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  1. Damn! I’m happy to see people supporting the game. That’s nuts and super awesome.
  2. I hope to god it does. MH is one of my favorite franchises and after Rathalos was revealed as a boss plus a few MH songs were in Ultimate, I was hoping for an MH character in the fighters pass. I really hope we see it happen. That’s the only other character/series I genuinely want to see added to Smash aside from Geno and Waluigi. Byleth’s moveset doesn’t do anything for me. Breaking shields was surprising, but nothing clicked while playing as them. I give characters a chance before trying to judge them, but nothing about Byleth has done anything for me. Corrin was a character I actually really enjoy gameplay wise, which I was not expecting. Same thing happened with Joker. Byleth just doesn’t do anything for me. I don’t hate the inclusion, but I can’t say I like it either. I guess I’m just neutral to it and Byleth is just there on the character select now. 🤷‍♂️ Ah yes, Grov- I mean Arlo. I’m indifferent to the guy, but I think he jumps on stuff a little too much, just like that Mario picture.
  3. Damn it Dakhil, your topic title made me think it was an announcement for an official release, not a kickstarter for a Remastered version.
  4. I would completely agree with you on that. Sakurai has said in the past he’s a big Fire Emblem fan too, so if Nintendo pushed for Byleth + Sakurai already being a fan equaled the same thing that happened with Corrin back in Smash 4. Heck, back when Corrin was announced Sakurai even said he was afraid of their being to many FE reps. Guess that’s no longer a problem. Eh, I would take the main female character or pretty much anyone else from that game. The Mirage mechanic could act like how I thought Joker was going to act: every special calls forth the Mirage while regular attacks are just the character themself. To play devil’s advocate, that game having three reps at least makes sense popular game wise with FE. I could take or leave Chrom or Lucina, but they and Robin would be recognizable and liked characters by folks whose first FE game was Awakening. Honestly I think after Corrin’s addition people just didn’t want to see any more FE reps. I blame him/her more than the others. I like Corrin’s moveset, but after playing Fates I sure don’t like the character himself/herself. I can’t fully comment on Byleth since I’ve barely played Three Houses, but it just felt like a boring choice and was just another FE character in my eyes. The moveset seems like it would be more fitting on a Monster Hunter character, particularly how the breaking of shields plays into Byleth’s fighting style. In MH games you want to break body parts or cutoff monster tails, and seeing how fast the animation speed is for the different weapons REALLY makes me think it would have been more fitting on an MH Hunter. Whats bugs me the most about Byleth is that, despite a new character joining Smash, I just didn’t have the desire to really play the game again and really try out the character. I’m not a big Persona fan by any means, but Joker was genuinely exciting to see and to play as, and I spent a good amount of time playing as the character. I find it weird how the character from the series I’m “meh,” on got me more invested than the character from the series I actually like.
  5. Honestly that would have made more sense and I probably would be down for that. Not gonna play the game but at least it would get a character from the collab game between Nintendo and Atlus.
  6. But we need more Fire Emblem characters! I’m sure that’s what the next 6 DLC characters will be! Thanks Sakurai and Nintendo! Seriously though, they need to stop with the FE characters. I’m a fan of the series but I’m sick of FE characters being new DLC. I was fine with Roy in Smash 4 since he’s a veteran and was one of my go to characters in Melee, and I was fine with Chrom being added as an Echo in Ultimate, but please Sakurai/Nintendo, STOP WITH THE FIRE EMBLEM CHARACTERS!
  7. I’ll have to re-download Fusion to my 3DS. I got far into the game but never finished it. I was in college and finals were coming up when I was playing it, so my attention shifted away from games. I’ll definitely try and replay it though. If Zero Mission is on the eshop for Wii U I can give it a go on that. Wall jumping was difficult to learn, but I eventually got the hang of it. I had an easier time with bomb jumping actually, but funny enough I did have an accidental wall jump sequence break. Didn’t mean to even do it, and I typed up what happened a few posts back. I have to say, that final part of the game was actually really intimidating, even at 26. The giant Metroid flying in from no where and nearly killing Samus, Mother Brain’s new form and those goddamn screams and battle music....damn! I liked it, but I could see where kids would have been scared by the battle with Mother Brain.
  8. Super Metroid has been completed....after I died once because I didn’t escape the planet in time after killing Mother Brain! Oops. The layout for the two rooms right after that fight was confusing to get through due to the explosions and whatnot going on, but retrying and knowing what to expect I did it! I even saved the friendly animals too. My end time was 7 hours and 55 minutes, so just short of 8 hours, and I ended with an item rate of 91%. I’d say that’s pretty good for a first timer all things considered! I found all the energy tanks and I think I found all the power bomb upgrades (I ended up at 50 of them), so I’m guessing it’s mainly missile upgrades and the 4th reserve tank I didn’t find. I’m glad to finally have a Metroid game beaten, and I can see why Super Metroid is so well loved. Definitely a great SNES game and entry to the Metroid series, and I can start to understand why it’s so highly praised even now. Definitely a game I’m glad I finally sat down and played through, and I’m sure I’ll replay it again soon enough. SNES games and me are like peanut butter and jelly.
  9. I remember the one Smash Bros Ultimate video where there was a purple and yellow chair in the background while Sakurai was on screen and everyone was like “OMG WALUIGI?!?! ITS RELATED TO HIM GUYS IT HAS TO BE!” All because of two chairs. This was already after the fact Waluigi had been confirmed as an assist trophy again too. I’d like to see him playable too (and I’m being 100% legit about that, I’ve been wanting that since Wario was announced for Brawl), but that was a serious stretch.
  10. I remember in the summer last year Nintendo had a post of Mario eating a watermelon. It was a new piece of art that looked like his Mario Odyssey render, and I noticed that since I had been playing the game at the time. People were losing their minds thinking it was “OMG A SUNSHINE REMAKE?! What does this picture mean?!?!” It’s like people don’t get that a piece of art can just be a piece of art. Nothing more.
  11. We are a laid back bunch, that is true.
  12. All four bosses of Zebes have been defeated and now it’s time to head to the center of the planet. The battle with Ridley was super satisfying, as I remember trying (key word being trying) to fight him ages ago on one of my cousin’s save files. His copy of the game on an actual SNES was how I first played the game, and apart from the new file I made for myself I quickly loaded up his and somehow made it to Ridley in the depths of Norfair. Got my ass handed to me, so defeating him once and for all now in Super Metroid all these years later was sweet revenge! The broken glass beyond his boss room is very ominous, and again shows how well Metroid can tell a story without any dialogue. This is the kind of story telling I love to see. No need for a lot of dialogue or pointing out obvious things, just letting the player see it and have “Ah ha!” moments thanks to the subtlety. Not to mention how the environment itself tells a story and create a mood. Lower Norfair was pretty damn creepy to me even now as a 26 year old. Definitely loving the game and see why Super Metroid has been hailed as a masterpiece of a SNES game.
  13. I take any and all game rumors with a grain of salt. They can be interesting, but I just don’t trust them. Having said that, and related to possible other console releases/because I’ve wanted it to happen since 2017, I REALLY want The Wonderful 101 to be released on Switch. That game deserves another chance. It was such a good game. It being on the Wii U didn’t do it any favors.
  14. To be fair, when the final boss looks like this: You are going to have the life drained from you just being in his presence. After all, you cannot grasp the true form of Giygas’s attack.
  15. Roses are red, violets are blue, Kirby’s stuck to my face, whatever shall I do?

    1. ignasia


      Yangus and Kirby, sitting in a tree...

    2. solo


      Start sucking

  16. I probably won’t play them because I really hate the original translation job (or lack there of) Capcom did. I’ll stick to the fan re-translation, particularly for BoF2. It could happen. Maybe for shits and giggles Nintendo will re-release the old StatellaView Super Famicom games. Don’t know if we’d get them on our service, but still, it would be cool.
  17. I got Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D in the mail today. After beating Tropical Freeze I had the itch to go back and play Returns, and thankfully the Nintendo Selects version of the game wasn’t that expensive on Amazon. I figured it would be much more like some 3DS games are becoming price wise. Only played the first level so far to see how it plays on my 3DS XL, but it feels good so far. Might have to give this game a full go in the near future. This does make me realize I should probably try and get some other 3DS games before it’s too late and they become super expensive. I still need to get Kirby Planet Robobot, Ever Oasis, and WarioWare Gold at some point. I don’t know when I’d play them, but I already have a good collection of 3DS games and would like to round things off.
  18. Nice! I may just have to get that dock then and have my default one be a backup.
  19. I’ll give it a watch this evening. I’ve heard about people doing a randomizer for both but I didn’t realize both games can affect the other. That’s pretty nuts.
  20. I haven't played an older DQ game in ages, and I can do those by memory. I think I've just been so burnt out the past 3-4 months from work and family, it's been hard to concentrate on any one game for long. I need an ARPG break here. The best thing and most engaging game I've played in the past 3 months was Hyrule Warriors. Just go kill things. Little to think about. Everything else has hooked me for a week or two, but that's it. Sounds like you just need an RPG break for a while then. I think we’ve all been there. We all love DQ, but sometimes you need a break from longer games like RPGs.
  21. I can surprisingly get behind the silliness of this game. It does actually look pretty good, and I love the artstyle for it.
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