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  1. Happy Thanksgiving, guvs! Hope everyone has a great day whenever and whoever you spend today with!

    1. ignasia


      Happy Thanksgiving to you too, man!

  2. Ah man, this is so sad to hear! Galaga is my favorite classic arcade game, and I love the sound effects and music cues from it. Shame to find out this news.


    1. Erdrick The Hero

      Erdrick The Hero

      Awww, Galaga and (New) Rally X are my favorite arcade games. Sad to hear this guy has passed, but he made his Mark on the world.

    2. SlimeVagrant


      Sad to hear. I love old Namco arcade games. I think my favorite one that he composed for was Bosconian.

  3. Terry Bogard is looking like one of the most faithful characters recreated in Smash Bros. Ultimate. All the SNK content in the game looks great too. So glad Terry is the newest DLC character.

  4. Finally, I finished Cuphead! Man, it only took longer than I thought what with playing other games, but I’m glad to have it finished. Excellent game all around and well worth playing if you haven’t already.

  5. I shouldn’t have watched the Edwad Emberpants series again. Now I want to play Dark Souls III again. Freakin’ Edwad, man...

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    2. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      Are you talking about Pontiff Sulyvahn or Aldritch, Devourer of Gods? It’s a yes for either boss, particularly Pontiff Sulyvahn once he spawns his clone.

    3. SlimeVagrant


      Pontiff, haven't found Aldrich yet. I joined someone else's world as a sunbro and he had 2 other phantoms and we could barely scratch him even when we were all wailing on him.

    4. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      The more phantoms summoned into a world the stronger the bosses get. With four of you guys fighting a boss at once it would be tough.

      Suylvahn is one of the infamous bosses of that game, but if you have a good bow and strong arrows you can pick off some health from a distance while he approaches you once you enter the fog doorway.

  6. Well this is terrible news. I’ve really enjoyed the Mario & Luigi RPG series ever since Superstar Saga. I hope this won’t be the end of Mario RPGs as we know it. 


    1. ignasia


      I haven't played one since the second game, but wow.  I hope they recoup and restructure, and maybe start a new series, or a new direction.  One thing I can say for sure, they definitely took some interesting turns that border on real innovation...more so than most companies in this industry.

    2. Twinkie


      I am more surprised to find out that they were third party to begin with. I hope they are able to get on their feet and get another game out. The Mario & Luigi games are the go to games now since Paper Mario is pretty much dead.

  7. I haven’t been able to play it too much yet, but so far the Sega Genesis Mini is really top quality. I didn’t grow up with the Genesis, but I’m liking the game line up and the attention to detail Sega put into this thing. Definitely matches the quality of the SNES Mini.

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    2. Mattcraft


      I think it's because with Sonic 3, a lot of people would have wanted Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

      Hacking though! :D!

    3. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      No, it’s a licensing issue Matt. I’ve looked into it and several people have mentioned it as the most likely issue.

      Here’s one example of licensing being an issue:


    4. Mattcraft


      Huh, Never would've thought.

  8. Finally got the Master Sword in Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Man, it took awhile to finally get it, but I think this Zelda game has one of the most satisfying “obtained the Master Sword,” moments in the series. Really feels like a true reward for all the exploring you do and the shrines you conquer.

    1. Sword_of_Dusk


      Tell me, is the weapon management as bad as some people say? I'm considering getting BotW to play once I finish my Black Eagles run in Three Houses.

    2. Twinkie


      I would say it is the worst part of the game. I got used to the weapon management and didn't bother me for a while, but having even more limited space it might get bad early on. It doesn't take much to break some weapons and you can't repair them either. So you are expected to Switch them out pretty often. Fortunately pulling out a new weapon is easy. Just that it gets annoying that you want to start hording weapons but you will hit that inventory limit really easily.

    3. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      That’s my one complaint with the game. I don’t mind the weapons breaking so much as the lack of inventory space early on. Once you meet the Korok who can upgrade your inventory space via Korok Seeds I used most of mine for weapon spaces.

      I Hope Breath of the Wild 2 will have a forge system so you can repair weapons you like, similar to Dark Souls.

  9. I’m impressed with how Zelda: Breath of the Wild handles finding secrets, shrines, and areas in the game. It’s been more and more fun to explore Hyrule as I’ve played. This has become my kind of game the more I’ve played it.

  10. Banjo-Kazooie will be available in Smash Ultimate TODAY!!! AND TERRY BOGARD FROM FATAL FURY/KING OF FIGHTERS IS COMING IN NOVEMBER!!! I’m so excited, you guys! SNK is FINALLY coming to Smash Bros!

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    2. Twinkie


      The salt from Hero and now Terry Bogard is fantastic. It has been almost as fun as the DLC itself.

    3. eal


      I’m meh. It deserved to be played by people because it is a good game. I’m about 10 hours deep, the first serious boss defeated, and do plan to eventually return to it. But I’m still salty that the Wii U continues to have games sapped from it so soon after it died off. On top of that, people didn’t pick it up because they felt cheated and didn’t get the game they thought they were gonna get based solely of concept art but the game we got instead is great.

      I’m hoping it gets more players, but I’m mad it didn’t get an audience the first time around.

    4. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      @Twinkie I KNOW! Delicious, delicious salt. While I’m meh on Joker I’ve been more than happy on all the DLC characters added. Each of them is fun to play as and brings unique elements from their respective series. I’m super excited for Terry since KoF is one of my favorite series, and I really, really, REALLY hope that in the western release of the DLC his original voice actor is still intact. Not gonna lie, I’ll be really sad if Terry’s Engrish is replaced with English. 

      Now we just need a Tekken rep...

  11. Sweet, Chrono Cross’s original soundtrack was added to iTunes today. I’m definitely going to get it since the physical copy I bought a few years ago was a bootleg. Chrono Cross has my favorite soundtrack from Yasunori Mitsuda, and IMO is the best PS1 RPG soundtrack, especially in terms of quality.

    1. ignasia


      For me, personally...I'd say 2nd best.  Xenogears always struck me as my favourite.  Though the two are definitely masterpieces in gaming music that absolutely cemented Yasunori Mitsuda as my favourite gaming composer.

      Whenever I used to play Ragnarok Online, I would rip tracks from other games, to replace the in-game tracks.  The only two Soundtracks I borrowed 100% of their music, were Cross and Gears.

    2. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      Yuzo Koshiro and Koichi Sugiyama are my favorite composers. I know Sugiyama is a questionable person, but I judge the man by his art, not his actions. And man, I do love the music of Dragon Quest, even before I was a big fan.

      Koshiro wins because of his excellent work in the Etrian Odyssey series, but really, there’s not a song I can think of from him I don’t like. His work in the Streets of Rage games is great, the early Ys games, ActRaiser is a personal favorite...the man has a wonderful track record and can make some truly amazing music in different styles.

  12. I’ve finally been able to sit down today and enjoy the Dragon Quest XI S demo. Man, it is SOOOOO nice getting to play the game with the symphonic music being present in game. Hearing Rab’s theme on the recap screen is a big plus, as I find it really matches his wise yet playful (and downright cheeky) traits.

    1. Bururian


      I'll hopefully get to play this version this year, I'm looking forward to the 2D mode a lot

  13. ProJared finally responded to what happened a few months ago.



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    2. ignasia


      Yeah...you have a point.  I would agree exploitation is often wrong, but not always.  It's fairly common though, and I would point out husband exploiting his wife's desire for a show for a blowjob, or a wife exploiting her husband's desire for a blowjob to see her favourite show is still exploitation.  Make of that what you will.

    3. Brother Jaybird

      Brother Jaybird

      *wanders in, reads*

      We declared blowjobs sinful? I don't recall learning that in Sunday School. (Admittedly, I don't recall a lot of what I heard in Sunday School). You got a source?

      I dunno about Protestants or Orthodox particulars, but the Church's stance on sex is that simply it's gotta be between spouses and it's gotta be procreative. As long as those categories are met, your pretty much gold. I suppose a blowjob absent any actual coitus would be out-of-bounds, but a blowjob with actual coitus would probably be fine. We don't really have a checklist or anything.

      *wanders out*

    4. ignasia


      Maybe I'm thinking of masturbation, but it's fornication that does not lead to conception, and it wastes the seed of the man, which is considered sinful, derived from Leviticus and Deuteronomy:


      This isn't a Catholic site from what I can tell.  Reading through the site, they seem more like a born-again independent sect.

      I went to a Catholic School called St. Michael's High School from half of grade 10 through to 12.  I had to take a religion class each year as a requirement.  The notion of masturbation and even a bj as potentially sinful was brought up and considered morally grey due to the nature of sex being the temptation of the serpent, and thus the requirement of sex being your statement, that it require marriage, be between spouses, and for the purpose of procreation.  Any sex in any form beyond that was generally shunned, though we weren't taught it would lead to hell directly, but would open the door to other forms of debauchery that were true sins, on top of the lesser sin of wasting the seed.

  14. Woo-hoo! Super Mario Odyssey is now 100% completed! Finally finished off Culmina Crater and man, it was tough, but I’m so glad to have it finished! Mario Odyssey was easily one of the greatest games I’ve ever played. I can’t wait to replay it again in the future and have as much fun as I did all over again.

    1. Democrobot


      I've been getting back into it after a hiatus. I beat the game before I got my own switch so I put off replaying it. I'm finding moons I forgot to grab last time. This game really is well done

  15. So Blazblue Cross Tag Battle is getting a playable tank as a character...I’ll be honest, I didn’t have a desire to play the game, but that one completely out of nowhere character addition makes me want to get the game.

  16. The Hero, several DQ Mii costumes, and the new stage Yggdrasil’s Alter will be playable LATER TODAY in Smash Bros. Ultimate! It’s time to start DQing it up in Smash Bros, boys and girls!

  17. Good lord, the final challenge level of Mario Odyssey is tough. It’s making “The Perfect Run,” level of Grand Master Galaxy from Mario Galaxy 2 look easy by comparison. So far I can make it to the 2nd major area of the challenge, but the swinging platforms are throwing me off.

    Or I completely biff it when in the lava pool jumping section. That #$*! is just awkward to control.

  18. Balloon World is a wonderful addition to Super Mario Odyssey. You can earn so much money, and seeing the slight changes to Luigi’s getup as your rank goes up make for great incentives. It makes me wish Nintendo would remake Mario Sunshine just so we can have a Balloon World mode in that game. Sunshine has a lot of great hiding places that would be perfect.

    1. Mattcraft


      I enjoy it a bit, but haven't gotten too much into it.

      Any hints? And you need to add my Switch! 😧


  19. Its cool to hear Cuphead is getting an animated show on Netflix. I’m stoked to see what will become of it and if it has the same love and charm put into the animation and music as the game.

  20. I find it ironic that whenever I get a 9.9 rating on the first try in Smash Ultimate’s Classic Mode, it’s always with characters I’m not that big of a fan of. It’s as if the game’s like, “Oh, you don’t like Daisy at all and don’t like playing as Palutena? Well too bad, the CPU is gonna act stupid enough to let you earn the 9.9, sucka!”

    Maybe it’s just my weird luck that explains why this has happened a few times now.

  21. Whew, finally finished off Adventure Mode/World of Light in Smash Ultimate. It’s cool to see you get a few things for finishing it, though it’s weird a My Music option for the menu is an unlo-

    (sees Brawl’s vocal main theme is one of the menu options)

    HOLY #$*! THEY BROUGHT BACK BRAWL’S VOCAL MAIN THEME!!!! I can’t believe it! I never thought I’d be so happy to see a piece of music in a game before!

  22. Man, Super Mario Odyssey has been SOOOOOOOOOO good! Waiting nearly 2 years just to finally play it seems like nothing now. I’m having a wonderful time with the game. It makes me feel like I’m playing Super Mario 64 for the first time again 20 years later!

  23. Smash Ultimate is proving to be a wonderful game, dare I say an ultimate experience. Having played Smash since the N64 days the latest entry has a lot to love. Having missing characters back like Snake and a whole smorgasbord of stages is excellent.

    1. Mattcraft


      I've found I'm really liking it myself.

  24. Wow, Smash Ultimate sure is a considerate game. Very first character I unlocked was Ness. It’s like the game knows Ness is my go to character for the series.

    Edit: Guess it depends on what you play/do first. Thank you then to whoever decided the first character to unlock is Ness via Smash mode!


    1. ignasia


      My third most commonly used character after Link and WW Link!

      Definitely need to get this game.  Lucas is pretty awesome as well once you unlock him (he plays a lot like Ness), as does Pikachu if memory serves.


    2. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      And now Sonic is unlocked. GOTTA GO FAAAAAAAST!!!!11!!1!

      I actually wasn’t a huge fan of playing as Sonic in Brawl, but in 4 I found him to be a lot more enjoyable to play as. Brawl’s physics made it awkward to play as Sonic.

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