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  1. Well, all Seven Heroes have been defeated! I like how Wagnas took half of his dungeon and flew off with it, so I had to use one of Hiraga’s inventions to chase him down. No escaping the dungeon, so it was a one shot attempt. Thankfully managed to get through it and was able to go to town on Wagnas thanks to spell Saint Fire I obtained. It does a lot of damage against demonic enemies, and thankfully Wagnas counted. I thought this meant I could go and find the final dungeon...but then TERMITES! AGAIN! Apparently the termites from an earlier point came back for revenge, and...many vulgar wor
  2. Oh, and I’m also fine with Square Enix going for updated releases of their Super Famicom games for western releases. Stuff like the Collection of Mana, which finally gave the west Seiken Densetsu 3/Trials of Mana and the releases of Romancing SaGa 2 and 3. Seems like they will be doing the same with Live A Live going by the trademarks in Europe and other western territories, and I hope we see this momentum continue with the likes of Bahamut Lagoon.
  3. @Woodussomething seems to be up with posting replies to topics. Tried quoting someone in a topic earlier and the Den gave me an error message when I attempted to post it. Not sure if this is happening to others.
  4. As long as they keep making Dragon Quest and SaGa I’ll be happy. SaGa’s a unique take on turn based RPGs.
  5. Well, being an indecisive son of a gun for picking a game to play right now has paid off. I booted up Romancing SaGa 2 again this afternoon and have found the location of the last two Heroes I need to defeat. Wagnas is in a castle to the Far East (but surprisingly not where I thought it would be going by context clues the game was giving) and Subier was hiding out in the far south in the frozen sea. I tracked down Subier and killed him off (though I had trouble figuring out where to leave from in order to reach the ocean he was being in) and now I’m off to fight Wagnas now that I’ve finished t
  6. Damn, I think @ignasia has met his match when it comes to long posts.
  7. Fired up my Vita for the first time in...X amount of time and started a replay of the Final Fantasy III remake. I’ve had the series on the brain for the last few days, and replaying FF3 seemed like a fun idea. I really enjoyed the game more than I was expecting too like 2 or 3 years ago since I had a history of starting it but not getting far, but pushing through the part I got stopped by...I found Final Fantasy III to be one of my favorite experiences from the series, and my personal favorite of the NES/Famicom era games. With all that said, the game is still early on but I finally have
  8. Melee is one of my favorite GameCube games and really helped solidify my love for Smash. I’m not against someone who calls it their favorite game/Smash title, but there’s definitely fans who take their love for it too far. I’ve had encounters with fans like that for a particular RPG series that made me “Nope,” most things about said series. ANYWAY, getting back to Pokémon, I’m thinking I’ll fire up Pokémon Mystery Dungeon DX tomorrow or Thursday. Been wanting to get the game going and, well, nothing I’m playing right now on my Switch is really grabbing me. We’ll see if I get Psyduc
  9. Yup. When watching Aggretsuko season 3 earlier this year there’s an episode opening that reminded me of that awkward experience.
  10. Should have told him they taste like chocolate. Whenever I have to ask a Walmart associate to open the game case, there’s always some kind of (stupid) comment made. Back when I picked up Smash Ultimate I got it from Walmart, and the kid who helped me out asked if I had ever played a Smash game before. He then started telling me how fantastic Melee was and so on. This was someone who must have been about 18 or so. I just looked at him and said “I’ve been playing Smash Bros. since the original on the N64. I grew up with it.” Not gonna lie, the way the kid went quiet made me laugh afterwards
  11. So...who wants to become a Metapod? https://www.siliconera.com/pokemon-metapod-sleeping-bag/
  12. I can’t wait for Dragon Quest XI S Deluxe Definitely Definitive Edition featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry Series to come out on the PS5 and the new Xbox.
  13. Ha, nice. When I think of hate I always think of Kefka’s freak out in Final Fantasy VI.
  14. I #$*!ing hate that song. We had to sing it in choir my senior year of high school and IT. SUCKED. Hate hate hate hate hate that song.
  15. My favorites from the later games are Shinjiro from 3 and Kanji from 4. While I didn’t like Persona Q much, I’m at least glad you could use Shinjiro for the entire game. It’s one reason I prefer the other SMT games as well. Yeah the demons and creatures that join you may not say much, but I enjoy creating team from them and creating their entire spell/movesets and seeing my party change as the games progress. You can get such diverse active rosters once you realize how they all come from different world religions, myths, and so forth. That’s a very cool aspect to the games in my opinion.
  16. Oh yeah, Bracken is a fun character. She’s pretty much a combat medic. She hits hard and can heal pretty well to with her inventions.
  17. His look reminded me of the young prince portrait from Etrian Odyssey 3. Evan is royalty, so some of his design aspects make sense. Plus if you don’t like his default look there are alternate costumes you can get for him and all the other characters. But whatever. If you don’t like him you don’t like him.
  18. I get it. I feel that way with a lot of the playable characters from the Persona games. They can get annoying. I didn’t have a problem with Evan, but I can see where you’re coming from.
  19. You didn’t know you could drop Evan from the party? Boy, you really don’t just explore through menus and options, do you? Evan’s a good party member. His magic abilities can be pretty strong. What don’t you like about him?
  20. We’ve had that established for a while now. Haha
  21. I resumed the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, specifically to fully finish off Spyro 3. I’ve reached World 4, Midnight Mountain, but am now going back to previous levels since I now have all the characters unlocked. My opinion on Spyro 3 has improved since the last time I played the game, so I’m glad I’m enjoying myself with the game compared to the first time I played it on the Reignited Trilogy. However...I ran into a really weird glitch. When playing the level Charmed Ridge in world 3, I was just about to end the level when I killed an enemy and all of a sudden the sound cut out entirely. I t
  22. Where I work our music system is already playing Christmas music. It started on November 1st. Thankfully right now it’s every 5 or 6 songs before another Christmas tune plays, but damn, it’s annoying. Christmas is my favorite holiday, but I hate how Christmas music is pushed so soon. Especially all these really bad covers. Give me classic takes, instrumental, or as sung by the likes of Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, etc.
  23. So last night while heading home from work I hit a raccoon with my car. Little bastard ran out onto the road and instead of running back the way he came he ran straight south, which is the direction I was going. Knew better than to swerve or slam the brakes so he got hit. I thought he didn’t do that much damage to my car, but it was worse than I thought. He knocked out one of my headlights (which thankfully fell out AFTER I stopped for gas) and today when driving to work I found something else that fell off my car. It’s hard to explain what it is, but essentially it’s the back half of the bump
  24. That already have that. It’s called Hatoful Boyfriend. Also, holy #$*! is the new bonus boss fight in Bug Fables HARD. Man, I thought the post game boss fight before the update was difficult. This new boss...hoo boy. I did ok, but I got my butt handed to me, so I need to strategize and try again. Now it makes sense why the characters it relates to seemed so easy going throughout the entire game. I’m happy for the challenge though, but the real question is...how does one fight the actual best new additional boss...?
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