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  1. You’ll be able to listen to the 23rd episode once you’ve been on Sidequest 5 times. On the 5th time you’ll receive enough credits to listen to the episode. Also this. This is the way to hear it immediately.
  2. I’d believe it. Unfortunately I’m big enough of a Mario fan that I’ll gladly buy a copy of 3D All-Stars . I’ve played and enjoyed each multiple times so having them on the go for the Switch is cool. Speaking of which, I just pre-ordered my copy using Woodus’ Amazon affiliate link. Looking forward to getting it.
  3. I’m good without playing Galaxy. I enjoyed Galaxy 2 a lot more anyway. The Galaxy games were good, but I didn’t enjoy the linear nature they had for them being 3D Mario games.
  4. Yeah, I can’t figure out what exactly their game plan is with that. I’m guessing it’s to make people buy the collection like crazy while it’s available for 6 months, but...why even do that? Just to help push sales and tell people “Hurry, you only get this much time to buy,” doesn’t seem like an approach Nintendo would do with Mario of all series, especially for his 35th anniversary. This better not become the new thing Nintendo does, especially the limited physical copies. I prefer to buy my games physically if possible or going into a store to pick up the actual product.
  5. New trailer for Nocturne HD. This one shows off a lot of the areas and NPCs and how they look with the HD treatment. Visually the game still holds up well on the PS2, but with the HD treatment Nocturne is looking fantastic. Kaneko’s artstyle looks excellent in HD.
  6. So months ago I got stuck on a mission in Steamworld Heist where you had to deal with explosive oil and fire shooting enemies. Couldn’t beat it for the life of me. I just randomly fired up the game again this evening to try and finish some games in limbo on my Switch and ta-freaking-dah, I went and beat the mission in the first try in months. Maybe now I’ll see how the game ends. I enjoyed it but just got brick walled on that mission something awful. I guess the trick was to send in Ivan the strongman robot.
  7. Found this yesterday and got a good laugh from it. I totally read the hashtag as what’s in the cat portion.
  8. I play AFY games. That stands for “Approved For Yangus.”
  9. This is fairly normal for eal and Platty. They play ecchi games or whatever that term is.
  10. I can totally relate to the “getting sick of it” mentality. I have that with a different game. Anyway, tried out a demo for an RPG called Cris Tales. I liked how from the images it had a cool looking artstyle and how the turn based RPG combat looked like it was handled like Super Mario RPG where the four face buttons equal a different action. Downloaded the demo and was immediately disappointed. Combat felt clunky, which you shouldn’t have to say for an turn based RPG, but here’s why: the game uses the Mario RPG approach where hitting the button with the right timing = stronger atta
  11. Funny enough I almost bought The Witcher 3 today for the Switch. I decided against it because I’m not really keen on open world games. The only ones that have genuinely interested me are Horizon Zero Dawn and Red Dead Redemption 2. While I wasn’t too keen on Zelda Breath of the Wild at first since I was still getting used to the changes to the Zelda formula, I ended up loving that game and put it as an open world type experience I genuinely liked. Open world games just don’t really appeal to me personally, but the ones that have interested me have been good experiences. Sometimes you find
  12. Yep. That’s just how it sounds. I think the only characters who have voiced lines with an actual American accent are Carver and Terry in the Dragon Quest Heroes games, and I think Carver’s is moreso based on a Canadian accent.
  13. No, it’s based on a Scandinavian accent. It’s not American based.
  14. I like when RPGs employ multiple parties, especially with games that have larger casts. Some of my favorite dungeons in Final Fantasy VI are the ones where you use two or three parties to help make progress in dungeons, or like in Suikoden 2 you create three separate parties to take on Luca Blight. Feels good to be able to use all or most of your party members in order to progress. I mean, when you have a lot of characters, it only makes sense for them to work together and split up into groups.
  15. October 2nd. https://www.siliconera.com/joker-and-hero-amiibo-release-date/
  16. Found a Piranha Plant amiibo today! Pretty happy about that.
  17. First thing the bartender said when the horse approached the counter: “Hey buddy, why the long face?”
  18. Stupid Chrome autofill. I fixed that twice, but tabbing off and then back on to edit the "NES Memories" reset it yet again. D'oh. We’ll just blame it on poor translation. NES games did have that problem.
  19. Edit: Was trying to post this yesterday and it didn’t work. Seeing if it works today for Woodus. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard this song, but damn do I still love it. Can’t understand a word of it, but still like singing along with it in my head. Gold Lightan definitely has one of my favorite Tatsunoko character themes. All it makes me think of is whenever you win with Gold Lightan in Tatsunoko vs Capcom and he yells out “GOOOOOOOLD-O LIGHTAAAAAAAAN!” Love how over the top he is in that game with some of his dialogue.
  20. Testing to see if this video link will post. 2nd test of video link:
  21. (Edit: This post was originally from yesterday after the Direct was uploaded to YouTube but for some reason I couldn’t post it due to the video links. Was testing this morning to see if I could post it without the links and it worked.) Not much for RPGs announced today in the Direct Mini, but we did get two shown off. I’m looking forward to the Collection of SaGa since I’ve never played the original Gameboy trilogy and have wanted to (and that’s before becoming a fan of the SaGa series, mind you) and the Taito no Tatsujin RPG looks interesting. I’ve enjoyed the one I picked up earlier
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