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  1. I may leave the Jester alone and change it later on. First time I used one I immediately changed it as soon as I could. Mr. Foop the Third needs something to torture him in his journey, so it may as well be a Jester. 🤣 And I kind of want to see how long I can use one. If I would have had a enough character spaces his name definitely would have been Dr. Yuckster.
  2. So...Mr. Foop the Third (or Mr.FoopIII) has begun his adventure in DQ3 Switch. I had enjoyed playing DQ1 and 2 as an evening game the last few weeks, and I’ve still had the DQ itch, so I figure it won’t hurt to play it in the evenings when watching some Netflix. In this run, brave Mr. Foop the Third is joined by his trusty companions Leonardo the Merchant (my go to name for a male merchant), Healina the Priest, and Yuckster the Jester (I know the new name is Gadabout but SHHHHHH). I can’t wait to see how much hell the Jester gives me this time when I play the game. First time I played the SNES fan translation it was AWFUL. He became a Sage ASAP. Anyway, I’m now at Romaria. Trying to get some gold so I can better equip my group. I’m happy to have a spell caster in this playthrough. I haven’t really had one for early game the last few times I’ve played the game, so I’m happy to have a Priest along for healing and status ailments.
  3. They were lying in wait, I’m sure. One nite from them could have been deadly...
  4. Maybe if I defeat the next boss in Okami (Blight), we can save the rest of the world...
  5. Hopefully that works. If all else the playable character is Amaterasu, a god in Japanese lore. If she gets sicked, we’re all boned. I actually have a friend who wanted to start playing the Resident Evil games recently. When I asked if it had to do with what’s going on now, he gave a mixed response of yes and no. It sounded like he was more interested in the RE3 remake than anything and that’s why he wants to look into the rest of the series, as well as the viruses that affect the people/animals in the series. He’s kind of a weird dude, but if it helps distract him from what’s going on now more power to him.
  6. Careful, he may sick his tarantula army on you. 🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷
  7. Oof, Okami HD got uncomfortable to play real fast. I forgot Sei-an City was dealing with a virus/poisonous mist that was affecting the population of the city. Kind of bad timing to be in a place like this right now considering what’s going on in the real world at the moment. I might speed through this part of the game as quick as I can.
  8. Yes. Neither one of those will affect whether you find Stella or not in one of the locations, so feel free to use both.
  9. Not because I’m playing it at the moment, but Okami HD is part of the Capcom sale going on over at the eshop right now. If you like Zelda/adventure games, it’s a good one to play.
  10. Are you planning to start an army with all those tarantulas? Remind me not to visit your island if all of those little critters are running around. At least you can sell them for a tidy profit of bells.
  11. Well, guess it’s a good thing I haven’t started the Grandia HD Collecrion yet. Hooray for big updates.


  12. I’m glad you’ve liked the original so much just from me suggesting it. I try and give people suggestion for games I genuinely think they will like, so it’s good when someone goes for it and enjoys the game/show/whatever. Maybe when you get back to Trials of Mana so will I. I’d like to finish off the game, as I was close to the end. Plus I’d like to see how other routes play out in the game too.
  13. The turnip market is a real bastard in Animal Crossing. I’ve had terrible luck with it in past games so I just don’t even bother talking to Joan.
  14. There’s a recent collection that came out for Switch. It features Langrisser 1 and 2 and it has several customizable options for the player. There’s a demo for the game on the eshop. I played through Langrisser 1’s portion of the demo and it was pretty good. It’s old school Fire Emblem like (in a good way) and allows you to choose what the type of generic units works with your main characters. The demo was only a few chapters, but it gives a solid impression on the game. It’s definitely one I’d like to pick up the full game down the road.
  15. I finished off the Moon Cave last night in Okami and have ended part one of the game. The Moon Cave dungeon was as long as I remembered it being, but it was an interesting dungeon for the most part. Next time I play it’s off to Ryoshima Coast!
  16. I got this trailer recommended to me in my YouTube feed this morning: While I’m not really planning to see this movie in theaters (regardless of what’s going on in the world right now), I LOVE the fact that they are using Dick Dastardly as the villain for the movie. When I was a kid and when Boomerang played all the old Hanna-Barbara cartoons, the Wacky Races was always one of my favorites to watch. Dick Dastardly and Muttley were great on that show, so it’s really cool to see one of the two appear in modern day media. Hopefully Muttley shows up too just so we can hear that iconic laugh of his.
  17. The one good thing about how work is set up right now (we only go in to do the important work and are closed to the public) is that it’s given me the chance to listen through some soundtracks. From the days we’ve worked since this all started I’ve gotten through Okami, Fire Emblem Echoes, and Final Fantasy IX’s soundtracks. I’ve put on my DQ symphonic suites when those get done and there’s still some time before I leave.
  18. It’s at least worth trying out. Maybe my opinion is in the minority. Also, totally forgot to share this before. If this song gets put up on iTunes at some point I will gladly buy it.
  19. Knowing how quick Square Enix games go on sale, it very well may be.
  20. I briefly started the demo for the Trials of Mana remake this morning. Game visually looks ok, the voice acting is absolutely awful (and not in a funny bad way either), but the music is nice and the combat and controls/gameplay is fun. The orchestral take on the main theme at the start screen was excellent. I think I’ll stick with the SNES version that’s part of the Collection of Mana. Maybe down the road when the remake inevitably gets lowered in price I’ll pick up then.
  21. I’m about at the halfway point...or more like the first third point? I’ve always seen the game as broken into 3 parts: Eastern Nippon up to the confrontation in the Moon Cave is Part 1, Ryoshima Coast up to defeating the evil on Oni Island is Part 2, and Kamui and the Ark of Yamato is Part 3. It’s been fun playing the game and experiencing it all over again. It’s been a number of years since I last played it on the Wii. I’m definitely thinking about Animal Crossing New Horizons more and more though. I meant to try and pre-order it but I just never got around to it. By the sounds of it work may be closing completely for awhile so I may need something relaxing like Animal Crossing to help take my mind off things. And don’t worry. If I do make my island Estard Island themed, I’ll make sure there is plenty of dialogue to read up on. 😜
  22. Huh. Well there you go. I figured it was one of those special one of a kind items you received via the mail. Is it one of those items Twinkie mentioned where you can’t dupe it? Might have to see if anyone on Gamefaqs could help. I’m legit thinking about buying a digital copy of the game, both because of this glitch I’d love to use before it’s too late and because you guys and the other people on my Switch friend list who have been playing like crazy already.
  23. You can? I thought the special switch items were only given to you as a one per customer sort of deal.
  24. DUDE. That’s awesome and super easy! Damn, I may just have to get the game earlier than I planned and make use of that before it’s too late. And speaking of the duplication.... Since you got the special Animal Crossing Switch, you received the special in game item Switch for it didn’t you? I’d love to have one of those for my house, but if you don’t want to make a dupe then I understand.
  25. Dang, really? That’s pretty sweet (at least until they patch it). It must be that glitch that caused people to receive a ton of money at once, as I had a recommended video in my YouTube feed about making quick and easy money in the game. The thumbnail showed that the guy’s inventory was filled with 99,000 bells in every slot.
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