://www.siliconera.com/animal-crossing-switch-is-coming-for-new-horizons/
  10. There’s a special Switch coming out for Animal Crossing New Horizons. Not gonna lie, I kind of want it just for that Switch stand.
  11. Woodus saves the day for many once again! Weird they didn’t put it on YouTube in the first place.
  12. Do people make regular stops so they can save their progress...I mean, tell you about their travels in a journal?
  13. I'm actually a wacky waving inflatable arm-flailing tube-man. So nobody noticed the difference. I KNEW IT! You had that kind of vibe, but you never want to assume.
  14. Excited we're getting it, of course. But I'm wary about that ending. See, I knew it. I’m sure everyone was confused why you were flailing about, but I’m sure you explained yourself, right? 🤪
  15. I imagine Aust was flailing his arms in excitement when he watched the official English trailer.
  16. No. It sounds more like Haru from Persona 5 and Marianne from Three Houses’ voice actress.
  17. I’m still trying to figure that part out. It’s not British voices, and Bianca sounds a bit like the woman who voiced Shinobi in No More Heroes, Angelica in Trails of Cold Steel, and Jaspar (and various other characters) in Steven Universe.
  18. Doesn’t that mean you have to go back to the abbey and practice your prayers now, Brother Jay?
  19. Bias? What bias? There isn’t any bias in your post whatsoever. Absolutely none. You, my good yellow colored bat, are crazy.
  20. Are you building a level 99 Kiefer army? Are we going to have to start worrying about them coming back to the past at some point and suddenly have an Arnold voice and sunglasses?
  21. Already have been playing both for nearly 2 weeks already now. 😜 Personally I’m just glad to see some more obscure games in the selections, some on the NES library that I’ve never even heard of. Stunt Racers for SNES may not look the cleanest by today’s standards but it’s a damn impressive SNES game using that FX chip technology. I hope at some point we’ll see the Donkey Kong Country trilogy added.
  22. They haven’t given up on Monsters games. The newest one is still in development. It’s run into some behind the scene issues and was discussed earlier this year, but the newest game is still on going. https://www.siliconera.com/new-dragon-quest-monsters-appears-to-be-going-through-some-development-trouble/
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