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  1. Didn’t you dislike NNK when you replayed it recently? I remember you saying it didn’t live up to the expectations in your head that you recalled.
  2. Yeah, I have to agree on that. I can understand waiting a few weeks for things to die down, but until the fall and potentially a full year? That’s a little excessive.
  3. Well my work is now officially closed until March 28th. Apparently we can still go in as a small team of 4 and work on major stuff, but otherwise no customers and it’s closed, no question. I live in the middle of nowhere so I’m not too worried about the virus, but better to be safe than sorry, so I’m glad I’ll be off work for awhile other than what little work we go in to take care of. I have plenty of food so I can bunker down safely, and in the bright side now I can get around to playing some RPGs I’d like to try and finish. Hope everyone else is doing okay.
  4. Baldo’s graphics and character design looks like rip-off Studio Ghibli. Definitely seems like the developers took a little too much inspiration from Ni No Kuni in particular.
  5. The Nintendo Indie Showcase had some interesting stuff. I watched it on my lunch break here at work. Why we’re still open right now I don’t know since nearly every other store around us is closed, but anyway... The Last Campfire and Exit the Gungeon look pretty good. I’ve been wanting to get Enter the Gungeon for awhile now, so seeing it has a sequel that looks really fun has me pumped to play the first one. I Am Dead looks interesting too. Going first person and exploring the island seems neat, and I liked the use of colors the devs went for for the world.
  6. None of which came to the US. Yep. That right there is the main reason we have next to no information on those games here on the Den. This is a fan run website. Woodus and the others who contribute information could have easily NOT put up anything for fans.
  7. Probably because as of now it’s still a fairly recent release outside of Japan so information is still being gathered. It could also be difficult to fully gather all the information for this game since it’s a constantly changing mobile game. Woodus is a busy man, as are most of us, so it’s hard to say. If you need info on something, folks like @Brother Jaybird and @Bururian may be your best. They have played the game the most out of all of us (I assume), so PM them and see if they can help.
  8. There sure is. https://www.siliconera.com/get-a-taste-of-the-trials-of-mana-3-demo-on-march-18-2020/
  9. Good news: you actually unlock terrain tools ONLY for more water! You either get river water, ocean water, or water water. The last one is the hardest to unlock as you have to fully upgrade your house and obtain the legendary island builder badge, but once you earn it you can destroy the entire island in one fell swoop and live within the confines of a watery wonderland! Too much water? More like too much fun!!!
  10. Good news guys! There’s going to be a Nintendo Direct tomorrow!

    ...For Indie Games! I know, I know, it’s very exciting and just what we’ve been waiting for.

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    2. Erdrick The Hero

      Erdrick The Hero

      The upcharge on import eShop cards is prohibitively expensive right now, if the sub itself isn't in the first place. I haven't been able to play in a year.

    3. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      Send a personal letter to Mr. Horii. I’m sure he can hook you up.

    4. Erdrick The Hero

      Erdrick The Hero

      You cannot fathom how special it would be to me to have correspondence with Yuji Horii. He is one of the few people I look up to in this world. Unfortunately, I can barely read Japanese phonetically (hiragana/katakana, no kanji), so even if there was a way to contact him directly, there's a bit of a language barrier still. I'm sure he knows some English, but as I understand, in Japanese culture it may be considered rude to attempt to make such correspondence in foreign language, even if it comes from a place of gratitude.


      All that said, it's a testament to the greatness of Horii's work that I can even phonetically read Japanese, as I would never have been driven to try to learn the language at all if it weren't for the Dragon Quest series.

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  11. It would be funny if the reviews just slammed the game. Gamespot - ”Don’t let the trailers and Direct for the game fool you! It’s a miserable experience!” IGN - “If you thought Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire has too much water, hold on to your hats, folks!” Jay Sherman - “It stinks. It stinks. It stinks.” Mr. Sherman’s editor - “Yes Mr. Sherman, everything stinks...”
  12. Playing some Monster Hunter sounds like a good idea. I’m thinking I’ll try and get some of my digital only games played like Steamworld Dig 1, or I’ll pick up DQ Builders 1 and play it on my Switch. I had planned to start getting back to the Builders games once I finished DQ1&2 Switch. I’ll admit I’m not sure what I want to play at the moment since DQ1&2 Switch were my evening games, so I may go between some stuff and see what catches my interest.
  13. I finished off Dragon Quest II Switch this afternoon. I’m glad I now have the Switch versions of DQ1-3 all beaten. DQ2 felt easier this time around. Maybe they toned down the difficulty for the Switch version, but I never felt fully challenged until the final areas. Maybe it’s because I made use of status ailments and buffs more, but whatever the case I did have fun replaying the game. I had a surprise while playing too. I wound up finally defeating a liquid metal slime in DQ2, and lo and behold I ended up winning an MP cost lowering Mad Cap from it! And then there was this funny moment at the end. I do not regret my stupid name choices for this playthrough just because of #$*! like this. 🤣
  14. I was considering getting Pokémon Mystery Dungeon and MAYBE Langrisser 1 and 2 too and order the three at once, but at this point I’m holding off. Aside from the virus concern, I’ve also been saving my money so I can move to a new place. I have some games I need to finish anyway. Honestly I’m not one to buy digital versions of a game unless they are cheap and/or the physical version is difficult to find. I’ll get a physical copy eventually, it just might be awhile. I have plenty of games I need to finish off and play anyway, so I’ll just wait until things calm down. Oh, I almost forgot. There’s an article about how Nintendo plans to implement a backup data system of sorts this year. https://www.siliconera.com/animal-crossing-new-horizons-save-data-backup-feature-releases-within-2020/
  15. I don’t know what I want to do about getting the game. I am interested since I like Animal Crossing, but I’m worried about ordering it and potentially getting sick from it being delivered. I’m not stewing about the virus or anything and I keep very clean, but I’ll admit I’m nervous the game could possibly ship out from somewhere where a person is infected and the germs would spread. I may just wait until this coronavirus crap blows over and wait to get the game down the road along with some others. I probably don’t have to worry, but I’m going to be on the safe side for the time being. So I hope in the future whenever I do pick up the game that you guys will still be up for fruit trading and all the other good stuff we were planning on doing. We’ll just chalk it up to ol’ Yangus being late to the party again.
  16. What star level does this Equipment Forge unlock? I’m getting tired trying to work for it just to make an accessory.
  17. I gave a friend in high school a copy of one of the DS Zenithia games as a birthday gift years ago, and he didn’t even make it past the second dungeon because “The game is really difficult.” This is someone who plays a lot of Pokémon and does all the shiny hunting/EV and IV training, so I assumed he would have no problem with the game. I even told him to go and buy boomerangs when he can since they hit all enemies, but he never played the game again. I regret buying him the game and never bothered talking about DQ with him again.
  18. I tried out the Langrisser I and II demo this morning on my Switch, and so far I’m liking it. It’s a strategy RPG series. What’s cool is that you can use the original artwork and music from the original release (I’m assuming Sega Genesis/Master System based on the sound of the music) or you can use remastered artwork and music. I’ve been playing with the classic mode settings and other than the character sprites looking new it’s cool to see/hear what the original release must have looked like. Your progress gets transferred to the full version as well, so I may have to pick up the full version in the future if I enjoy the demo enough. Only problem I have with the demo is the Japanese voice acting. It’s not bad by any means, but if you turn the voice volume all the way down the game still acts like it’s on and will dim the music down when characters speak during their dialogue that appears on screen. It’s a minor nitpick and I’ll probably just end up leaving it on to avoid the odd music dips, but I do wish you could disable it entirely. Still, it seems like every piece of text/dialogue is voiced, so that’s cool.
  19. Ah. I thought it was a key item that opened a mini dungeon and from beating it you earned the ability to summon the slime. Thanks.
  20. Where do you go to use the Mottle King Slime key? Finally got it but unsure where to use it. I don’t see any markers on the slime shaped islands.
  21. I got the mother floating boat in DQ2. Now I’m exploring Alefgard and heading off to see the DragonLord’s grandson. Playing this and Dragon Quest I lately has made me interested in going back to DQ Builders. May have to pop in the Switch version and make it my next evening game.
  22. I’ve been playing the Switch version of DQ2 lately in the evenings, and I forgot I enjoyed the game so much. It got me thinking, how does everyone else feel about the game. So, simple question for you folks of the Den: do you like Dragon Quest II or not? Doesn’t matter which version, or maybe one version in particular got you to like the game. However you want to answer. As I said, I like the game. The game is difficult at times but I love the open world you can set and explore once you obtain the ship, and how you can do a number of activities in any order you want. The spell lists of Cannock and Moonbrooke are fun to work with as they can help cripple enemy encounters to turn the tide of battle in your favor (and for such low MP too). It has my favorite soundtrack of the Erdrick trilogy, and while it’s not the most popular game in the series I think it’s a good time. Also, it has my favorite boxart of the series. It’s a great piece of art.
  23. You ever see a kid raccoon slap an adult raccoon?
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