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  1. Didn’t Sunshine already have analog controls? I never felt like controlling FLUDD or any other movements were hindered when using my pro controller or playing in handheld mode. Either way, glad the update is up.
  2. Hey @eal, looks like there’s a new visual novel game for the Vita. Not sure if there’s going to be an English release, but figured you might want to know. https://www.siliconera.com/yumeutsutsu-vita-limited-physical-editions-coming-very-soon/
  3. Damn it, my reading comprehension failed me! I ended up walking right into that one.
  4. Well, if we do that kind of Quintet episode, I’ll be the one to listen and whatever.
  5. It’s a trio of RPGs from the SNES made by the company Quintet. The games are loosely connected but are usually referred to as the Quintet Trilogy. It’s Soul Blazer, Illusion of Gaia, and Terranigma. All three were released in the west by Enix (I believe they were the publisher), but Terranigma was only released in Europe in the west for some reason. I’ve heard all three are great games, particularly Terranigma.
  6. Terranigma is one I need to play. If I play it and the others in the Quintet Trilogy (and provided we can convince @Plattym3to play them), we should definitely an episode on those games. Trials of Mana and the other Mana games could be an episode for sure. I have the Collection of Mana for my Switch, and while I haven’t touched Trials in a long while I’m still up for finishing it.
  7. Anyone else see Kelsey Grammer in that gif as the eyepatch guy? That’s the first one that came up when I typed in “May God have mercy on his soul gif.” I can’t think of any movies/shows Kelsey Grammer was in where he wore an eyepatch.
  8. Oh, I’m right there with you for the love or hate thing! When I originally tried playing FF7, I just could not get into it at all. I tried playing the game for what it was and ignored how it’s so highly praised...but I just wasn’t enjoying it. For as narrative driven as FF became at that point, the story and characters weren’t doing it for me. Normally if the gameplay is good I won’t worry so much on narrative stuff, which was the case for Fire Emblem Fates for example, but I just wasn’t having fun playing FF7 either. Nothing clicked for me. I’m sure some would argue “Oh you had to play i
  9. I’m in the same boat. I enjoy the first 6 games and FF9, but other entries...honestly I just don’t have the desire to check them out or I tried playing them but they did nothing for me. Whenever people mention the series the first games I think of are 4, 6, and 9. 4 in particular helped me get into RPGs more when I first played it, but it was from that and past experiences I knew what I would like from an RPG. If someone is a big fan of the series, then hey, good for them. I figure RPG fans can find at least one Final Fantasy game that clicks for them, whether they are fans of the series
  10. Yeah, about that...from playing RS2 tonight I got several HP level ups and access to some new spells that should really help. And thanks to the new dungeon in this version, I obtained a formation that boosts attack power and speed for the entire party. I’m finding ways to help improve my chances!!!
  11. Final Fantasy III: Recently received the Fire Crystal job classes of Ranger, Knight, Scholar, and Geomancer. As I learned the last time I played, Geomancer can get VERY powerful if you stick with it, so I’m fine with having one in the party again. Doing a little job level grinding before I go to the town of Tokkel so I can get my characters a little more prepared for the upcoming dungeon and boss battle. Thankfully it’s pretty easy to raise job levels thanks to the auto battle feature: just set everyone to defend, let them auto battle for 4 or 5 turns, then defeat the enemies. Being able to do
  12. Building stuff wise and collecting materials, yes. But you have clear goals for each part of the game thanks to the NPCs. Look up some gameplay from the Rimuldar section (aka part 1 of Builders 1) and you’ll see what I mean. There’s a free building mode called Terra Incognita, but you don’t have to be play that mode if you don’t want to.
  13. Oh yes, I forgot to mention Theatrhythm Dragon Quest. If you have a Japanese 3DS, it’s worth getting. It’s very easy to play and navigate, and if you enjoy DQ music you’ll get plenty out of the game.
  14. Builders is worth playing. I’m not much for building type games but Builders was a lot of fun. Helping restore Alefgard in Builders 1 was an interesting concept.
  15. Funny you mention Thursday and soup, as I made a crockpot of soup on Thursday. It’s my Mexican/tortilla soup recipe. Originally got the recipe from a family member but have tweaked it over the past few years. Got it down to a hamburger version and a chicken version, each one calling for a few different things.
  16. Yeah, looks like it was for it’s western release. Well, in that case, Happy 20th Final Fantasy IX.
  17. We need to get you to play some of Final Fantasy IX at some point. That’s a good game. But if you don’t play it, I understand. Final Fantasy is a series I really need to be in the mood for in order to play it or listen to music it from it.
  18. I don’t really care if the spoken language is in English or Japanese for my games. There are ones where I turn it off entirely, such as the Etrian Odyssey games. The VA work just takes me out of the experience.
  19. He may have seen it but hasn’t said anything. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about ol’ Bururian, it’s that he’s always watching... At least, on the Discord anyway.
  20. Toriyama still designs the main characters. Not sure about monsters, but I’d imagine he does most of them. Horii still makes the main ideas for a given game. I’d imagine he still has a fair hand in how elements should be designed and story beats progress. Him being a constant presence could explain the continued quality of the series. Sugiyama....love the guy’s music, but that’s it. Hate the synth sound they’ve used for every DQ release for nearly a decade now and really wish someone would get that changed. Doesn’t have to be orchestrated, but some better quality synth would be nice.
  21. Wagnas is dead again and now I have to deal with the stupid termites. This part wouldn’t be so bad if every random encounter didn’t have the Termite Battler enemy. God, I’m now at the point I’m just stubbornly playing. I want to finish this stupid god damn game, and I’m going to do it one way or another.
  22. #$*!ing Christ on a bike, I completely screwed myself over. I reached the end of the final dungeon and mistakenly saved after a point of no return, and I CAN’T BEAT THE FINAL BOSS. I’ve tried so many different strategies but I just can’t keep up with the final boss. It’s a good idea for a fight, but that #$*!ing Tidal Wave attack! God damn it. So now I’m going back to a save from 5 hours before and am going to attempt to repeat all the progress I lose because of it. I’m pretty pissed about all this, as I finally thought I was going to have the game done with today. #$*! #$*! #$*! #$*! FUU
  23. I hope your prepared for a hell of a lot of grinding to get bronze, silver, and gold medals for every single monster in the game so you can actually reach GranDragon.
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