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  1. Apparently my copy shipped on Thursday, so it should be arriving early next week! Nice.
  2. Newman is just like Prince Charmles: he’s a misunderstood character everyone hates.
  3. I actually bought a converter to play my PS2 and other stuff on my HD TV. Haven’t tried it with the GameCube yet, but it works well with my PS2. Totally get going for the Switch collection, but if you ever want to get a converter I’ll let you know what I got.
  4. I’ll be curious what your boys think of them. I remember having fun playing Mario 64 with my dad. Good times.
  5. My copy won’t arrive until the end of the month or early next month. I’m okay with that though.
  6. Oh yeah, I forgot I gave that to you. Glad you liked it.
  7. "#$*!ing Yangus and this new game share service he signed up for with Nintendo..." #$*!ing Yangus always causing proble- Hey wait a minute!
  8. She glances over from time to time. I've mentioned "man, I shouldn't put this on the Switch." Haha I would laugh if she looked over and questioned it and then you act all confused and say, “Now how did that game get on my Switch?!”
  9. Does your wife know you play those games? Serious question by the way, I’m legit curious if she knows and/or what she thinks.
  10. What’s really funny about the Monster Hunter announcements is that we were just talking about a potential Monster Hunter Stories 2 on the recent Slime Time Sidequest episode we recorded last week! I’m looking forward to Monster Hunter Rise. It going for more a Feudal Japan kind of vibe is interesting, and honestly it fits with the series as there have been a number of towns with that aesthetic in the series. Can’t wait to find out more about it, and now all I want to do is play more Generations Ultimate! Haha
  11. I’ve slowly worked my way through the Spyro Reignited Trilogy on my Switch. Got the PS4 version last year but wanted to pick it up for my Switch since I enjoyed it so much, and just now I finished off Spyro 2 100%. I may take a break before jumping into Spyro 3. Honestly Spyro 3 is my least favorite of the original trilogy, but I still think it’s a good game. Anyway, it’s been fun to have the trilogy on my Switch and replaying them. The originals were one of the few times I was able to play PS1 games as a kid, so these games do have a bit of nostalgia for me.
  12. You know, it’s funny once in a while when someone swears and the den censors it. But when you do it all the time it’s kind of annoying. The soup is pretty much what it sounds like. Hamburger, velvetta cheese, some diced veggies thrown in (mainly celery, carrots, potatoes and onions) and a few other ingredients.
  13. Whipped up some Cheeseburger soup today. My mom’s birthday is tomorrow and it’s one of her favorite dishes, so I thought that would be a good surprise. First time I’ve actually made the soup, and it seems like a lot of prep for it but it’s not that bad once you get going. Accidentally bought and peeled too many potatoes so now I have some extras I need to do something with. I’m thinking homemade potato wedges or maybe some mashed potatoes tomorrow or Friday night. They should keep as long as I keep them in cold water for a few days.
  14. Dai, you say? I know, right? I mean, for one thing it’s not even an actual roll, nor is it crunchy! Such false advertising...
  15. It’s been awhile since I turned on my Vita. Had to do a full battery charge and once it turned on I had to reset the time and date. I was really afraid it asking me that meant my system became corrupted somehow, but luckily I just jumped the gun and the system seems fine. All my games and save data are still intact. Had to do a system update too. Been feeling like going back to Ys 8, so once I finish Romancing Saga 2 I may just do that.
  16. Mine still has copies of Yokai 2....don’t remember which version, but there you go.
  17. @AlefgardHero You know, o never even thought about World of Final Fantasy. I have the game, but I haven’t started it yet, but I remember from the demo how it has an emphasis on getting different monsters and using them to from stacks. We’ll probably revisit Final Fantasy at some point with a future episode, so we might do a quick mention of WoFF depending on the topic.
  18. Well getting to Rocbouquet was annoying. With an all female party she was super easy to take down, but the dungeons leading up to her were the real challenge. But I’ve defeated her and with it, a new territory joined the Empire and a new leader has appeared for the people... Turns out that way at the beginning of the game, the character you name becomes the Final Emperor or Empress. From what the Gypsy woman Orieve told me, it seems that the inheritance spell first used by Emperor Leon has run its course, thus making your created character the final Emperor/Empress of Avalon. Un
  19. Ah. I figured they’d go for the Diploma type reward like in the originals for completing the Pokédex. Just instead it’s a diploma for beating all the Master trainers. Cool you get called Master for each Pokémon though.
  20. ...well, apparently beating Bokhohn shot me into the next generation, so... Gonna start this generation tomorrow. We’re down to 3 heroes remaining: Subier, Rocbouquet, and Wagnas. Since I was able to choose an Empress this time I’m probably going to go after Rocbouquet.
  21. Wait, you have to fight the Master trainers with that particular Pokémon too? Man, that’s rough, especially for those early Bug Pokémon. Is there a reward for defeating all the Master trainers?
  22. After taking care of the Volcano island (for the first event) I jumped to the next generation once it joined the Empire. So with that... A lot of events opened up once I began this generation. Was told the volcano was on the brink of exploding, the Armed Merchants were in a civil war, the bridge I built south of Avalon was destroyed...lots of stuff sure did happen. Took care of everything and the Armed Merchants officially joined the empire, and found the culprit who destroyed the bridge. Both events have ties to the hero Subier, so I’m hoping he’ll be the next target. For now t
  23. Found the hero Noel hiding out in the desert. Went to the desert town with different towers in it and freed them from the monsters controlling them. Turns out they were working for Noel and the monster boss spilled the beans they were working for Noel in the first place. The desert territory joined the Empire and the citizens told me of a lake that granted eternal life. I had found the lake on my first playthrough but wasn’t able to do anything with it (other than my characters saying the water seemed suspicious), so I left it and never thought anything of it. Seems the lake moves around too,
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