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  1. Woo! There’s going to be a big update for Bug Fables on November 5th! It’s going to include new bosses, quests, guest party members, QoL changes, and by the looks of the end of the teaser, a battle with the most fearsome of all the bugs in the game! Can’t wait for it to hit next week!


  2. Had some troubles with an eshop card on Tuesday but after getting that straightened out thanks to Nintendo’s help desk I was able to use the card to get two games on the cheap right now.

    First was Child of Light for $5. Heard enough good things about it hear and elsewhere that I decided to get it.

    Second was Penny LeClue, which was $3 down from $25. I had my eye on it back when it came out a few months ago since it sounded like an interesting game, but the super sudden price drop made me go for it. Started it up yesterday and have really enjoyed it so far. The shifting perspectives between the author and his characters has had some nice touches so far.

  3. 3 hours ago, Plattym3 said:

    Ouch. Such Lufia disregard. Lufia 2 is typically a top 5-10 SNES game.

    If course I didn't much find it or Chrono Trigger all that compelling.

    The SNES RPG library has never been your thing. Nothing wrong with that, mind. Some just don’t click with folks.


    In MH Gen Ultimate, I found another Hammer victim, the Gypceros. I HATED this thing in Monster Hunter 4, from the fake out deaths it pulls to the poison it spits to the bright blast it can use to stun you and THAT DAMN TAIL SWIPE. Well, thank you Hammer for letting me finally get some revenge on this monster. Using the Adept hunting style to dodge the blast and poison attacks worked well, and defeating it with a weapon I’m still not super familiar with...oh baby, I’m happy. 

  4. 17 minutes ago, Plattym3 said:
    22 minutes ago, YangustheLegendaryBandit said:
    Not gonna lie, when I first heard of the game I assumed it was going to be a parody game cat version of Dragon Quest.

    Not even close. It's definitely hack & scratch. Meow! Or should I say Nyan!

    Well, I’m already plenty used to cat puns due to Monster Hunter. The localizers work in every kind of cat pun they can when Felynes and the other cat species are involved.

    Cat Quest isn’t one I’m dying to check out though, so it may be a pass. Seems like it’s on sale a lot anyway.

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  5. 24 minutes ago, Plattym3 said:
    28 minutes ago, YangustheLegendaryBandit said:
    I’m debating about Cat Quest. There’s a few indie games that are real cheap right now I wouldn’t mind getting, but I’ve not heard much mention of Cat Quest.

    The cast of the RPGamer weekly podcast are insane cat people and all played through 1 and 2 this year, so I've heard about a ton. Heard what? It's fine. It's got cat puns. That's about all I know. There's nothing deep to it.

    Not gonna lie, when I first heard of the game I assumed it was going to be a parody game cat version of Dragon Quest.

  6. 13 minutes ago, Plattym3 said:

    One day! But for now I need to play NNK2 for some podcast episode my fool cohost's cohost wanted to do.

    And Cat Quest is 6 hours. Haha. I don't need story, I need battles & brevity!

    I’m debating about Cat Quest. There’s a few indie games that are real cheap right now I wouldn’t mind getting, but I’ve not heard much mention of Cat Quest.

  7. 1 hour ago, Plattym3 said:

    I'm looking for easy, not Ys-y. emoji12.png

    I gave Ys Origins a fair 4ish hour shot. Wasn't for me. When I have more time to actually think about games, I'll try another one.

    Oh, I also bought Crypt of the Necromancer for Switch for $4 too.

    You really should try Ys Memories of Celceta or Ys VIII. Those games aren’t going to be as difficult as Origins is.

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  8. 30 minutes ago, Plattym3 said:

    Got another hour in on NNK2 last night before I totally just fell asleep mid-World Series.  Of course I woke up middle of the night and wasn't tired yet, so started up a smaller title that I'd heard a lot of good things about and clocks in under 10 hours: Cat Quest.  It's on sale for $2 right now and is quite the fun(ny) little ARPG for me right now.  NNK2 rekindled my desire to button mash and chop things up, so a little side chopping now and then is ok too, right?

    (Sits in the corner pointing towards Ys games)

  9. I’ll tell you this: when I got into the main series back in 2010 (after having only played the Monsters spinoffs on Gameboy Color as a kid years before) I just went with the first ones that interested me most. Those ended up being Dragon Quest III for the Gameboy Color and Dragon Quest IV for the DS.

    From my experiences with games of all kinds, go with entries in a series that interest you the most. Don’t worry about whatever the most popular ones are, or the fan favorites: you go with your gut and get the game(s) that interest you. Those are the ones you’ll enjoy the most and remember the most.

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  10. Monster Hunter Gen. Ultimate: I’ve encountered three of the four flagship monsters in my Hendrik file. I really like how each of the monsters is tied to one of the villages. It’s been a slow process actually stumbling into them on different quests since I’ve been taking my time and trying to build up my armor selection depending on what situation I wind up in. Been using Switch Axe a lot and the Charge Blade as well, but I’ve been having fun messing with the Hammer. Hammer absolutely ruins some of the Yian Kut-Ku’s shenanigans, which is incredibly satisfying. I’ve never been good when fighting the Yian Kut-Ku (or as I call it the skinny noodle chicken) so finding weapon that works well against is was excellent to discover.

    I’ve been having fun playing Monster Hunter for awhile after work each day. It’s been nice.

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  11. 22 minutes ago, eal said:

    If you like it, you should consider giving Explorers of Time a look.......

    I’m hoping they remake that one next.

  12. The Steve/Minecraft update for Smash Ultimate didn’t hit the Midwest until 9 PM (central standard time), so the Crown Tundra MAY potentially show up at 10 PM your time eal. Just a hunch.


    Anyway, I bought my first Pokémon game in 11 years yesterday. Found a physical copy of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX (inhales) and since I’ve been wanting to play it I decided to get it since I found it out in the wild. You could even say I caught it. 😉

    But I’m looking forward to starting it. I remember really enjoying the original on my DS, and since I was a stupid teenager and traded in my copy to a GameStop, I’m hoping to find some fun with the game all over again via the remake. Not sure when I’ll get to it, but the adventures of Psyduck will return! In DX form, no less!

  13. 23 minutes ago, Twinkie said:

    I just personally find it a little funny that people were complaining on the Switch not having the VC and going with Nintendo Online with old rereleases. But they finally localize a game and release it at a fair price point and then complain about it not being free on NSO.

    That’s hardcore Nintendo fans for you. 🤣

    I’ll try and pre-order (or pre-load, whatever it’s called on the eshop) the game around Black Friday. I’m hoping there will be some early deals like last year. I’ve got my fingers crossed some more of the King of Fighters and/or other SNK arcade games will be $4 again this year. I got King of Fighters ‘95, ‘97, 2000, and Garou: Mark of the Wolves last year for that price point, so don’t fail me this year sales!

  14. 15 minutes ago, Plattym3 said:

    Oh, I misunderstood where this was being released, thought it just on the "free" NES stuff with Nintendo Online.

    They must have some new platform for releasing titles coming next year. They're not going to stop selling a damn thing. I'd literally bet my entire retirement account on it.

    Nothing will be limited. Formats and such might be, but Nintendo will gladly take money next April, perhaps just in another way.

    I’m reminded of that free Jump Rope game they put up on the eshop during the summer. It was a free download until September, but then once the date it was going to be pulled hit Nintendo suddenly went “Oh hey, we’re keeping this up for availability!”

    At least with Fire Emblem it’s only $6. I figured it was going to be $20 or $30 for it since they included QoL features (and I wouldn’t have put it past Nintendo to up the price).

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  15. 28 minutes ago, Plattym3 said:
    37 minutes ago, YangustheLegendaryBandit said:
    I saw the announcement trailer this morning, but I didn’t notice the “Only for 4 months,” part. I’m really not sure what Nintendo’s deal is right now with these “Limited Time Only!” practices they’re starting, but I don’t like it.

    They're not going to go away. They're going to become paid content. Free for 4 months, pay after.

    Did they say it was going to be free? The way I understood it it was going to be a game you had to buy.

    31 minutes ago, eal said:

    I saw the announcement while browsing the eShop waiting for Crown Tundra even though I know it’s totally not gonna come out until like 12 AM and saw a pre-order listing for it, including a limited edition of it. I go to look at it, and it’s all cool stuff I guess, but it doesn’t even come with a cart of the game. It might as well be one of those gamer loot boxes you see at a Walmart or Target.

    Wait, it doesn’t even get a physical cart in that big collector’s edition? Well, guess if I get it it’s just going to be digital. I was going to (possibly) try and get it too.

    This is like the collector’s edition for the Collection of SaGa over in Japan: it’s getting a fancy collector edition with all this cool stuff but they didn’t throw in a physical copy of the game on a Switch cart.

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