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  1. Maybe. I have been looking to finish games I’ve left in limbo, and that’s one I need to go back and finish off.
  2. Damn it, now I’m wondering if I should have put Etrian Odyssey Untold 2 in the place of Etrian 5. Both are so close for me in terms of how much I enjoyed them, particularly how well executed the Classic mode was. Previously having the most playable classes at 15 (that includes transferring over Fafnir via NG+ one way or another and having the Highlander DLC), it was one of the most well balanced games in the series. So many of the classes could pull their weight in combat, and the more support oriented classes were still well off too. There was the right level of challenge, the new Resturant area was great, the new dungeon floors were well paced....so much about Untold 2 was great. I don’t like how some stuff, mainly new bosses and parts of certain maps, were locked behind the DLC, but at least Atlus learned that was not a good idea and did away with that for Etrian 5 and Nexus. Story mode wasn’t too bad either. The story mode party had some great designs and personalities and worked well off one another, Fafnir was a good lead character/class (and nowhere near as OP as some will make you believe, he’s strong but other classes can out perform him for damage), and it was a fun way to experience the game. I still prefer to make my own parties and see if any story/characterization ideas come along as I play, so I’ll always prefer Classic mode. It was hard to choose between Untold 2 or 5. 5 ultimately won because of how hyped I was for that game and with how complete of an experience it was. Nothing about that game disappointed, and it felt like everything that was learned from Etrian 4 and the two Untold games went into making Etrian 5 the best experience. Great floor layouts and challenges, some of the best classes in the series and class improving system, great aesthetics while exploring the different stratums, EASILY Yuzo Koshiro’s best music in the entire series (which is blasphemy to say because Etrian 2’s soundtrack is damn near perfect too), and so many fun gameplay changes that never made the game feel boring at any point. Damn. Guess I had more to say than I thought. I haven’t talked Etrian in a long time or really cared much about Atlus in a long time, but I guess I still have a lot to say about Etrian Odyssey. I could probably keep going if I really wanted to get in depth, but I’m not Iggy and can’t type a short novel with every post. 😜
  3. That’s the MH game I’ve gotten the most hours out of. Tri was my first entry and I got a lot of time out of it, but man, I totally doubled that time with Tri Ultimate! The user base on Wii U was very well populated for it not being the most popular console, and I met a lot of fun people to play with. So much content to that game thanks to the original and all the new stuff. So good, man. Absolutely loved Tri Ultimate. I can’t wait to start Generations Ultimate on my Switch. I can only imagine how much time I could spend with that game. World was good and I did like many of the changes and presentation choices, but I wasn’t a fan of the over abundance of limited time events and more of the live service feel it had where you had to play/check in all the damn time.
  4. My non-RPGs only list would be the following (in no particular order and as displayed by their art): It’s hard just picking 10, but these would have to be mine if I really think about it. There are others I could put in, such as swapping Smash Ultimate for Smash 4 3DS, but these were the ones that either really cemented why I became a fan of the respective series or reminded me of why I loved the series so much in the first place. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is an example of both actually, as MH Tri on the Wii was my first Monster Hunter experience but technically it was first released in 2009 in Japan. And in TvsC’s case, it got me invested in more traditional fighting games and from there I started playing stuff like King of Fighters. Also, the EO5 pic is a one I made two years ago in anticipation for the game. I still think it turned out fairly well and it features all the character portraits I was going to choose for my guild.
  5. Mine were (in no particular order): -Shin Megami Tensei IV -Dragon Quest XI -Bravely Default -Etrian Odyssey V -Ni No Kuni 2 -Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia -Bloodborne -Dark Souls III -Trails of Cold Steel 1 -Ys: Memories of Celceta
  6. From what I heard it was fine. And I wouldn’t say I “didn’t care too much for Three Houses.” What I’ve said is that I had bad experiences with it before and after I started playing, so it’s not made want to play the game for a long time. It’s one I’m going to get back to and finish and will have a full opinion once I do, but it’s not a game I want to revisit any time soon to do that. I will get back to it at some point this year since I enjoy Fire Emblem. I read through Batman: The Killing Joke this evening after work. Bought it a long while ago but never read it. It was a pretty good story, and I really liked the artwork by Brian Bolland. The (possible) origin story of the Joker was interesting to see, and I like how in the flash backs that certain objects are colored shades of red. I had thought the Joker had connections to the Red Hood, but I was under the impression that was some sort of alternate Joker where he didn’t go crazy or something. I’m sure someone with more comic info will correct me or tell me more. Anyway, good story/book. I’m going to read Batman: The Dark Knight Returns next, and afterwards I’m thinking of either read through Maus again or Hellboy. Haven’t really felt like playing games as much so I’m going to read instead.
  7. So I started Dragon Quest I on my Switch...hoo boy, and I thought DQ3 Switch looked bad on the big screen! The screen movement is really bad too, far worse than DQ3 Switch.

    Now I understand why Kamiya was not happy how Square Enix handled these Switch versions. I think it’s time DQ 1-3 got proper remakes again.

    1. RyuKisargi


      SFC... definitely.

      I think the Switch is aesthetically pleasing, but animated sprites are the way to go.

    2. Twinkie


      The screen jittering was the worst part. I can get over the terrible overworld sprites. But that jittering was damn awful.

    3. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      @Twinkie 100% agree. I really tried to keep playing it but I can’t handle the screen jittering. That’s unacceptable. DQ3 Switch didn’t have that problem as bad, and in handheld mode I never noticed it.

      These Switch versions may just have to be played in handheld mode only from here on out. I’ll stick with DQ11 S for the big screen.

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  8. Ah damn. I went back to Super Metroid to see if I could find the stuff I missed but I didn’t know the final save point would lock me into the point of no return. Nuts. Guess I’ll have to play a fresh file down the road and try to find the stuff I missed.
  9. Got a lot of stuff done today on my day off. One was finally getting the soundtrack for Fire Emblem Echoes on my iTunes/iPod. My computer was acting up Monday night after work when I tried to get the soundtrack uploaded, but I had to wait until today to see what was going on. Thankfully some updates later and my computer was working fine and I was able to finish no problem. The data CD was different to work with since I’ve never had to deal with one from a soundtrack, but thankfully that wasn’t as difficult as I thought it was going to be. What’s cool is that the data CD had the entire Famicom original soundtrack for the game as well as the DLC music. I was expecting the latter, but it’s really cool they included the Famicom original soundtrack as an extra. Glad to finally have the soundtrack and my computer up to date again. FE Echoes was a game that surprised me, particularly in the music department. Intelligent Systems usually does a pretty good job with their soundtracks, but Echoes really struck the right cord for me.
  10. Made a new soup recipe today. It was a rustic veggie soup recipe, and it ended up being pretty good. Had to put in more beef broth because I had extra veggies, and after it finished I decided to cook a bread and butter roast to throw into the soup as well. This soup will be good for when Lent rolls around this year. I’m not a big fan of fish, so I usually have to stick with veggie meals during Lent.
  11. Only saw this today, but Darkest Dungeon and all of its DLC is one sale for 40% until the end of tomorrow, February 6th. It’s a tough RPG but if you enjoy rougelike games, turn based RPGs and/or gothic horror it’s well worth checking out.
  12. Yeah, I have to agree on that. Seems weird they just went with Tact instead of Tactics.
  13. This is a game I’ve wanted to see from Dragon Quest, but why the hell is it a mobile game instead of a full blown console release?
  14. Welcome to my world on how I feel about Three Houses. I don’t want to go back to that game for a long time with all the #$*! I went through before and after I started playing it.
  15. Well that’s dumb. It’s like how Nintendo wouldn’t allow cloud saving with Splatoon 2 all over again.
  16. Bojack Horseman has come to a close. I was actually expecting the ending to be a lot more depressing given how the second half of season 6 went, but it actually ended on a positive. This show has definitely been a rollercoaster to watch since I first started it in 2017. I really like it and would probably call it one of my favorite shows, animation or otherwise. I won’t go into details but there were parts of the show I could relate to, but I also enjoyed the show for more than just that. Great voice cast, some really good humor thrown in and word play, and some good episode ideas thrown in for different means of story telling. The subject matter that goes on isn’t going to be enjoyable to watch for everyone and can be a tad uncomfortable, but....there’s a lot that works for the show. I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did, but it was well written and executed. It’s the end for Bojack Horseman, but maybe someday we’ll see an epilogue of some kind in a few years. I’m down for leaving things to the imagination for some aspects, but admittedly I am curious what became of certain characters who were brought back in season 6 but faded into the background again.
  17. Totally didn’t realize it until I saw you quoted me, but the way I positioned those add-ons to the “boxart,” makes it look like Wonder Red is not only trying to punch Funky Kong, but that he’s trying to get rid of the Dante sticker on the cover! Also, Big Bird just casually being in the Unite Fist is hilarious. RIP Caroll Spinney.
  18. Featuring a secret special guest eh? I bet I know what it will be, not to mention the $2million stretch goal new mode.
  19. An article/interview about the release going multi-platform. Sounds like Nintendo was totally fine with the game being released on other consoles, so good for them. https://www.siliconera.com/the-wonderful-101-remastered-devs-talk-crowdfunding-and-going-multiplatform/
  20. I got the soundtrack for Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia in the mail today. I’ve been wanting to get it for a long time now, and I used some of my Christmas money to finally get it. I really enjoyed the soundtrack of the game, and it’s probably my favorite from the series thus far. Looking forward to getting it on my iPod.
  21. I’m watching Season 6 of Bojack Horseman and am halfway through....holy #$*!, episode 8. I got suckered in thinking things were going to be good for characters. Damn show has sucked me in again!
  22. Got the Link amiibo for Link’s Awakening in the mail. Ordered it with Christmas money since I saw Amazon had it in stock again.
  23. That’s hilarious. I’ll definitely buy a Switch release. I got the original and DKC Tropical Freeze for free back on the Wii U because of the rewards program Nintendo had then. Club Nintendo, I think? I had enough gold coins for both and Wonderful 101 was awesome. I bought the full soundtrack off of iTunes shortly after beating the game, and I would gladly buy it for Switch so I can own a physical copy and have it on the go. That game was really great.
  24. An arrow user could be interesting. I could see it being a little like how Hawkeye has different arrow types in Ultimate Marvel 3, letting the character use different ones depending on the situation. I’d be down for a dedicated bow user of any kind though. I like playing snipers and bowman in games. It’s why the Sniper class was my go to in Team Fortress 2 (either with a sniper or the bow you can unlock for him) and why it’s my favorite class from Etrian Odyssey IV along with the Survivalist from the earlier games.
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