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  1. Can we not start a shouting match over censorship? They just didn’t say the word(s), not cut it from the movie. In the English and JP dubs Bianca just says it, nothing is shown onscreen.
  2. Gonna watch it right now and hopefully finish it before I have to go to work.
  3. Capcom and Ubisoft are running sales on the eshop right now. Mario + Rabbids is $15, Rayman Legends if $10 (which is REALLY tempting to get, not gonna lie), and the Phoenix Wright HD Trilogy is $15, just to name some highlights. The one I would recommend if you want something from the sale? Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. It’s $20, which is a hell of a deal considering all the content that’s jammed into the game. If I didn’t have my physical copy of the game I would totally snag it up at that price point.
  4. I’m at chapter 5 in FE Awakening. Vaike kept getting beaten over the head in Chapter 3 and kept dying, but then I remembered they he has some pretty poor defense early on, and that’s with him being teamed up. He may go on the bench this playthrough. Been using Miriel more though. She was very helpful in chapters 3 and 4 for the heavy armor units. I may keep using her this time instead of using Ricken, who just showed up. It’s been nice playing on the 3DS again. I would still call this system and it’s library of games one of my favorites. Got plenty of good times with my 3DS in my college years.
  5. Truly you are the DQ fan we all need to aspire to be in terms of positive thoughts for the series that brought us all here. 😜
  6. Well, we’ll never know if he can go. If he plays both he may never show.
  7. No, they don’t. Only one that comes to mind is Mario Kart 8 Deluxe since it included all the DLC and some new stuff.
  8. No need to explain mechanics or gimmicks. I’ll figure things out as I go. I always do in games. Makes them more interesting that way. If I run into challenges, I’ll face them and figure something out. 😀 Also, not gonna buy the DLC was brill I beat the game at least once.
  9. Nice to see someone is doing a Smash Mouth collab. I bet the lead singer will be a top ranked character.
  10. The new Smash amiibo for Dark Samus and Richter arrived in the mail. The Dark Samus one is REALLY good.
  11. I’m the same. I didn’t mind playing DQ1-3 on my phone since they are shorter games, but trying to play DQ4 on my phone has taken forever. It makes my thumbs hurt.
  12. Playing FE Awakening went as well as I expected it too: got my butt handed to me and realized I wasn’t playing very smart. I left off at chapter 3 on Hard Classic and man, the enemies hit hard at that point of the game. It feels like you have to use the team up mechanic to stand a chance. Maybe it was like that for the whole game and I just don’t remember, but I’ll tell you, having to reset a few times was not fun. I may have to play this replay on Hard Casual just so I can take it a bit easier. I don’t throw units in willy nilly just for the heck of it if I ever use Casual, as I still like to try and play as if you are playing Fire Emblem normally. I have another free save file, so we’ll see. I’d like to give it another go, but maybe I should use this opportunity to see if Three Houses can grab my attention again.
  13. The Crash Bandicoot and Spyro remake trilogies are 50% off on the eshop right now, so you can get either game for $20. I don’t know how the Switch versions of both are, but those were fun games to play. I didn’t grow up owning either series (though I did get to play Spyro every now and then) and I got a lot of enjoyment out of the remake trilogies.
  14. I was mistaken. I did technically base the avatar after Eirika, but the name I went with was Renaisa after the kingdom of Renais from Sacred Stones (which Eirika is from) and gave her a hair color similar to Eirika’s. Whoops.
  15. The Eirika thing was spur of the moment back when I made the file. Sacred Stones was the first FE game I played, and I thought she was a good leading lady for the most part. It will probably be Chrom. I don’t really care who ends up with who to be honest, but I figure may as well team the two up since they are starting characters and I’m curious how Lucina’s dialogue changes in regards to her mom being Robin.
  16. I’ve been wanting to replaying Fire Emblem Awakening for the last few days. I don’t know what sparked this exactly (the FE Echoes soundtrack may have to do with it), but I’ve been wanting to get back to the file I started with a female Robin (who I made look like and named Eirika from Sacred Stones) a year ago. I have other games I need to play and another FE game I should get back too, but admittedly it’s very tempting to pick up my 3DS again this evening after work and play that Awakening file again. Awakening was a fun game. I thought it got a bit too difficult later on and it encouraged extra grinding, but it was a good time. Maybe I’ll play a few chapters and scratch the itch.
  17. The Luminary has gotten his groove back. Now he can Z stuff with lighting to make them go Poof once again.
  18. Kinda seems like you’re reading into it a bit too much, but if that’s what you think and believe, that’s fine. After all my English major classes back in college I’ve DEFINITELY learned how text can be interpreted in many ways.
  19. Yep. That’s was I was trying to say in my post. Got a little more wordy then I meant to though. 🤪
  20. Zoma, upon his defeat, will comment that someday another will come along who will bring darkness to the world just as he did. I never took it as implying that the DragonLord and Hargon (and Malroth by extension) are taking the reigns as a reincarnation or something of that kind to Zoma, or that they control the exact same darkness as Zoma. They just happened to be the next big threat to the world of Alefgard that came along. Calasmos saying something similar was probably just a shout out to that line of Zoma’s when he was defeated. After all, Calasmos has another really big shoutout to Zoma when fighting him as well, and DQ11 is full of shout outs and references to every other game in the series. It’s almost a tradition for a big bad to say something upon their defeat. I still recall how Zeromus from Final Fantasy IV cries out that he will never die as long as darkness exists in the hearts of men. Zoma and Calasmos saying something about the darkness was probably meant as a final jab at the heroes, nothing more. Who knows if Zoma or Calasmos truly knew if someone else would come along and be as strong as them? For all we know they could have been saying utter bull-#$*! just to mess the with heroes.
  21. I have Sylvando back with the party in Act 2 and am now heading to Gallopolis. I thought that instead of heading to Zwaardrust like the game suggests I’d try going elsewhere first for something different.
  22. I didn’t really care for him either, but I do like how he’s around for pretty much the entire game. The cutscenes of Gallopolis during Act 2 and how the strange black Tockle came into play was unexpected, and having another DQ villain succeed with their plans (both being in the same game no less) was interesting. I hate his design and still think it’s one of the worst Toriyama final boss designs, but there was some good stuff going for Calasmos. He did feel like more of a threat than Mordegon at least.
  23. All the gameplay changes coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ are VERY welcome. That game was actually really good but suffered from some gameplay issues, so I’m glad Namco and ArcSys are still going strong with support for the game.

    It’s certainly faired better than some other DBZ related games, and I’m looking forward to what Season 3 of DB FighterZ has in store.

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