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  1. Mine still has copies of Yokai 2....don’t remember which version, but there you go.
  2. @AlefgardHero You know, o never even thought about World of Final Fantasy. I have the game, but I haven’t started it yet, but I remember from the demo how it has an emphasis on getting different monsters and using them to from stacks. We’ll probably revisit Final Fantasy at some point with a future episode, so we might do a quick mention of WoFF depending on the topic.
  3. Well getting to Rocbouquet was annoying. With an all female party she was super easy to take down, but the dungeons leading up to her were the real challenge. But I’ve defeated her and with it, a new territory joined the Empire and a new leader has appeared for the people... Turns out that way at the beginning of the game, the character you name becomes the Final Emperor or Empress. From what the Gypsy woman Orieve told me, it seems that the inheritance spell first used by Emperor Leon has run its course, thus making your created character the final Emperor/Empress of Avalon. Un
  4. Ah. I figured they’d go for the Diploma type reward like in the originals for completing the Pokédex. Just instead it’s a diploma for beating all the Master trainers. Cool you get called Master for each Pokémon though.
  5. ...well, apparently beating Bokhohn shot me into the next generation, so... Gonna start this generation tomorrow. We’re down to 3 heroes remaining: Subier, Rocbouquet, and Wagnas. Since I was able to choose an Empress this time I’m probably going to go after Rocbouquet.
  6. Wait, you have to fight the Master trainers with that particular Pokémon too? Man, that’s rough, especially for those early Bug Pokémon. Is there a reward for defeating all the Master trainers?
  7. After taking care of the Volcano island (for the first event) I jumped to the next generation once it joined the Empire. So with that... A lot of events opened up once I began this generation. Was told the volcano was on the brink of exploding, the Armed Merchants were in a civil war, the bridge I built south of Avalon was destroyed...lots of stuff sure did happen. Took care of everything and the Armed Merchants officially joined the empire, and found the culprit who destroyed the bridge. Both events have ties to the hero Subier, so I’m hoping he’ll be the next target. For now t
  8. Found the hero Noel hiding out in the desert. Went to the desert town with different towers in it and freed them from the monsters controlling them. Turns out they were working for Noel and the monster boss spilled the beans they were working for Noel in the first place. The desert territory joined the Empire and the citizens told me of a lake that granted eternal life. I had found the lake on my first playthrough but wasn’t able to do anything with it (other than my characters saying the water seemed suspicious), so I left it and never thought anything of it. Seems the lake moves around too,
  9. @Plattym3posts about each new episode once they go live here. There are main episodes that Platty and Liamland host and the Sidequest episodes are hosted by Platty and myself. https://www.woodus.com/forums/forum/139-slime-time-dragon-quest-podcast/ They typically get uploaded/added to Apple’s Podcast app and others once the initial version pops up. @Woodusmakes YouTube versions for listening as well for the Dragon’s Den YouTube page.
  10. There’s plenty of content if you listen to Slime Time and Side Quest...
  11. Well, good news is I finally got the Mermaid Potion made. Bad news is I apparently lost the chance to actually use it and go after the mermaid for emperor. Apparently you have to do that side quest in one generation. Whoops. Luckily you can use the potion to help go after Subier of the Seven Heroes once the storm hits the Longit Sea, which is what I had been trying to do on my first playthrough. However, going for the potion wasn’t a big waste of time. From gathering the ingredients I managed to recruit the Nereids, which are water spirits from Lake Aqua in the western half of the world,
  12. Yes. I remember the Sheep’s fascination with the pink puddle only because she was fuzzy like he was, and the ANGRY! ANGRY SCIENTIST! It was weird, but I liked it. I think the guy behind Sheep in the Big City (or at least the character/art designer) had previously worked on Sesame Street, as I remember before seeing Sheep in the Big City that Sesame Street had some of their animated sketches in the same artstyle as that show.
  13. Made some good progress in the game yesterday. Helped deal with the Termite Queen in the Savannah and am close to making the Mermaid Potion. I just need to find one more town with an NPC who mentions the moon for one of the potion components. I’m not sure what hero I should try and fight next. While I could try and take on Bokhohn I would prefer to have the Strategist unlocked so I can easily enter the Landship dungeon with all my gear intact. I might try and go for Noel, because I think he’s hiding out in the desert town. I definitely want to deal with him before his sister Rouboquet, as
  14. All of this helps me see even more of a connection with Chibi-Robo, which one of the heads for Moon went on to make for the Nintendo GameCube. I’m glad the game is doing well and I definitely want to check it out in the future. Undertale was kind of disappointing. I hate the game shames you for fighting any battles. The battle system was fun with the dodging mechanic for enemy attacks, but having to talk your way through every situation was a bore. And that #$*!ing dinosaur scientist NPC towards the end of the game...god, that totally killed any mood the game had. Thankfully the g
  15. If the Magikarp Master Trainer is the Magikarp Salesman from the anime I’d be so disappointed. Him tricking James in the original show into buying a Magikarp was funny, especially how it turns on James the instant it turns into Gyrados.
  16. Ha, I never had trouble with Click Clock Wood other than that damn empty honeycomb piece in Gnawty’s House during winter. I always save that for last so don’t have to recollect music notes. I’ve played the game enough that I can do everything in one cycle of seasons, but I completely get why that is your least favorite. People either hate or Rusty Bucket Bay or Click Clock Wood more.
  17. Only level I found that had bad design was Grunty Industries. That’s the one level I hate replaying in Tooie, just like I hate playing Rusty Bucket Bay in Kazooie. #$*! Rusty Bucket Bay, that stage just has way too many elements to hinder the player one way or another to be fun.
  18. Dragon Quest 2’s original Famicom box art is one of my favorite Dragon Quest pieces of art Toriyama has made, but saying the NES version art sucked is a bit of an exaggeration. It’s different, yes, but it has some cool details and interesting takes on the main trio.
  19. One of these days I’m going to attempt a 3 Goof-offs/Jesters/Gadabouts party in DQ3. I don’t know what version or how long I will be able to take it, but someday I’ll attempt the challenge. I like replaying DQ3 with a different party every time. The only consistent party member I try and have is a Sage for both sets of spells, but otherwise I just try a party and see if it works. Maybe do a little training in other classes if needed. DQ3 is one of those RPGs I can just turn on and not think about while having a good time. I prefer the Super Famicom version of the game but I’ve gotten
  20. I almost did a “Two-for-One,” with the Banjo games. It was super hard just to pick one of the games for the list.
  21. Beat Dantarg of the Seven Heroes. Not really sure how I managed to win as every one of his attacks could kill someone in one hit, but I managed to win. Now to the next generation!
  22. As was tradition for the first playthrough, here are the opening cards for my Emperor/Empress so far.
  23. Much like my adventure, I’m using New Game+ to revive this topic. I was running into problems with my first file; enemies were getting way too strong and I know that’s my fault. I got too battle happy, but I enjoy the battle system so that’s my fault. So I looked into the NG+ feature and decided to use that to have a fresh start with some added bonuses. It’s been a slow process starting over, but from what I’ve played I’m up to the 2nd generation after Gerard has passed on. Luckily this time I was able to recruit the Brawler class and didn’t totally screw up that quest line, so I’m happy
  24. Had to think some, but if I had to pick my top 9 games, regardless of the genre, it would be these ones: Super Mario 64: Mario World was the first game I played, but Super Mario 64 was the first game for the console I owned as a kid. I have a lot of love for this one, as it not only further introduced me to the Mario series, but what helped shape what I like in games: exploring and finding stuff. I remember messing around with this game a lot when my parents rented it before I had a copy to call my own, and I’ve replayed it many times. It’s still impressive all the moves and tricks y
  25. Been messing with Super Mario All-Stars since it was added to the SNES Switch app. I have a lot of history with this game, and have gotten two of the title themes stuck in my head. Lost Levels is a brutal game, but I love how gentle yet playful the title theme is for it. Meanwhile, Mario 3’s title theme goes for a jazzy, big show production feel.
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