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  1. On to Chapter 12 of Yakuza. Boy, lots of new story information and some surprise reveals about past events. Got Ichiban Holdings to the number 1 ranking, so now I have a lot of cash. Good thing too since the game wants me to use 3,000,000 for story reasons. The job system opens in chapter 5.
  2. At the start of chapter 11 in Yakuza. Got a brand new party member, learned a lot of story stuff and have worked on a lot of sidequests.
  3. What on earth Pokemon is that?
  4. No. Platty is...well, I’ll let this picture explain it for him:
  5. The one thing Grandia does well is how it handles familiar story beats/character types. There were times the story really surprised me because of how well it’s handled. I think there’s one more optional area you can tackle, but I don’t know where it is. I only found the two you talked about when I originally played the game, so you’ll have to look and up and see if there is a 3rd optional dungeon.
  6. I’m glad they were able to implement the iOS translation. Atlus shadow dropped that version on us years ago but they never updated it to be played on more modern phones.
  7. Guess I get to revive this topic again, because guess what?! Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne HD will be releasing here in the west on May 25th! The game will have all the patches Japan has gotten, it will include English and Japanese voice acting, and it will be released on Switch, PS4, and Steam. There will be a Digital Deluxe edition that will include all of the game’s DLC, including the Dante Maniax DLC. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like we’re getting the collector’s edition Japan got, but I’m excited this game will be out in the few months! Can’t wait to play Nocturne again! https:/
  8. At the start of chapter 10 in Yakuza. Lots of boss fights at the end of chapter 9, the last one being the hardest since the boss loved to counter attacks of any kind. Having the optional party member really made a difference though in each fight, especially since I’ve had them work on the Dealer class. Good variety of skills from that one.
  9. Still in chapter 9 of Yakuza. Decided to focus on side stories, finding the missing cats from Part Time Hero, and did a lot of the Ichiban Confections Management game. As it turns out, the Management game is intimidating at first, but I found myself getting more and more invested in it. Eventually found a good system and learned when to use payments and as of now I have the company aiming for a spot in the top 20s. What’s most important about this Management mode though is that, by working at it, you actually can get a brand new playable character! I was super happy about this since I’ve
  10. Today is my day off from work so I’m planning to get some laundry done and make a big pot of chili. It’s a rainy day here (and coincidentally in Animal Crossing too when I took that picture this morning) so it’s a perfect day to cook and play some games.
  11. At the start of chapter 9 in Yakuza, and HOLY #$*!! Lots of story stuff happened that I was not expecting! This game has done a great job with bringing in story and character surprises. Never thought I’d get so gripped by the story, but it’s well done. At the end of chapter 8 you get to fight the jerk who’s been causing you problems for a good chunk of the game. It was very satisfying kicking his butt and seeing Ichiban give him what for considering all the crap the guy has been through because of this antagonist. Nearing the 40 hour mark, and this game hasn’t gotten old or boring on
  12. The side areas can be tough but they are worth doing. With some skills/spells it’s a good idea to focus on the “fusion,” ones since it will increase both elements, or element and weapon. You might have already picked up on that, but figured I’d mention it.
  13. Oh right, I should make an update too. Ahem...I’m in chapter 8 of Yakuza. Met up with the Ijin Three and have been collecting Tojo Clan Medals. Barely started the new chapter last night. Phew! Quite the update, am I right? Watch as the next villain in BD2 is called Eve and you have to go to a forbidden garden.
  14. The most important holiday, Groundhog Day. And only because it also happens to be my half birthday that day. And then tomorrow we have Saint Patrick’s Day. Don’t forget to wear your green!
  15. What? You never spoil stuff for yourself. That’s unlike you.
  16. It’s Tingle, the strongest character in the game. Get ready to kill enemies with balloons and confetti.
  17. Yup. Normally donation posts get made, the person thanks Woodus for the shoutout, then that’s it. We all don’t make some big fanfare out of it. We all love the den and support it how we can. And as Aust put it, the giving is its own reward. I use the Amazon affiliate links whenever I can and I’m glad part of the sale goes to Woodus to help out, but I don’t see a reason to make a big deal about it. It’s like making donations in real life to Good Will or something: you do it because you want to, and if it can help someone out then great.
  18. Big update coming for New Horizons this week. Looks like a lot of new customization options, custom palette slots, new items and more are on the way. https://www.siliconera.com/animal-crossing-new-horizons-update-adds-custom-design-upgrades/
  19. I really liked that the work you put into other characters didn’t go to waste. That was a great surprise. Honestly, Grandia did a lot of things right in an RPG and it’s shocking more games haven’t taken inspiration from it.
  20. My goal is to play through more PS4 games this year too. Want to finally play Sekiro and finish off Trails of Cold Steel 2.
  21. This all still holds true, except now I play my games while sitting on a pile of money surrounded by many beautiful women. Just going for the Rainier Wolfcastle experience.
  22. Wow, chapter 7 of Yakuza got really intense. Managed to meet up with the 3rd faction of Ijincho and from that meeting it turns out there was a party member surprise! I totally didn’t expect that. Can’t exactly say much since it’s super spoilerific but it was a good surprise since I didn’t expect it. The game did a good job hiding it. If you’re going to have a reveal like that, you actually need to keep it a secret and make the context clues VERY subtle. Anyway, now that that is over it seems we have to meet up with someone at 2 AM in game. The party is going to kill time until then so it’
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