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  1. It’s easy to do at the end game. There’s an area where you can encounter vicious metal king slimes in the post game and they give a ridiculous amount of EXP.
  2. I never owned a PS1 growing up. First Sony console I owned was a PS2 and that wasn’t until late 2011 so I could play Dragon Quest VIII. The Vita has been my primary way to play PS1 games I missed out on when I was young. I do have a small collection of physical PS1 games I’ve put together over the last few years, but my Vita is pretty much a PS1 and PSP games system.
  3. Hey now, he’s a Drackyma. He’s above the pay grade of a regular Dracky. Also I was just curious why he was curious. The curiosity goes full circle that way.
  4. So, I’m not really an anime fan, but I have to ask: what the hell is with all the live action adaptations of anime shows/mangas/whatever else there might be? Saw this news a little bit ago and I can’t figure out why these kind of shows keep getting made. Are they actually popular and/or good adaptations and that’s why they happen? I feel like some of the fun, over the top action and character designs of the original properties would be lost outside of animation. https://www.siliconera.com/yu-yu-hakusho-netflix-live-action-series-announced/
  5. Suikoden 1: Defeated the first Imperial General, Kwanda Rosman. I forgot how the game handled his situation and the effects of the Black Rune he was given. I also forgot how early the game sets up who the villain is and shows hints at how the Scarlet Moon Empire was changing because of said villain. It’s cool seeing these kind of details I either didn’t notice/didn’t really think about. Also, apparently 3 months pass after you defeat Kwanda, and I sure didn’t remember that time skip! Final Fantasy VII: Yup. I’m going to try and play this game again. First time I played it I never got out
  6. I’ve discovered the beauty that is The Eric Andre Show. This is my kind of humor.

    1. Dwaine


      I can't tell you how much I enjoy seeing Flavor Flav get kicked in the face.


    2. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      (Watches the clip)

      Of course it was Hannibal that kicked him in the face. Haha

    3. YangustheLegendaryBandit
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  7. Are you on the last book or movie? Haven’t noticed you mention you were going through the series, but I haven’t checked the Den much the last few days either.
  8. So, we have quite a bit of Switch news for today. First off, RPG wise, the Collection of SaGa released today. It’s a collection of the three original SaGa Gameboy games, which were originally released as Final Fantasy Legend I, II, and III respectively here in the west back in the day. The collection includes various quality of life features, customizable backgrounds, and so forth. And today, we had a Nintendo Indie World showcase. Lots of games were revealed to be released today/ are on the way for Switch, including Among Us, Spelunky 1 and 2, Gnosia, and Super Meat Boy Fore
  9. ‘appy birfday, @eal! Hope it’s a real diamond of a day for ya, guv!
  10. I’m just glad they (seem to) be supporting the Switch. I’m glad they have put the different SaGa games on the Switch, Sephiroth being added to Smash Ultimate, and the Collection of Mana and soon to be released Collection of SaGa: Final Fantasy Legend.
  11. Square Enix never thought we in the west cared about the 3DS.
  12. Have one of Iori’s themes in my head. Had KoF on the brain since the news we’d get to see KoF15 early next year.
  13. Suikoden 1: Currently at the City of the Dwarves in my replay. Been trying to use party members I never really used first time I played the game, such as Juppo the Trickster and Master Kai. One problem Suikoden 1 has is that it forces characters on you that you have to use in your party so you might lose your party lineup. From what I remember this isn’t usually a big deal, especially since characters can level up really fast in this game to catch up with the rest of the party, but still, kind of sucks. Thankfully this was addressed in Suikoden 2. But man, I forgot how good the story was
  14. Here’s the episode description and time stamps: Hosts YangustheLegendaryBandit & Plattym3 welcome back Bluestar and Brother Jaybird as they discuss various 3D Mario platformers, from Super Mario 64 to Super Mario Odyssey! Super Mario 64 - 2:20 Super Mario Sunshine - 29:30 Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 - 51:55 Super Mario 3D Land & World - 1:14:20 Super Mario Odyssey - 1:30:00 For more Slime Time, hit us up @DQSlimeTime on Twitter or slimetimepodcast@gmail.com or join in all the discussions taking place at https://www.woodus.com/forums/
  15. Stronger monsters is a fun challenge. I did that on both the PS4 and Switch versions. It gives you the incentive to use more spells and abilities from the party so you get the most out of everything they can do. Characters like Rab can be very nice in Stronger Enemies since his spell list is the most diverse of the playable mages IMO.
  16. Heavy Burger: Finished off the last few hard challenges and surprisingly beat the last one, sarcastically called Easiest, in one go. The bonus content you unlock from clearing the challenges was nice, but really the thrill of actually beating said challenges was the most exciting thing. Still the best $2 I’ve spent on the eshop. Doom Classic: Finished off Episode 1 last night...and was immediately bombarded by enemies and killed in seconds. Apparently that’s supposed to happen because I did get an ending message before the credits kicked in. So now, I’m up to Episode 2, seemingly now in H
  17. Huh...I wonder if I found that secret door. Might have to boot the game up and check around Helidor.
  18. Nintendo published DQ11S and Builders 2 on Switch. The games they publish don’t really go down in price unless they do REALLY bad, like Codename STEAM on the 3DS.
  19. Took today off from work and managed to finish off each game 100% in the Spyro Reignited Trilogy on my Switch. My opinion on 3 has improved since the last time I played it, but I would still order them 2, 1, then 3 as my favorites. It was fun playing through the trilogy on my Switch, and being able to have it on the go whenever I get the kick to replay one of the games will be nice. It does look better on PS4, but I would still recommend the Switch version if you’re looking to play the original trilogy for the first time or if you’re a Spyro fan.
  20. Really wasn’t home and able to play RPGs much this weekend off from work, but yesterday evening I was able to get some progress in Octopath. Started up Tressa’s chapter 3 since it takes place in the same town as Olberic’s chapter 2, but man, her chapter 3 boss was actually kind of difficult. I think my team combination played a big part in that, but I managed to win on the second go. Glad we got to learn more about Captain Leon since he helped set Tressa out on her journey. Got started on Alfyn’s chapter 3 next, and man, I can’t believe how many cold hearted apothecaries are wandering ar
  21. Found an Inkling amiibo on sale at Best Buy. Apparently it was a leftover sale from Black Friday. So with the $8 bucks for that plus the $4 I spent on the eshop during Black Friday, I spent a whopping $12 on stuff for Black Friday. Good news is now I can have an Inkling fighter for Smash and I now have the Inkling outfit unlocked in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Now if only Rosalina and Wario amiibos would re-appear again do I can get the last outfits I need in MK8.
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