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  1. Nintendo collector editions seem to always have low prints and sell out immediately. If you can get one than cool, but I don’t think they’re worth trying to hunt down if you can’t find one normally.
  2. I kept waiting for it to go up on pre-order from BestBuy.com, but nothing ever popped up. But I don’t really need the collector’s edition, so no big loss. I’ll pay the $6 for digital. Fingers crossed I get an eshop gift card so i can use it towards that.
  3. @ealrecommended this game on the Vita episode of Side Quest. It’s called The House of Fata Morgana. Seems it’s coming to Switch (with a physical version courtesy of Limited Run Games) at some point, so that’s cool. I’m not a visual novel guy, but it sounded like an interesting read through. https://twitter.com/Novectacle_EN/status/1330551482836402176
  4. Octopath Traveler: Finished all the chapter 2 stories. Fitting that Olberic’s was the last one I did since he’s my protagonist. I’m surprised how drawn in I’ve become with this game again. Really enjoying seeing how world is portrayed and hearing new music from the awesome soundtrack. Also, found out yesterday that you can see party banter from all the party members if you swap them out at the Pub. That’s nice to know and that everyone has something to talk about with the current character chapter you’re working on. I remember seeing people complain how there’s no interaction between the cast,
  5. We’ve hit a new level of WTF the Pokémon. https://www.siliconera.com/pikachu-asmr-is-officially-now-a-thing/
  6. @Plattym3and @eal, your dreams are finally coming true. Persona 5 Strikers is coming out February 23rd next year. The announcement video was leaked to YouTube a short while ago but was removed. Seems it was announced a little too soon. It’s going to be on PS4, Switch and Steam over here in the west. Edit: Here you go, someone had the chance to get the video. We won’t be hearing from eal and Platty for awhile once this comes out. https://mobile.twitter.com/toomguy127/status/1334740571999653892
  7. We actually talked how non-childish Digimon can get in the Not Pokémon Games episode of Slime Time Side Quest. It’s because of that that I still remember the show and the different seasons so well years later. They weren’t afraid to tackle serious subjects, even in the dub.
  8. https://www.siliconera.com/vita-playstation-store-access-interrupted/
  9. Wrapped up Alfyn’s Chapter 2 in Octopath. Freakin’ hell man, why is it that so many games I’ve played this year have a point that deals with a deadly virus that causes coughing and other symptoms?! Alfyn has to deal with a rival apothecary who is purposely causing it in the town. I figured when she was being secret secret hush hush about what her trick was for curing folks, something must be up, but to then sell a cure for what she essentially caused from her first cure...damn. She is stone cold cruel, especially with how she views human life in her pre-boss fight dialogue. I kind of forg
  10. Haha, that’s how I feel on those games. I was disappointed Death Stranding ended up the way it did since I was looking forward to what Kojima could do, but...major disappointment.
  11. Is this the same buddy who borrowed your DQ11S forever and never made any progress?
  12. Perhaps that was his plan. I really haven’t found any other dungeon crawlers that give me the same enjoyment Etrian does. Sword City would be the closest, but it doesn’t quite have the same team synergy style going for it that I find so inviting about Etrian.
  13. Romancing SaGa 3: Went to the resort town of Great Arch and found several treasure caves thanks to NPCs in the area. Last one was the biggest and had a lot of good new armor in it. After that, I went back to Pidona to sail to any towns I haven’t been to yet, and went to the town of Vanguard. Got a tip off about a small village north of the city and from there learned about a dragon who lives in the mountains, so that’s where I’m at now. Currently at the start of the dragon’s lair. Seems to be a dragon named Gwayne, so we’ll see if I can handle this yet. Octopath Traveler: Put this back in
  14. #$*!ing hell. It did that two times but apparently I only caught it the second time. This is why I don’t talk Pokémon. Man, I can barely remember most Pokémon names, let alone spell them right. You guys are lucky I’m as close as I am! If you listen to the recent Side Quest episode you’ll hear I’m not that great with Pokémon names.
  15. Totadile and Mudkip are my favorites. Back in Silver my Totadile and it’s evolutions were the only Pokémon I really remember using, and I’m pretty sure it carried me through the Elite Four. Didn’t have that as much with Mudkip and it’s evolutions, but when it became Swampert it did become the head of my team more and more. I think my final team after beating the game was Swampert, Shedinja, Groudon, Rayquaza, Metagross, and Salamance.
  16. First thing I always look up on a series is whether the games are connected or not. Usually I don’t look up a guide unless I’m absolutely stuck. I see no shame in that.
  17. It’s a sophisticated boobie game.
  18. ‘appy birfday @Wes! Hope it’s a diamond of a day for ya!
  19. I’ve thought the same for DQ9. After 5 minutes of playing the game on my 3DS, I nope’d out pretty quick.
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