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  1. We’ll have to choose whether to light the First Flame or let it burn out...
  2. You looked up what stats do?! That’s cheating! But no, just kidding. Glad you’re enjoying the game so much. Welcome to the SMT Brotherhood. You’ll enjoy the pain of the difficulty more and more, and Nocturne will help you dive right in! Haha As for me, I’ve made some more progress in SaGa Frontier Remastered. Wasn’t a huge amount, but I was able to get some new information and features opened up in T260G’s story. I can now change around the body model for T2 for different stat perks and skills, and after meeting Dr. Leonard it sounds like he can help you get some new robo re
  3. As far as the announcements went, I felt like this: Erasers: Meh, it’s mobile. DQ10: That was just not handled well at all. Way to raise our hopes up for nothing. DQ10 Offline: Looks promising and I bet we get this one. Totally fine with that. DQ3 HD 2D: Best announcement of the whole thing. Definitely the most exciting especially since this was the first mainline game I played along with DQ4. DQ Treasures: Meh. I need more information. DQ12: The Dark Souls of DQ Games. Not surprised they had few details, but I’m interested in the comments on the “Meaning of life” story and the
  4. Spent a good chunk of the day playing Bravely Default 2. Now that I’ve reached the super secret hush hush town, I’ve been going back to finish off side quests and maxing out job classes for everyone. At this point I can now take on bonus bosses in the various Halls of Tribulations scattered across the overworld, which lets you unlock the job class level caps and can reach their full potential. You automatically get this for the Freelancer after starting chapter 6 (which begs the question why this is a new chapter when it’s after the credits have rolled the first time but ), while each Hall
  5. Took the past few days off from work thanks to my paid time off hours getting so high. Work has gotten much better but man, after this past weekend I could not have put in for time off at a more opportune time. I had the past few days set for me to be off about a month ago, so it’s kind of weird how it ended up working out to give me some peace and quiet after a “fun” work weekend. Anyway, got a few things taken care of. Cashed a check I got from my old job’s 4K plan (which I didn’t even know we had a 4K plan at that job) and used part of the money towards some new SaGa series soundtracks
  6. Bravely Default 2 has been beaten...or at least I think it has been. Got through the final dungeon below the kingdom of Musa and defeated the big bad at the end. But suddenly the game pulled a surprise death out of nowhere and then the credits rolled. Loading my save file, it showed a premonition of what happened, and now it seems like the party can change this fate. I’m very intrigued by this, and it suddenly has me invested in what’s to come again. Was feeling a little burnt out from playing the last few days but NOW I’m looking forward to what other secrets the world has and what can happen
  7. I’ve replayed Superstar Saga many times. It’s fun to see how fast you can unlock the Advanced versions of the Bro moves in combat and what rare stuff you can steal from bosses with the first of the secret scroll moves. There’s a lot of great stuff to that game.
  8. Got the Hellblade asterisk and to the start of Chapter 5 in BD2. Really hated that the game made you do two long dungeons back to back after the attack on Holograd. That was some bullshit. The Hellblade boss was also a pushover too, which was disappointing.
  9. Got the Anarchist job asterisk and have invaded the Empire of Holograd. Cool cutscenes led up to the attack too. Can’t help but think Holograd should have learned from the Varennes Empire instead; could have made gaining new allies and land much easier if they tried to help others instead of invading. The Arcanist Asterisk holder was hilarious. His dialogue and delivery made me laugh.
  10. As Platty says, this is our little slice of the internet. It’s a pretty chill place.
  11. Mainly been doing job class grinding in BD2 when I’ve played it the last few nights. Been doing it for the passive skills from some of the new classes, namely the Turn Tables skill from the Phantom class. After how much trouble I was having with the Phantom class battle, I’m not looking forward to what could be next at Wiswald, or whenever I get to fight that Adam guy. Probably overkill to do this, but I’m okay with having these new options open for the party so I can try out different combinations and see what works. I’m sure whatever awaits in the post game will be pretty tough anyway,
  12. It is. If all else you can wait for a sale and get it for $5. It and the Contra Collection were both $5 a few months ago, and my guess is that digital sale will come around again. Totally worth getting both for $10 total if you can.
  13. Got the Obelisk and Phantom job classes in Bravely 2. The Phantom was one of the hardest bosses so far.
  14. I bought it digitally for $5 on a sale. Don’t know what the cost is for physical that’s coming out, but I’d say if you know you like Castlevania you’d enjoy the collection. It’s the 3 original NES games, the two Gameboy games I mentioned, IV, Bloodlines and NES Kid Dracula (which never got a western release). You can also play the Japanese versions of most of the games, which actually makes Castlevania 3 a lot easier, and you have an in game art book/interviews.
  15. Finished Gameboy Castlevania 2, and it was much better than the first Gameboy game. Much better level and enemy layouts, the difficulty didn’t feel as bullshit save for the last two bosses, and it was nice to see the game didn’t freak out and slow down when more than 2 character sprites were on screen at once. Definitely preferred this one over the first game, and I can see myself replaying Belmont’s Revenge in the future when I’m in a Castlevania mood. That’s 4 of the games beaten on the Castlevania Collection now. Still need to beat Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest, Super Castlevania
  16. Started up the Castlevania Anniversary Collection again and finished off Castlevania The Adventure. This game is definitely a “skip it” one if you get the collection, but because I hate myself I tried to beat it for the sake of “completing,” the collection. Definitely abused save states because boy, this game is super unfair even for a Gameboy game/Castlevania game. You lose your whip power ups after taking a hit from an enemy, the game forces you back a long way of you lose a life, if you lose all of your lives you have to start the entire game over again...that last one is especially WT
  17. SaGa Frontier: Finished Red’s Story today. After beating the 4th Emperor you are invited back to the Cygnus and, with the help of the ship’s crew, you sneak on to the Black Ray ship. That was an annoying dungeon, I’ll tell you what. You can freely look around for what treasures are available, but as soon as you run into Metal Black on the bridge, you have to avoid him and not re-enter the same rooms until you get the notification that the ship will soon land. Finding the right path to avoid MB until then took a lot of retries, but I finally found the right path to get the mech part I was wanti
  18. SaGa Frontier: Getting close to ending Red’s story...I think. I’ve beaten 3 of the 4 BlackX Emperors now, and it seems the last one is in Kyo. Reached the town and sure enough, saw a pilgrim from the beginning of Red’s story heading for the building I met M. Black earlier in Red’s story. Sure enough, there was a hidden entrance to an underground base there, so we’ll see who the next Emperor is I’ll be going after. If we’re going with the rest of the Emperors and how the story has played out, I bet I’ve already met the next Emperor via one of the NPCs I’ve met before now. Gotta give the game cr
  19. That’s been a thing with the SaGa series since the original Gameboy game, my dude. And you’ll want it.
  20. Lol well that might explain why you disappeared from the Discord then. Better get used to those kind of translations, because that’s what DQ is now. Doubt anyone will make a fan translation for the PS1 version.
  21. You just need to learn how to play from this:
  22. SaGa Frontier Remastered: Still slowly working through Red’s story. I find this game is easy to play for an hour or two then set it down for the night. These SaGa games are good for playing in chunks. Anyway, I took down the first of the leaders from BlackX, Berva. Funny enough, you actually meet this guy earlier on in Red’s story in the masked material arts tournament in the Shingrow region. Defeating him was difficult since you have fight his boss fight twice (first time you beat him he retreats to try and safe his own skin) but I managed to win and was rewarded with Shingrow Palace blo
  23. I like how the game handles those relations too, Iggy. It’s one of the things I really like about DQ7. Personally I like it when story telling leaves things a little ambiguous but gives you enough context clues that you can piece things together.
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