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  1. 1 hour ago, Donyakoko said:

    So much we have not gotten of the DQ stuff.. Square wonders why DQ games don't sell like stupid crazy here in the U.S. like they do in  Japan.. Why because we do not want to invest in a series if we do not know weather or not were going to get the whole thing.. Im still waiting on DQ10 and 3ds remake of monsters 2.. Was a translation project going but dude quit I think. 

    The problem is it feel behind Final Fantasy back in the NES day. It took a long time before Dragon Warrior 1 came out in English, and half of the NES games came out over here when the SNES was becoming the big new thing.

    Dragon Quest has had to play catch up, and thankfully in the last few years Square Enix has actually been trying to support the series and release games from it. I don’t understand why they said “#$*! you,” to the 3DS side of things game wise, but at least we saw Heroes 1 and 2, Builders 1 and 2, XI, and so forth.

    It’s annoying how they act, but at least they are now making an effort.

  2. 1 hour ago, Plattym3 said:

    This is like the brain twister. Everything Yangus says is a lie.

    Yangus: "I'm lying."

    Even I didn't touch that one!

    I’m a mystery wrapped in an enigma. You never know what it real or fake when I’m around.


    And that’s probably for the best you didn’t touch that game. The only dungeon crawlers I’ve found that really do the genre right are Etrian games, and that’s not just my bias towards the series talking. They are well made games.

  3. 2 hours ago, IsaOfTheWorlds said:

    D Meikyuu? I thought we all settled on QueSt, when did it become Etrian?

    It’s a joke.

    1 hour ago, Plattym3 said:

    But they bend slightly away from the Nexus. emoji6.png

    Yep. It’s the one I haven’t beaten yet. Maybe someday I’ll get back to it.

    1 hour ago, eal said:

    All roads lead to Etrian Odyssey with Yangus.

    Quiet you.

  4. I took the day off from work so I was able to make a fair bit of progress in Three Houses. Finished off Lorenz’s Paralogue and the Knights of Seiros Paralogue. Got some good rewards and level ups from both, which I definitely needed for the Battle of the Eagle and Lion.

    Man, that battle was where the game stopped pulling punches. I’m glad I’ve been trying to keep my characters pretty even and making the most of class changes because they definitely needed it. The Lions and Eagles gunned for one another while I tried to take the central hill, and I thankfully managed to defeat enough units that I won the prize for the map, the Blessed Lance. I forgot to open the chest on the map (which I found out afterwards was a Killer Lance), but no sweat on missing the chest. I was more concerned with winning the big prize for defeating the most enemy units, and I know how to make Killer type weapons now at the blacksmith.

    I’m glad I’m liking the game more and more now. After the bad luck I had with the game before I wasn’t sure if I was going to get drawn into it.

  5. 3 minutes ago, Bururian said:

    This will keep me off social media on my phone. I'd rather be playing this, and to me it's quicker to have some fun doing quests instead of microbursts of one of the mainline titles.

    Well, you are a Jewel bag. You can spend all kinds of cash on DMeiQ with no worries thanks to your bottomless supply of money. 🤣

  6. It’s alright. I can see this as something I mess with on my breaks at work. Sure not spending any money on it. I got plenty of free stuff just from downloading and playing the game, so I’m good. Who knows if this will even stay on my phone for long anyway.

    Besides, I have all the other DQ games on my phone, and those ones were all one and done payments for them. I won’t be too heartbroken if I abandon DMeiQ since I have 7 other DQ games to play on my breaks. 😂

  7. 7 minutes ago, Bururian said:

    I obviously haven't played DQ Theatrhythm enough to know this. Do you know the conditions for this ticket? A quick google search returned nothing for me.

    Nope. I just had it unlocked at some point. I think it came from clearing TNT boards or earning enough rhythm points. Could have come from the adventure mode too.

  8. 6 minutes ago, Bururian said:

    SO, I'm a pretty big fan of playing the T 'n' T boards from the various Dragon Quest games. I really want to play them outside of the game, even though I know the point is items and stuff like that. Has anyone ever made a fan game or something similar for these boards? I have DQ Theatrhythm but I can only play that board mode when I have tickets to play them, which isn't all the time.


    Plainly put, I'm dyin' to play T 'n' T at my leisure. Help a guy out.

    I can’t help you with a fan game, but I can tell you that you can earn a Golden Card in DQ Theatrhythm so you can play the TNT boards whenever you want. 

  9. 51 minutes ago, DrippySlimeStar said:

    Awesome. Last question, seminars sound different than the other class portion. Will that be unlocked later or are they the same thing but some allow Byleth to learn as well?

    They will unlock eventually. You choose the professor and will see who all will benefit from sitting in on the seminar. Byleth will always attend and learn from them and various other characters will join in depending on the teacher. If you sit in on them it will cost the entire free day.

  10. 4 minutes ago, DrippySlimeStar said:

    Oh yeah, I just got the tutorial prompt about interacting with them. I talked to the guy with the monocle but there wasn't an option to learn from him, he was just going on about those god damn crests. Is there only a certain point that I can do it at like on free days?

    Yes. On free days or in seminars you will gain stat points for those skills. Sitting in on a seminar will cost a free day but will help Byleth and several house members and learning from a faculty member when exploring the monastery will cost one activity point.

  11. 18 minutes ago, DrippySlimeStar said:

    I kind of thought that was weird as well. I ended up going with the Golden Deer (FEAR THE DEER!) and when they mentioned it I'm like...how am I going to factor into this?

    In regards to recruiting other students, are they basing their requirements off of Byleth's stats? I believe they're all "battle" stats but I'm not sure how to raise them other than in battle. Like...can I raise my "reason" skill in the monastery?

    Yes. The other teachers can help raise stats like Reason or Heavy Armor.

    Whats funny is that now the characters are saying all of the Houses take part in the battle and how great it is and so on. I imagine they came up with the name first at the school and then Rhea or someone was like “Oh #$*!, we forgot about the Golden Deer! Maybe if we include them in the fight anyway no one will notice...”

  12. Three Houses: Welcome to Chapter 7 of the game, where the famous battle between the Eagle and Lion Houses will take place! Isn’t that great?!?!

    Me: Why should I care? I’m the leader of the Golden Deer House. We have nothing to do wi-

    TH: Oh but you DO! You get to be part of the battle too! It’s a tradition for all the Houses!

    Me: But my house isn’t even in the chapter title, and everyone who’s talked about it before this point has never mentioned that all the houses joi-

    TH: Now now, I know you’re excited! You get to fight against the other Houses and prove who the top class is! Go show them what you’re made of!

    Me: But you don’t understand. Nothing has set us up to be in the fight. I’ve been told several times it’s a big deal between the Black Eagles and Blue Lions due to the territories they represent. I really don’t understand why I-


    Me: Fine, gawd! I’ll fight the stupid fight! Lousy game making me fight in something that doesn’t seem necessary...


    Me: Nothing, nothing...


    Edit: Okay, ignoring all my nonsense above, I’ve made some good progress at the start of this new chapter. Thanks to my progress for Byleth I was able to recruit both Catherine and Shamir, with the former just destroying the monthly tournament to an absolutely unfair degree. It was so beautiful, and really the reward wasn’t super worth it but it was just fun. 😈

    It looks like I can start doing some Paralogue battles now. The first is focused on Lorenz and his family, so that should be interesting. Lorenz is (unironically) my favorite character from the Golden Deer House, so I’m hoping this will shed more light on his character and why he acts the way he does. I probably won’t use Catherine and Shamir too much since they are clearly very strong units, but if the Death Knight shows up as a boss again...well, I won’t feel quite as bad if they trail behind the rest of the units and then swoop in to show the Knight who’s boss.

    Also, going to call another character reveal prediction for a character Sothis commented on:


    Tomas is going to be that creepy mage guy from the Byleth Smash Bros. reveal trailer. Don’t know what that guy’s name is, but with Sothis commenting on Tomas and what was said in the previous chapter/how Tomas looks, the gears in my head are starting to think he’s the crazy black eyed mage from the Smash trailer.


  13. 1 minute ago, DrippySlimeStar said:

    So because it was Byleth getting killed it an automatic game over and you can't rewind time right? That's what I don't like about some games. Like if this one character dies you lose. It makes me not want to use them because I have to be super careful and not get too far into the action.

    Yeah, but I had also used all my Divine Pulse charges so I wouldn’t have been able to save him anyway. I just got extremely unlucky with that crit from the Death Knight, but I was able to make up for it in the redo (and not just getting him back with a random crit either).

    In most of the games I’ve played with this mechanic, the main character is usually the strongest character in the game. Byleth in this game alone trumps all my other party members in overall stats, and I’ve purposely not been leveling him as much. I’ve seen it the same way in other Fire Emblem games, both the ones I’ve played and the ones I haven’t. The weakest of all the lords (aka lead character group) is Roy from The Binding Blade, but he is still a strong character.

    Only series where it’s hard to deal with is any SMT related game.

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